Daughter of the Red Deer

Daughter of the Red Deer➻ [Reading] ➽ Daughter of the Red Deer By Joan Wolf ➰ – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Filled with the lyrical beauty of a now vanished world this magnificent novel unfolds during the last great ice age amid the mist shrouded mountains of the Pyrenees in prehistoric France When tainted Filled with the Red PDF Æ the lyrical beauty of a now vanished world this magnificent novel unfolds during the last great ice age amid the mist shrouded mountains of the Pyrenees in prehistoric France When tainted spring water fatally poisons the women of the tribe of the Horse the clan's young men set forth to Daughter of PDF or kidnap new women from the matriarchal tribe of the Red Deer a uest that must succeed or their people will die out Golden haired Mar the leader of the young men falls in love with the beautiful Alin Daughter of the Red Deer priestess And though they are born to embrace different traditions of the Red Epub Û raised to worship different gods Mar will fight to claim this strangely powerful woman as his own Against a lush backdrop of ancient magic mammoth hunts and secret rites this mesmerizing novel brings to life the ritual and adventure of a primeval world and tells a timeless tale of conflict between two societiestwo beliefstwo sexesand two people. Joan Wolf ueen of the Regency romances tries to dabble in the Cro Magnon era of all things The results are underwhelming For one her characters act and sound way too contemporary I did not feel the setting or the era at all Add to that a pretty annoying heroine and a story that dragged on waaayyy too long and after a good faith try I made it to 84% this ended in a DNF If you read this book as a romance rather than as a historical I think it is a great read This series has romance than some of the others in this genre The Clan of the Cave Bear series for example but I didn't find that it had as much historical accuracy as some of the others It was a pleasant read and likely one I will enjoy again in a few years but this is not a series I would recommend for those who like to see what life was really like for people in prehistoric times There were some realistic aspects like how a mass tragedy could cause a tribe to resort to drastic means for survival but the book as a whole was much too safe for life at that time there is little mention of the hardships of the era like the climate having enough food fairly high death rate especially in the very young and very old etc Read this as a fictional book with a nice romantic tale and you will most likely enjoy it For me with my background in Earth Life Sciences my brain was screaming at all the inaccuracies until I finally just decided to read it like I would read a Fantasy Romance Then I was able to just sit back and enjoy the tale OK I tried really hard with this novel but wow talk about a ripoff of Jean M Auel's Earth's Children series Can't even understand how this got published and not sued for blatant copy? Never again If you want to read prehistory read Jean M Auel This book seems like Joan Wolf read the Earth's Children series and tried to use them as the entire basis for her book The people in the Daughter of the Red Deer are not believable they would fit better in today's society than in prehistory I know we as readers are supposed to know things like they don't speak English but it seems like Joan wrote a story of people today with some wierd traditions and just made the setting prehistory If you are considering reading prehistory read Jean M Auel's Earth's Children series Unfortunately l found this book was just another Clan Of The Cave Bear cloneAnd just when you were starting to get into the erathe author would drop a clanger using modern language that threw me right offshe used marjoramthyme and bay leaves in her stewReally?Called them that did they?And we are told there are even ladies of the night ahem caveawcome onMaybe l should have been 15 when l read this Clan of the Cave Bear lite This novel is enjoyable and not uite as sexy as the Clan books although there's still a lot of sexual tension in the plot One thing I particularly liked about the novel was the exploration of gender roles and the need to recognize and celebrate both the god and goddess aspects of our lives I bought this book many many years ago I have the Dutch version of it and during the years I have reread this story many times It’s an easy and light read I just love it Awesome This is one of my favorite books that I love to re read It is such a page turner It is a truly a must read book An interesting setting for this book but the romance itself was lackingI was interested by the book because of the prehistoric setting I find that a lot of modern romances stick with the same handful of settings which isn't necessarily a bad thing I like a lot of those settings myself but older ones are sometimes creative So the combo of uniue setting and the captive storyline appealed to me The setting was definitely my favorite part of the book Some of the worldbuilding Wolf did didn't uite work for me but on the whole this was a sound and interesting look at life and love thousands of years agoHowever the romance itself didn't work for me I don't know what it was all of the beats were there but it just felt bland instead of compelling I actually liked some of the side romances especially the one between Tane and Jes better than the one between Mar and Alin Part of this might be because I didn't really care for either of the leads Alin especially was a little too perfect and wise for a 15 year old But also despite Mar having kidnapped her I never really felt any strong emotion between the two of them Alin was angry yes but I didn't feel that passion and rage and even when the two of them were talking about how compelled they were by one another and how they had never felt this way before I didn't feel anything The emotion and passion just wasn't there and that's an issue in a romance novelAs a look at what life might have been like for early man I enjoyed this story As a romance it was ok but not particularly memorable I'm going to continue with this series because I like the world Wolf has built and I'm hoping the next romance is strongerThis book is available for free on OpenLibrary Though this book is not a religious book there is mention of Sky God and Earth Mother and the differences in the Horse Tribe and the Red Deer Tribe based on their beliefs and worship of each god The author does a great job of portraying the cultural differences based on the ways the characters were raised not only in their culture but in their beliefs as well This book was a good reminder that regardless of what position we hold in society or in our families and what belief system we are are expected to follow we will each one day have to choose our own path

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