A Fickle Fate

A Fickle FateIt Wasn T Getting Fired From His Lousy Job It Wasn T His Former Boss Taking A Dive Out Of A Th Story Window, And It Still Wasn T Being Hauled In By The Police For Questioning On The Matter It Wasn T Even That The Person Directly Responsible For All Of It Called Himself Mixolydian Kittridge Valencia Stradivarius Wilbur Von Kaiser The Third, Or Mick, For Short No, The Worst Part Of David Martin S Previously Boring Life Was When His New, Inhuman Friend Said To Him, I Need You To Kill Someone I Promise You Ll Totally Save The World Shocked By The Request, David Is Forced To Believe This Insanity Because, Somehow, The Crazed Being Of Unknown Origin Possesses An Eerie Omniscience Through The Unbelievable Meddling Of His Bizarre Companion, David Gets Dragged Into A Torrent Of Events That Pits Him Against The Very Real Entity Of Predestination Fate Being Shot At, Dodging City Buses, And Living In Severe Danger Of Long Term Incarceration As An Accomplice To One Or Mysterious Deaths, David Has To Survive The Whirlwind That Has Become His Life Long Enough To Figure Out What The Heck Is Going On In A Story That Begins With The Spanish Inquisition And Ends When Time StopsWell Almost, Anyway