Legend[Read] ➲ Legend Author Marie Lu – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk What was once the western United States is now home to the Republic a nation perpetually at war with its neighbors Born into an elite family in one of the Republic's wealthiest districts fifteen year What was once the western United States is now home to the Republic a nation perpetually at war with its neighbors Born into an elite family in one of the Republic's wealthiest districts fifteen year old June is a prodigy being groomed for success in the Republic's highest military circles Born into the slums fifteen year old Day is the country's most wanted criminal But his motives may not be as malicious as they seemFrom very different worlds June and Day have no reason to cross paths—until the day June's brother Metias is murdered and Day becomes the prime suspect Caught in the ultimate game of cat and mouse Day is in a race for his family's survival while June seeks to avenge Metias's death But in a shocking turn of events the two uncover the truth of what has really brought them together and the sinister lengths their country will go to keep its secretsAlternate Cover edition for ISBN . Well it's mineso eryeah a little biased Shameless I know I know “Each day means a new twenty four hours Each day means everything's possible again You live in the moment you die in the moment you take it all one day at a time Day” ☆☆☆☆☆5 LEGENDARY STARS☆☆☆☆☆ You can find the full review and about this book on my blogOkay so before I start this review I want to say that I missed reading dystopiansThe last one I read in June I think and this one reminded me how cool are theyand how much I enjoy this genreSuch a fresh book for these rainy cloudy days Awesome “I don't know if anyone's ever told you this he begins He doesn't blush and his eyes don't dart away Instead I find myself staring into a pair of oceans one perfect the other blemished by that tiny ripple You're very attractiveI've been complimented on my appearance before But never in his tone of voice Of all the things he's said I don't know why this catches me off guard But it startles me so much that without thinking I blurt out I could say the same about you I pause In case you didn't knowA slow grin spreads across his face Oh trust me I know” The book was badassy greatly thrilly epicI enjoyed every bit of itIt was also confusing because when I think about the charactersthey are only fifteen and they are like Einstein smart and Bruce Lee strongand when I was their age I didn't even know how to boil an eggWay to build my self esteemBut come on that's why I am a readerTo read about things that seem so unbelievable to achievebut in the end proving that everything is possibleThat's why I love reading “You're brillianthe saysBut you're a fool to stay with someone like meI close my eyes at the touch of his handThen we are both fools” So where to start?I read this one in 2 daysIt's a full action pack filled with thrilling breathtaking scenessmart decisionsemotions and caring messagesI also enjoyed the romance hereIt was different “Forever and ever kid until you're sick and tired of seeing me” So what I really liked about this book is that the words match characters' ageYou don't get to read here about young people uoting like they are 60 years old academics with full degreesbut you have a proper smart fifteen year old conversation between themAlso the way they expressed their emotions and affections it was so awesomebecause I was fifteen once and I did the same wayOf course I was not a first class assassin with 1500 points in his trial “If you want to rebel rebel from inside the systemThat's much powerful than rebelling outside the system” The beginning was interestinglike all dystopian books out therebecause you get introduced with the world and it's problem and ways they rule thingsI must say a lot of dystopians look the same in the beginning to mebecause all of them include virusesor mind controllersgovernment with people who look nice but they are evilbut I can't complain about thatI enjoyed this book so freaking much “The memory fades and I’m left hanging on to the ghosts of hiswords” The plot if well buildAlso the world the author created is awesome and I want to see this book being a movieIt would make a brilliant onebecause there are glass breakingroof jumpingguns and tranuilizerI mean who doesn't like tranuilizers they are like the hipster version of cuffsbecause we all know cuffs are way to mainstreamOkay let's not get carried awayAs I saw the plot was uite uniue and I wouldn't change a thing “June has never looked beautiful than she does now unadorned and honest vulnerable yet invincible” The story follows a boy named Day who is the most wanted criminalBecause of his family situationone day he needs to break in the hospital to get medicineHe does that but heading out he get's in troubleWith officers and guns and everything he manages to get outAlmost at the end of his escape he faces a police captain and to get away he throws a knife to himHe doesn't look back and heads for his sakeIn the other side a girl named June is notified that her brotherthe captainwas found dead in the hospital and Day is the main suspectNow shethe girl with the strongest skillswith the highest points in the Trial ever promises to avenge Dayeven if it is the last thing she does “You try to walk in the light” The characters were awesome describedI like reading about them bothAnd this was one of the first books I saw an eual between the boy and the girlThey were eual in every way possibleThat made the book way interesting June June