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Devil's Embrace Devil #1[Epub] ❧ Devil's Embrace Devil #1 By Catherine Coulter – Dear ReaderWelcome to my very first historical romance Devil's Embrace titled by my husband and first published in 1982 I've updated it stylistically edited it trimmed it just a bit and the art depart Dear ReaderWelcome to my very first historical romance Devil's Embrace titled by my husband and first published in I've updated it stylistically edited it trimmed it just a bit and the art department designed a splendid Devil's Embrace PDF \ new cover that magically includes some of the original art workCassie Brougham and Anthony Welles Earl of Clare are my favorite characters of all time Cassie has known the Earl of Clare all her life but she's in love with a soldier she's been secretly writing to since she was fifteen Now he's home and they're going to be married But the day before her wedding Anthony Welles kidnaps her aboard his yacht and sails away with her to Genoa Italy; his stated intention to make her his wifeCassie is not happy about thisThis is an unusual love story to say the least that will make you weep and laugh and root for what you know is best for both of them There is pain doubt captivation and escape But regardless of what happens this is a love that is of the forever sort something that is true and very real and will stay close to your heart I hope for a very long timeIf you missed Devil's Embrace the first time around do read it nowEnjoyCatherine Coulter The Author. This review is packed full of spoilers with a dash of salty languageI'm not normally shocked or totally suicked by a bodice ripper I laughed during Savage Surrender with its callous asshole hero Garth McClelland and the rape a minute plot There have been other books with gang rapes and less than stellar heroes that had me riveted to the plot and characters Hello Stormfire? But this book is the first one to actually creep me the hell out I only kept reading to see if Coulter would pull out a cheap trick at the end to make the horror that had come before all puppies and kittens She did To top it all off the non existent plot was boring as hellFirst off the hero Anthony Welles Earl of Clare Where to start with this guy? Anthony has all the attributes of a psycho stalker He has been watching Cassie for years He knows her habits He is so observant of her that he can read her moods and thoughts He feels that he is the only one who can offer what she wants and needs He is the only one able to fulfill her as a person and as a woman Are you dialing the cops yet?Add to that the fact that he was in love with her mother in his pubescent years After Cassie's mother died and when he could he infiltrated Cassie's home by sending his cousin incognito to be Cassie's governess The cousin taught Cassie Italian and groomed her to be suitable for him when the time was rightEven ickier? Cassie was five when his cousin arrived to start this little covert operationWhich makes Cassie's pregnancy 6 months or so after her abduction by him so hilarious because when she accuses him of deliberately doing that to her he says that he couldn't have possibly planned that Of course not You only banged her every day from Day 2 except for those Aunt Flow days I mean pregnancy? How did that happen? I think he should get a job in SPECTRE or uantum or whatever they're calling it these days Omniscient string pulling is right up his alleyHe's not all Powercock awesometude though His plan was to court Cassie during her Season in London and win her that way but when her childhood friend Edward returned from serving overseas in India she called off her Season and was going to marry him right then and there Oh no Since Cassie has forced his hand he has to kidnap her and show her how much he loves her He has toJust pause for a moment and reflect His entire adulthood has been focused around marrying Cassie completely pathetic in itself and he has brought all his resources to bear on achieving that end without her knowledge or that of her family And he feels completely justified in his aim and his methodsThat dear readers is what creeped me the fuck outCassie has a natural reaction to being kidnapped at first Sheer terror and anger How dare he presume to know what she wants and decide what's best for her? And seriously the smug coming off Anthony at every turn was intolerable But from the get go he insists that she be naked when she goes to bed and otherwise demeans and orders her about at every turn all the while insisting she has the free will to realize they're made for each other Look I usually carp at heroes that are sensitive metrosexuals in centuries past but I'm not all that fond of dead mother loving kindergarten aged daughter obsessing control freaks eitherBut Cassie feels her body respond because Anthony is such a peerless lover and she thinks she's an immoral whore and as far as I can tell sort of resigns herself to him From that seed a love grows that only comes out into the open when she gets gang raped by hired thugs and Anthony seems peachy keen in comparison Again as far as I can tell Coulter tended to emphasize fingers probing wet folds and brushing dusky nipples over any psychological attentionI didn't much care for Cassie either Horny spitfire virgins? Yeah no thanks If Coulter had perhaps given her