was greatA badass beautiful fifteen year old heroineShe is hell of a smartass alsoand she sure knows what she is capable of Day Day was also a great characterI liked his sense of humorHe was also strong and too smart for a fifteen year old “My mother used to hope that I would rise up from my humble roots Become someone sucessful or even famous I'm famous all right but I don't think it's what she had in mind” I recommend this book to every reader out thereIs one of the best books I have read in 2014 and I have read pretty brilliant ones this yearIf you want an action pack book with a lot of smart thinking in it you should pick this up Pictures from the review are not mine I took them mostly from Google images or Tumblr I'm such a sucker for dystopians I love the energy the rush I get from them When I got my copy of Legend I was thrilled Now I know I had a good reason to be This is one of the good ones A dystopian well worth readingWe've got two narrators the notorious criminal Day and the noble citizen though a little rebellious June Day has escaped death before and he's only trying to survive while taking care of his family especially his sick brother June got a perfect score on her Trial and she's trying to get revenge for her brother's death Their paths cross and the story takes hold in the most unprecedented way I truly enjoyed both of these narrators eually which rarely happens They both have great characteristics that make each POV really interesting and addicting I couldn't wait to find out how their situations would play out It was brilliant We go through the story on both sides night and day and we're persuaded to root for each of them the all the same It was original and well thought outThe plot was typical dystopian; the world is completely changed and a new government has taken over and they may or may not have everyone's best interest at heart cough The reason for the present peril and what happened to the world wasn't explained as much as I would have liked I hope the next installments discloses details We did get enough to still make sense of it and enjoy the story though It was fast paced which is always welcome in this type of book There were no slow or boring parts and it also didn't go in the direction I imagined it would Which is great because it took me off guard and kept me really glued to the story This is another one not to miss folks For of my reviews check my blog at Xpresso Reads so i did i almost gave this book four stars but then i said to myself self you have to stop giving these YA dystopias your knee jerk four star ratings just because you like the genre and you like to see teens in peril you sick twist and it's true these things are pure candy for me to read and i don't even care so much that the majority of them lack that believability factor i tend to star rate within this genre based on enjoyability rather than literary value because i am neither a professional reviewer nor a teen but although i enjoyed this one so much i gotta be critical every now and againis this book fun? yupis the writing stellar?well that's the thing it has great action seuences and a fine premise but the characterization is a little weakit is told as a split narrative between a young girl and a young boy but their voices are completely interchangeable not to the extent that you ever mistake one for the other because their circumstances are completely different howevs they do indeed sound like one character split into two this would have been fine two star crossed lovers from different sides of the tracks that are in reality one soul split in two oh true love and all that but in order for that to work there would have had to have been really strong secondary characters to show that the author had serious chops and was actively making that point but all the other characters come from the avatar school of thought i am on this side of the issue so i am perfect and good i am on the other side of the issue so i am terrrriblesome nuance wouldn't have hurti just didn't get a good sense of individuality here at all no one is complicated enough as a mystery novel in which the answers unspool at a reasonable pace and keep the reader interested it is fine than fine but when you sit down and start thinking about the characters themselves you end up with beigey porridge as a retelling of les mis which i am told this is supposed to be a nod to it is completely unconvincing seriously if that is why you are reading this book you are going to be mystified if anything it is like romeo and juliet the one with leonardo dicaprio and that chick from my so called life with cage fighting i'm not gonna lie i had a great time reading this but i think that if every book is going to be a variation on a theme we gotta start raising the bar because while this is fun it is not really a game changer i am not saying don't read this because this is a really high three but the flaws have got to be addressed for the integrity of the goodreadscom communityso yeah read this but read it with some pop rocks and cherry dr pepper and an awareness that it's not going to stick to your ribscome to my blog Are you kidding me?? What just happened?? This book is ABSOLUTELY UNPUTDOWNABLE Yes I realize that’s not a word but I have to admit I’m a bit sleep deprived seeing as I stayed up all night reading this FRICKEN AMAZING book Okay let me just tell you now this review is going to be an absolute incoherent gush fest I haven’t felt this pumped about a YA dystopic novel since the The Hunger Games came to town Mind you I’ve read some pretty awesome stories since such as Divergent Blood