characters something to DO maybe I'd have liked it but she didn't In the beginning in England Cassie and her fiancĂ© Edward paw each other then she gets abducted by Anthony and the action is confined to his yacht where they fight shag and fight in a mobius strip and then they go to Italy where we remain enclosed in a villa for pages upon pages with the same fightfuckfight cycle replayed over and over And then Cassie runs off to New York to find Edward Oh yay I think This bit about Edward being an officer during the Revolution sounds good And this is where the story really lost me because Dear CassieSo Edward doesn't remember that you don't like tea But Anthony does So fucking what? While you were growing up and Anthony was maintaining a 247 offshore patrol by your home watching your every movement with one hand on a spyglass and the other in his pants Edward was in disease ridden India preserving the English empire that you are oh so proud of and then risking getting his nuts blown off in America He doesn't remember you don't fucking like tea Suck it up And when you ran off to him for his protection against Big Bad Anthony he screwed you before you were all sopping wet and you were all hurty for a bit afterward Sooooooooo inconsiderate compared to Anthony You know Anthony? The guy who tied you to a bed and raped you because he felt you needed to be shown how devoted he is to you? Yeah that AnthonyYou Stupid TwatNo loveMe Yes it was the peevish harping of But I've never liked tea Edward that broke me Apparently Cassie prefers to have a stalker boyfriend who knows so much about her that the usual getting to know each other is redundant and unnecessaryTo add insult to injury in this turgid little turd of shame there wasn't even much of a plot What plot there was had Anthony's half brother and his mistress Giovanna conniving to dispose of Cassie for inheritance purposes this is where the gang rapeAnthony is awesome epiphany came in This plot was wrapped up in the last page with a letter describing how they met their end Therefore at least about 95% of the book was Cassie and Anthony fighting and screwing Cassie running away to Edward and Anthony coming after her Boring Boring boring boring I can take lots of WTFery if there's a plot This one was total failI had no idea that Coulter wrote such relentless smut in her books either That was boring too I'm sure there's I hated about it but to be honest the Every Breath You Take Psychoboy act by Anthony Welles left me pretty well gobsmacked and incoherent I'm only barely able to cobble my thoughts together in this ranty little mess of a review Coulter did pull out some it's not as bad as you think asides to explain away Anthony's seemingly stalker habits I stopped loving your mother I love you as a person and I installed my cousin as your governess to make sure you were raised right because your dad was neglectful I'm not buying either BS excuse Both sound like lame little ploys to downplay the omgjesuschristareyoukidding me behavior of Anthony I'm still convinced his house has a secret room of taxidermied blonde chicks that look like CassieIn the course of writing this I've pingponged back and forth between 2 stars and 1 I have no idea which one really reflects my opinion I'll go for 2 stars because it is one of the notorious bodice rippers out there and everyone interested in the genre should read it for good or ill I'm glad I did strangely enough Just don't expect much of a plot But if you like to read about a couple going hammer and tongs at each other in and out of bed and nothing else then you might like it WARNING FOR SPOILERSDevil`s Embrace is the first book i have ever read by Catherine Coulter and would have probably read it anyway if my dear cousin hadn`t recommended itIts a bodice ripperone that made me feel conflicted even when i have read far hard core bodice rippers and loving those Gypsy Lady and Lady Vixen is one of themThe first half of the story is my favourite partThe scene where the heroine goes out fishing and the hero kidnapping her after that made me cough sorry laugh out loud so much that i fell off my couchThat scene was so well done and hilariousI also like it when she shoots him to escapei was applauding her bravery so much for thatCassandra Brougham is a very spirited ladyShe even reminded me of Scarlett O'Hara sometimesHer fierce stubborness and passion was met with her captor`sas she desperately tries to deny her growing love for himShe goes pretty far to do thatand i wishi SO DAMN HELL WISH that she never succumbed to sleep with her former fiance after she escapes the heroI hated that so much that i was tempted to throw my cumputer away and dnf this bookbut i restrained from doing that despite wanting to vomitso i kept goingIn betraying her heroshe betrayed herselfand along that i just wish she had been steadfast when it came to her feelingsI know that i should feel sorry for herand i doShe have after all been through the worst kind of traumatic experiences and nightmaresBut i wishjust wish that the author had left that part out cuz it irks me to the coreAnthony Welles is one of the most arrogant Anti heroes i have ever come across in this genreHe is this dark and rugged half italian pirate rakeand a lord with honor what sort of honor i also wonderHe falls in love with Cassandra while she grows up into a womanand when she