Red Road and Burn Bright But when I’m taking this book with me to run errands so I can read in between red lights I know something fantastical is going on and there’s no way in HALE I’m stopping GIVEMEMORENOWPLEASE Marie Lu has created a book where the voices are powerful the narrative is commanding and the plot is explosive all the way to the absolute end Legend has shot up to my top spot in highly addictive series This book was nothing short of riveting making it worthy of applause standing ovations and literary accolades I’m giving it everything I’ve got I anticipate this novel getting some well deserved buzz and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out EXCITEMENTokay breatheWith Lu’s debut novel she’s created this moment in time over 100 years into the future where the United States has split between the Colonies and the Republic and natural disasters have drastically changed the landscape of California and its surrounding states Plagues are diminishing the population; and two sides of what was once one country are fighting each other using biological warfare lies and anything and everything in their arsenal for land and power This story is told in alternating POVs between Day Daniel Altan Wing who is a criminal on the run from the Republic authorities and June Iparis a recent graduate of the Republic academy who is placed on a mission to hunt down Day When these two characters collide secrets and conspiracies force them to take a closer look around them to find their true enemy and an all out manhunt explodesBeing from Southern California it was interesting to experience the setting of the book from an insider’s perspective I’m very much familiar with Los Angeles and our beloved Public Library So to read how the state has changed was pretty captivating The characters in this book including Day June Tess and Kaede are definitely ualified to pull this series through to the end and I’m curious how the relationships between these four will play out Lastly I’ll admit now that the downfall to reading advanced reader copies well before the release date is that we have to wait even longer for the next installment but with incredible books such as Legend it’s worth the wait Congrats to Marie Lu for exploding the YA writing scene with a story that’s finally FINALLY going to give The Hunger Games fans what they’ve been craving Something amazing Huge thanks to Flannery from thereadventurer for letting me read her ARC tackle hug Thank you I like an action packed adventure don't you? Legend is a lot of fun to read and follows two teens who are born into opposite sides of a war in a futuristic Los Angeles in the Republic of America 15 year old June is an exceptionally gifted prodigy who is being groomed to become a military star But when her brother is senselessly murdered she embarks upon a mission to find his killer and discovers that all signs point towards Day a notorious criminal who is already wanted by the RepublicThis is a cocktail of utopian YA Romeo and Juliet and various wronged imprisonment stories all blended together with liberal dashes of adventure and intrigue I liked both June and Day and I was eager to learn about the big mystery behind why the government is so interested in Day's brother The best thing about Legend however is the terrific action seuences that the author writes into the story there are great chases exciting escape scenes girl on girl sparring and lots As with so many of these books that are stretched out to accommodate seuels there really aren't enough answers unearthed in this first installment so presumably we'll have to wait until book two to find out the details of government's involvement in biological experimentation What prevents this from being a truly excellent book however is that the book overall feels very slight At 300 pages it is surprisingly short and there isn't a great deal of complexity in the characters the world building or the plot It's also extremely predictable While the story is certainly well written most readers will be able to anticipate pretty much every plot development and thought that crosses the characters' mindsand really what's the fun in that?Still I liked this book and I think it's among the better dystopian YA books that have been released lately It's definitely an entertaining read and I'm interested in seeing where the story goes next I do wish however that it contained depth and originality and everything really in order to make it a truly outstanding and truly memorable book This review also appears in The Midnight Garden “Each day means a new twenty four hours Each day means everything’s possible again You live in the moment you die in the moment you take it all one day at a time” He looks toward the railway car’s open door where streaks of dark water blanket the world “You try to walk in the light”uotes like that are the reason why I love Marie Lu’s books Well okay uotes like that and the fact that she’s a really great writer and always creates characters I can’t help but adore The thing with dear Marie is that her morally grey characters grow on you You might not agree with the things they do but there’s always a reason why they do them and you can’t help but sympathize? So I guess what it comes down to in the end are lots of wrong choices done for the seemingly right reasons At least at the moment they make them lol Does that make any sense?If not let’s just pretend I never tried to explain it and get back on track ; P I always knew this series is one of Marie Lu’s most known and a lot of readers seem to love it up until now I never got a chance to read it