announces her engagement to another man he kidnapps her and takes her away from everything she lovesAnthony is pretty much unpredictable and too honest and conceitedHe understands and forgives easilyand never lets himself become a slave to his temperdespite how many times Cassandra goades him to itHis character is showed in too much resemblance to a demi godHe knows and feels everything and knows he is right everytimeI believed in his love for Cassandrait never wavered and stood strong all the way through despite her betrayal and insultsHe even treats her as eual and admire her spirit and intelligenceHe never treats her roughly or forces kisses on herBut he did force her their first night and he did hit her with his belt at the start just so she would never repeat her disobedience he hated doing itIt feels kinda strange saying thisbut i don`t envy Cassandra having him as her husbandNot for 2 pennyI am looking forward to reading the seuel Devil`s Daughter where Anthony`s and Cassandra`s son and daughter will find their heroine and heroI know that their daughter Arabella will be kidnapped by OW Giovanna`s son Kamal and that their son Adam will find his heroine in OM Edwards daughter RaynaMore adventureromance and excitement to comeand i am looking forward to it Oh wow Jesus Christ on a crutch This literary piece emphasizes and stands as a catalyst against for every arbitrary guideline by an author that we've embraced even in the most shoddy of storiesStormfire?He practically had her floor planned since she was FIVE And this is why in my abject misery I strive to discern its meaning; I knew from the very instant when she shot the hero and didn't reload that her usefulness and entertainment factor was at its end for meGenerally in most bodice ripper pieces we're accustomed to the hero's unruly antics torture tactics and control management but I've found it's mostly a product of revenge This novel accumulates every dastardly premise and attempted to gloss it over as an act of affection The cocktail of nefarious scheming life long plans against a motherless child eventually leading to training rapes clown car rapes by hired thugs keep me pretty confinement and all I've left out were implied to be conditions of love itself It really adds insult to injury because the hero started off in this mindset and never really purged himself of its vulgar ideologyor perhaps the author assumes the reader isn't capable of discerning the revenge driven plot actions to that of actions manifested on the hero's own accord for the heroine's own good and well beingBook #2 Anthony buries Cassie alive but promises her a shopping spree once she's thinned down enough to wear his mother's exhumed ballgownsSo appalled I barely even blinked through the flies rollerskatin' across my eyeballs Sorry CoulterI need a purpose driven evil not a figure who has the rudimentary senses of a reptile comes out from under the bedYes I liked this book Yes it was degrading yes both the heroes in this story were complete IDIOTS Yes the heroine was a simpering mess and made some pretty lame choicesThat being said I still enjoyed this book It was degrading unbelievable and made me want to beat every character Yet I found myself not wanting to put this book down I still think it was well written and although a darker romance I thoroughly enjoyed myself IT'S FICTION Not real life It was an escape for me and an enjoyable one at that In true bodice ripper fashion there is love kid napping adventure villians exotic locations and in the end a happy ending if you like the kidnap rape seduce beat rape seduce escape chase after you but I love you anyway sort of thing It was an entertaining read and that's all I can ask for in a book and GASPS I'll probably read it againpromise you won't throw too many tomatoes at me pleaseRating 4 starsWarning Kidnapping Rape Torture Love TriangleMy Ratings5I loved this book consider it an all time favorite4 Thoroughly enjoyed the book and will recommend it3 I liked it well enough2 Brain Candy It was okay Writing mediocre willkeepre read if part of a series1 didn't likepossibly not finished less No thank youAfter the gang rape I kind of fast forward through reading this It did start off kind of interestingly wild childhood love kidnapping and drama lama but as it approached the half way point it started to drag and the last half just wasn't interesting Our supposed hero Anthony doesn't really make an appearance except to kidnap and then rape the heroine he mostly hangs around waiting for the heroine to agree to marry him Our heroine Cassie is 18 20yrs old in the story and is written fairly well it's just that the only material she has is to react to men wanting to rape her andor marry her There wasn't even any wild fun shipwrecks or the heroine picking up a sword although she does shoot hero at one point; it was lacking the wild kookiness dramatic flare that brings me back to these old bodice rippers This is best lost to the annuals of time At first I was gonna be like um it was meh Didn't like it all that much ducks back downbut you know whatI happened to enjoy this story very much And I don't careAnd to all you readers who are ashamed to like this storybecause you should never be ashamed about what you enjoy to read People will have their opinions just like you are entitled to have your own Read whatever you want