though To be entirely honest I only just discovered that my library has it and so I decided to jump right on the hype train and see where it was heading Apparently I was the only passenger on it though I swear I must be the last person to read this but that’s okay I know I’m slow XDThis said after reading so many other YA series I actually didn’t expect to enjoy this so much I mean yes the dystopian YA vibe is strong in this one but boy was it done nice I fell in love with Day right from the beginning and I appreciated June’s efficient and clever mind Plus for some reason the plot and how it was executed had me at the edge of my seat? I’m not gonna lie I’m really surprised I was so invested in this because it was kind of familiar and not all too many things happened but I still wanted to know what would happen next? Marie Lu certainly knows how to glue her readers to the pages So yes this was surprisingly good and I can’t wait to read book two which will hopefully be a little longer than the first one Still there are a lot of things I need to get off of my chest so let’s head to my characters section and get it over with The characters You are now entering the Lake sector so if you don’t want to be spoiled and haven’t read the book yet you better don’t head into this territory It might mess things up for you and we wouldn’t want for that to happen would we? ; June Iparis ”Fourteen floors” I call back That gets them buzzing again Somehow this has become the closest relationship I have with the other Drake students I am respected discussed gossiped about Not really talked to I really liked June but boy did I want to scream at her when she allowed them to catch Day XD The funny thing about her is that she’s actually a pretty strong character and knows exactly what she’s doing yet her somewhat sheltered upbringing caused her to misjudge a lot of situations she was in Guess even an elite academy can’t prepare you for everything and this was exactly what happened in here I understand that she wanted to catch Day and bring him to justice but the way she went about it Well let’s just say I didn’t agree with her and her methods If she would have only stopped for a second she would have realized that Day is not her brother’s murderer and that someone tried to put the blame on him Then again I can’t even imagine how it must feel to be assigned the task of finding your brother’s supposed murderer Damn Commander Jameson that vile woman lol I’m just glad June eventually realized her mistake and helped Day to escape XD ”I will hunt you down I will scour the streets of Los Angeles for you Search every street in the Republic if I have to I will trick you and deceive you lie cheat and steal to find you tempt you out of your hiding place and chase you until you have nowhere else to run I make you this promise your life is mine” ”When I tracked Day’s family down and watched Thomas shoot his mother when I looked on today as the crowd in the suare was gunned down I stood by both times and did nothing Does that make me the same as Thomas? Are we doing the right thing by following our orders? Surely the Republic knows best?” Daniel “Day” Altan Wing ”In other words the Republic has no idea what I look like They don’t seem to know much of anything about me except that I’m young and that when they run my fingerprints they don’t find a match in their databases That’s why they hate me why I’m not the most dangerous criminal in the country but the most wanted I make them look bad” I don’t even know why but I absolutely love him Day is such a great character and I was with him every step of the way I hated that he had to suffer so much and that his entire life was screwed up by Commander Jameson I mean seriously that boy just tried to survive Why did they want to get rid of him even though he had such a high score? I really hope we’ll solve that mystery in one of the following books Also it was so obvious that he cared about his family and to take that away from him to kill them It wasn’t right Day never hurt anyone and he didn’t deserve this He’s a precious snowflake and I hope June will take good care of him in the following books Because if not I’ll find her and give her a piece of my mind lol I don’t even care that she’s fictional I guess what appeals to me the most is that he’s a survival artist and knows exactly how to use his abilities to his advantage There’s no hesitation he knows his limits and he knows when to push them Which makes him a genuinely intriguing character I definitely want to read about ”Did you set fire to a series of ten F 472 fighter jets parked at the Burbank air force base right before they were to head out to the warfront?”“I’m kinda proud of that one” ”One thing I do know Even if June’s plans fail even if I’m going to be isolated and friendless when I head out to the firing suad I’m going to fight They’re going to have to fill me with bullets to get me to stay still I take a shuddering breath Brave thoughts but am I ready to follow through on them?” Metias Metias stared off into the distance “Few people ever kill for the right reasons June” he said after a long silence “Most do it for the wrong reasons I just hope you never have to be in either category”I think it’s sad he was taken out of the picture so fast Metias seemed like a nice character and I would have loved to get to know him better but then again his death was some sort of catalyst to kick off the storyline and therefore was necessary and inevitable The little we got to see of him before he died was great though His love for June was obvious and I really hope there will be revelations about his past and the work of their parents Knowing Marie Lu we’ll probably hear a lot about his background throughout the rest of the series and I’m really looking forward to it Commander Jameson Commander Jameson lets out a laugh “Ill tempered until the end aren’t you?” She releases my head and tilts my chin up with a finger “What fun you are my beautiful boy”I HATE THIS WOMAN The only thing I can agree on is that Day is a beautiful boy As for the rest She’s a cold and calculating witch and I might have not seen a lot of her but the little I saw was already enough How dare she to hurt my baby? Let’s hope we won’t see a lot of her in “Prodigy” unfortunately I get the slight feeling that we will lol Anyway on a serious note I can’t help but admit that I dig the idea of a female antagonist especially one that holds a high rank in military hierarchy It’s kind of refreshing and makes for a nice change ; Thomas ”Thomas glances at me before stepping off the platform – his face is grave even guilty but I know with a sinking feeling that he feels guilty only for throwing me to the ground Not for this massacre he’s leaving behind” Is he just a good soldier who follows his orders or is there to him? I still didn’t grasp his true motives and this makes him an interesting enigma for me If he is the murderer of Metias why did he do it? Considering their close relationship I don’t buy that he just killed him because he got the order to do it I mean he’d have to be really dumb to kill his best friend but then again maybe I give him too much credit? Does he have ulterior motives? What’s his angle? I need to find out about him in the next book XDThe relationships shipsJune Day ”He glances at me now notices me studying him and pauses for a second Some secret emotion darts across his eyes A beautiful mystery He must have similar uestions about me how I’m able to pick out so many details of his life Perhaps he’s wondering what I’ll figure out about him next”Was this insta love? Hell yeah and it’s as good as it gets lol Or well as good as insta love can get I mean they barely know each other but fall head over heels and June is ready to die for Day and to leave her perfect life behind But then again it’s not all about Day June realizes that the system she lives in is wrong and that people get killed for being in the way for saying their opinion or fighting for what they think is right I guess in some way to spend time with Day helped her to realize this and so it appears to be insta love which it definitely is but there’s also way behind it than that This said I kinda liked the enemies to lovers trope in here and it was a pleasure to see those two different people fall in love Their circumstances were like Day and Night see what I did there ; P but they both had a brilliant mind and used their skills in the best way they could There’s something to be said about two intelligent people that are comfortable in their own skin and know exactly what they want and how to get it Plus they both know how to fight and I really hope June will take good care of my baby now that he’s weakened from torture and prison I’m sure their love will get enough time to bloom properly 3 ”I feel a surprising pang of guilt He trusts me – truly stupidly wholeheartedly trusts me In fact I don’t know if anyone has ever taken my word so readily before Maybe not even Metias” Day leans toward me He reaches up to touch my face I can tell it still hurts him to use his fingers and his nails are dark with dried blood “You’re brilliant” he says “But you’re a fool to stay with someone like me”I close my eyes at the touch of his hand “Then we’re both fools”Day Tess his family John grabs me again “You’re completely cracked Listen to me and listen to me good All right? You never fight back Ever You do what the officers tell you and you don’t argue with them” Some of the anger fades from his eyes “I would rather die than see them hurt you Understand?”In retrospective this paragraph kills me Well truth be told Day’s entire situation is killing me I hate that his father died hate it even that his mother was killed and now John too? How many members of a family can you kill before it is enough? There’s only Day and Eden left now and I really hope they can save him because I don’t know what will happen with Day if they can’t I suppose for June it’s the same situation only that she’s already lost everything Guess that makes her super dangerous for the government now If you have nothing to lose no one can use anything or anyone as leverage against you Still John’s death killed me and I never saw that plot twist coming Also I hope Tess and Day can reunite I loved their sibling relationship and Day just needs to see his little adopted sister again okay? sniffConclusionI wasn’t prepared to love this so much but I get the hype now and I’m totally on board of this “legendary” train I’m pretty sure this is only going to get even interesting now that the stage is set and I can’t wait to find out what June and Day are going to do next Also I hope their bond and relationship will get even stronger and drown out the insta lovey start lol This said I can’t wait to borrow “Prodigy” from my library Next one please XDOkay I admit it June Iparis is amazingBut so is Day and I love my precious son 333I was not prepared to love this so much but wow I definitely get the hype now This was great and I can’t wait to read the next book My poor poor Day though TT I just want to hug him Such a brave boy 3PS That beautiful gorgeous and amazing Day fanart by deanpinteresta though Sometimes you look up fanart and you go all THIS THIS