just as long as you keep readingI in no way agree with the way our main male protagonist the earl went about in seducing Cassandra But it's was still a damn good story for me The earl's intentions were selfishly conducted He got to decide that he would become Cassandra's husband not her and that was not very loving nor understanding something he kept telling Cassandra that he was Why not woo her? Don't rape her and hope to gain her affections by seducing her with your apparently amazing lovemaking The only reason I was able to even like the earl's character was that he in no way wanted to hurt Cassie He didn't want her just to take her for one night and abandon her He wanted to marry her and please her against her very malleable will no doubt I know that this sounds all wrong it sounds wrong to me too But if this is wrong well then I guess I don't want to be right I was being sarcasticno? okayCassandra was cursed with good looks and arousing every man in sight Mhm Or so it seemed She does actually get raped in this instance not by the earl which I believe is one of the negative things other readers are talking about in the book It's kind of a brutal scene actually But I really doubt this type of stuff didn't occur and it just so happened to have happened to our protagonist; it was real harsh and real and yes disturbing Anyway I really did enjoy this story just be aware of the contents in this book Those other readers negative opinionsreviews on the book are there for a reason one I don't uite agree with but take in mind that not everyone hated it and not everyone loved it Read for yourself judge for yourselfNowGood day Catherine Coulter's Old Skool and I mean REALLY Old Skool bodice ripper Devil's Embrace has all the elements that could easily earn a one star for me The big fat jerk anti hero remains smug and arrogant throughout the story with nary a groveling moment for all the crappy stuff he has put the heroine through Then there is the yucky extremely graphic scene of violence against the heroine view spoilerHeroine gets uite literally ripped apart in a gang rape perpetrated on her by the baddies and then suffers a miscarriage That is just not the kind of stuff I want to read when I am trying to escape into Romancelandia hide spoiler Someone compared the H in this book to Sean Culhane of Stormfire so I thought I was in for a ride But besides the abduction H bent over backwards throughout the book to win over h's love Hardly a rival to the Culhane's level of asshole The heroine's rape at the hands of some thugs was graphically violent without adding much to the overall plot and character development I liked that the h was a potent mixture of innocence intelligence adventurous sensuality feisty and stubborn She went through body betraying syndrome to Stockholm's syndrome and to author's credit an effort to get away from H's influence All in all it was a good read bit prolonged as most bodice rippers seem to be h's struggle to free herself during day hours while surrendering to passion in night were the best parts The book also tried to incorporate historical bits like barbary pirates and american revolution though overall it didn't indulge in giving historical lesson I unapologetically loved this book It reminded alot of Christine Monson's Stormfire which I am obsessed with This book like many in its genre is not for the faint of heart There's kidnapping rape gang rape psychological abuse stalking etc In fact the hero is a psycho stalker that if he were to live in 2012 would be on America's Most Wanted I found Anthony to be a kind of fun loving stalker as opposed to Sean Culhane in Stormfire who was just a serious pyscho I mean after he initially beds the heroine against her will he turns into a charmer of sorts The plot goes uickly I read it in two evenings Classic 1980s bodice ripper Read it for the incredulous expression you'll have on your face alone There were countless Holy sht moments for me where I just could not believe how the heroine could be so thick Cassie I kidnapped you for your own good I needed to rape you Can't you see the sense in that? Well I'm paraphrasing here Devil's Embrace is definitely entertainment I'm sure I will read books worse than this but at this point I can't remember being as angry about a novel than I am right now Here's how it started Someone mentioned bodice rippers and I felt the need to read one This here was available for some reason so I started it and have realized that reading rape scenes comes with degrees of anger Most people have some sort of experience with sexual assault and most readers have had to read books where abusive behaviour was romantacised yet this book so far takes the cake and became downright unbearable It's not that I'm angry although I am but that I hate how this book made me feel Powerless I know that a lot of 80ies noves were attempts to get agency back over our experiences with sexual assault and rape and that a lot of authors explored those themes in sometimes unhealthy ways etc etc I don't give a fuck this was bad and made me angry and reading other reviews makes me pretty sure that not all bodice rippers are this fucking toxic A insightful review this one I'm now off attempting to cope with this awful reading experience; in case it wasn't obvious I don't recommend

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