IS IT That's exactly how I imagined the character in my mind 333 I'll never get over that vulnerable pained and defiant facial expression Since about 13 of all the people that answered my “challenge uestion” told me that they would want to be June Iparis for a day I got really curious and decided to do a little bit of researchSo apparently June is the MC from Marie Lu’s “Legend” series and a kickass heroine XDSounds pretty good to me lol Plus the mere fact that this book belongs to the YA and science fiction genre makes this even intriguing at least for me Thankfully my library actually has the entire series so here I go Let’s find out why so many people want to be June Iparis ; P “Each day means a new twenty four hours Each day means everything's possible again You live in the moment you die in the moment you take it all one day at a time” So I finally decided to pick this up after sifting through all the reviews and reading positive after negative after positive after negative sometimes I guess you just have to see for yourself And Legend was all right pretty good when compared to some of the crap I've read recently it just wasn't anything particularly spectacular either That being said I'm still probably going to read the seuel because I seem to have come down with that annoying disease known as caringaboutthecharactersitisIn my opinion this book was significantly better than Delirium Matched Shatter Me Dark Inside Pure and Article 5 It stood out amongst other members of the overcrowded dystopian genre but that was mostly because a lot of the others are so atrociously bad rather than this being overly mind blowing It was fun though easy to read uite entertaining I don't have any regrets about reading itThe main characters are far less annoying than some I've had the displeasure of encountering in this genre They're not that original or inspiring but they're the kind of carbon copies I don't mind seeing so much She is self reliant and can kick ass without the sexy love interest's assistance He's kind considerate and brave The chemistry between them never seems forced despite it being yet another they felt drawn to one another scenario Somehow it doesn't matter that much hereThe world building is the weakest part of the novel something that seems to apply to most new releases in the dystopian genre A fact which is strange when surely the whole point of a dystopia is the world the characters interact in But whatever I will begin to sound like a broken record It does get better towards the end of Legend with clues being introduced about the time before the Republic existed This gives me hope that Marie Lu is simply withholding her world building to prolong the reader's interest but I just hope that I'm not left hanging on this matter at the end of the second book tooAnother thing I didn't like because I couldn't believe in it was all the huge leaping to conveniently accurate conclusions The protagonists would look at an unbelievably small piece of evidence and manage to solve an entire mystery out of it I wasn't convinced I don't care how smart you are you would not have gone from A to B like that You just wouldn'tThough this isn't going to make it onto any of my favourites lists I'd recommend this book to a lot of people Those who keep loving trashy dystopias with a forbidden romance story those who liked any of those books I listed in the second paragraph Those who look for light entertainment rather than deep meaning or fantastic writing in their books I conclude that Legend is not that bad it'll probably be a hit with anyone who isn't getting tired of reading poorly constructed dystopia after poorly constructed dystopiaUPDATE 092014 This review is not very positive but the books get better and betterBlog | Leafmarks | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr 4 out of 5 stars This book fell short of a solid 5 for me because it had two small things I didn’t like but otherwise it was goldenWhat I truly enjoyed• Two uniue POV’s of the hunter and the hunted –and I love love loved that the girl was the one sent to hunt Day the criminal as I tend to see this trope usually in the reverse• The action scenes –since I had read The Young Elites I already knew Lu had talent in this arena that end duel and while there was no magic powers this time around Day’s POV was especially good the chase through the hospital• Mary Lu’s pacing is extraordinary she knows what is too much and she gives us just the right amount And it fits the militaristic atmosphere perfectly• The world building I think it speaks volumes when I don’t even notice its happening Seriously I don’t remember any long paragraphs just tons of snippets as the main characters go about their POV• Tess –an adorable side character and if anything happens to her there will be hell to pay I'm not usually a fan of child side characters and tend to find them a burden but this one wormed her way into my heart with her interactions with Day• Metias –I really really liked him and when he view spoilerdied I was actually depressed hide spoiler Updated24012018 Strange I looked back at a comment I'd make in 2015 and I think this comment sums up why I dislike Legend series In order to save you some time here's my reason Because readingwatching a bunch of Japanese action themed mangaanime and then writing something based on them and then labeling it as 'dystopian novel' AND THEN devoting most of said novel to tell us how cool and awesome and good looking your MCs are really doesn't cut it Pre review I read Legend because I'd heard good things about it but after reading half of this book I found I'm not happy with the story not at allDo I want to see a female author writing a worthy bestseller? YesDo I want to see an Asian getting a head start with her first novel? YesDo I want to see finally there's a well written dystopian novel gracing the realm of YA? YesStill I can't pretend Legend is a good book I just can't The following gif shows my feeling toward this bookOkay I can handle teenagers being stupid and clueless about how the world works but I can't handle 15 years old teenagers who are supposed to be geniuses to act like a pair of hopeless idiots for an entire bookI am not a huge fan of dystopian novels but I especially dislike authors coming up with dystopian worlds which make no sense at all with governments doing evil things and killing off children for no good reason other than to show off how evil and fucked up said government is After finished reading the whole story I read from the Acknowledgement at the back of the book that the author Marie Lu started writing the story of Legend when she was 14 years old Ah now I can understand why as a whole this book feels so very damn juvenile even for a Young Adult novel I am so done with all this eye rolling stupidity I am not going to read any book by Marie LuShould I make a list to note down all the problems we have to face when encountering this piece of works?1The main charactersDay At the ripe old age of 15 this boy has survived alone on the streets for five long years and he is the most wanted criminal in the countryOh so in this futuristic America you become the most wanted criminal not by being a terrorist a bank robber with firearm a hacker or a serial killer but by stealing pushing pranks at the government and 'making them look bad'Give me a breakAnd I don't believe for a second that Day can be a super smart tough kid who had endured the hardship of surviving on the mean streets for five long years his actions and choices have never showed me enough wit and wisdom for him to survive that long Plus he never mentions anything about going hungry having to beg for food and money being beat up or running into street gang in his past experience how realisticJune A 15 years old star student of the military and also the one and only teen in the entire country to get a perfect 1500 score at her Trail when she was 10 years old Not only June is supposed to be super smart she also has as much emotion as a robot who can stay perfectly calm and showing barely any grief when she was informed out of the blue her older brother is dead and his corpse is on display right in front of herOkay it's nice to have a YA heroine who doesn't cry and moan at the slightest of things but how can a girl act so emotionless at the wake of her brother's death? And she is also cool when seeing a spy gets tortured half to death?Not to mention these two super smart teenagers fail to see through the villains' wicked plan when I can see it coming from a mile away2The world buildingWhat world building? I only know the country is at war with another enemy country and every kid has to go through a Trail when they reach 10 years old and those who fail the Trail would be secretly sentenced to death; plus the existence of the good old United States is hidden by the evil government it's mentioned that there were a series of natural disasters in the past these are or less all the world building I've ever gottenCurious why the evil government would waste all those healthy but not smart enough kids by NOT training them up to be soldiers or labors when said government is at war with another nation which means they would have needed all the manpower they can get their hands on instead of killing healthy and able 10 years oldNot to mention in this futuristic world police can randomly beat children up for disobedience and they can take money and food from the poor people; but why would the citizens allow it? How does the government justify such things? How does said government remain in power when they are treating the poor people like dirt? Nothing is explained3 The messed up little detailsAh yes in this futuristic world they can't afford to put CCTVs around hospitals and police stations but somehow they manage to have the freaking InternetThe point is when Day breaks into a hospital there is no CCTV to record his break in but by the end of the story all of a sudden there are CCTVs around for the bad guys to check upon? Why are CCTVs suddenly there? Just because the author said so?Not only that after the soldiers shot an plague infected woman they never bother to pick up the body they just leave the corpse by the doorstep and no one cares about an infected corpse being left out in the open neither Are these people for real? Are they Too Stupid To Live or something? I am shocked that none of them has ever thought about burning the infected woman's body or even burning the entire house down4 Tell not show and lazy writingWe are told Day and June are smart but their actions and choices have always showed me otherwise we are told Day is supposed to be a cult hero among the poor citizens but the author never bothers to show me any affection toward Day from any of the citizen I had encountered in the book no one seems to adore Day aside from Tess and Day's own family I am told there's a war going on but I see no evidence of how the war may affect the daily life of the general public I feel like the author is taking us all for foolsTo me Legend is one of the perfect examples of why authors should not be allowed to publish a dystopian novel before they pass some tests on science sociology psychology and historyReview for book 2