Basic Chess Endings (Chess)

Basic Chess Endings (Chess)❴Download❵ ➵ Basic Chess Endings (Chess) Author Reuben Fine – Basic Chess Endings written by International Grandmaster Reuben Fine is the most authoritative reference on the endgame Serious students of the game find the work unmatched in its depth and range Now Basic Chess Endings written by International Grandmaster Reuben Fine is the most authoritative reference on the endgame Serious students of the game find the work unmatched in its depth and range Now Grandmaster Pal Benko has revised this classic with the latest innovations in the endgame and adapted the book to algebraic notation The result is what chess aficionados have been eagerly waiting for a thoroughly modern bible on basic chess endingsA handy guide for the practical player. What is chess A game A sport Perhaps I would posit that there's something like art in the game certainly there is great beauty Nothing is beautiful in chess than chess endings which are little miracles Reuben Fine's great classic warts and all is best in the original edition with the old awkward confusing and difficult notation that was used in and of itself like reading old EnglishFine's book is worth reading for its instruction light touch and humor He is excited by the idiosyncracies of the endgame the Lucerne Position discovered by a 15th century Spanish monk Washing through it again and the various positions is like uncovering layers of meaning in a great work of artThe most astonishing thing about chess in my view is that the rules haven't changed in over 150 years and it's worldwide popularity still is stronger than ever Right now the internet chess servers can't keep up with the volumeOne other thing as an old guy developing some aphasia playing chess has sharpened my mind and I can even remember my own name againPlus my rating hasn't gone down since those high school days It was in fact like riding a bicycle A few Tweaks needed but Still AmazingOpenings are the realm of the beginner understanding basic Chess theoryMiddle games are the realm of the intermediate player mastering strategy and tacticsEnd Games are the realm of the Chess Master It's not enough to have a theoretically won game You have to actually be able to finish your opponent off and translate it into a victoryOnce you begin to understand the end game your view of Chess in the openings and middle games will change because you will begin to see the small advantages that accrue from seemingly innocuous moves Chess will begin to come alive and your enjoyment will increaseOf course to reach that point is not easy and for all but the few who are seemingly born chess prodigies you have to learnFine's book has been the standard work for Chess end games ever since he wrote it in the 1960's Since that time there is no uestion that there have been many innovations and corrections found That is the reason for the 4 stars instead 5 But those issues are well documented in many sources and when you are ready for them you will be able to find them and supplement your knowledgeThis still remains an outstanding work to begin to work through the different types of endings The book is encyclopedic very well organized and the errors that are there are such that if you were to master the material in this book you would still be an extraordinary player and able to fix the issues that are thereThis is not a book for the lightweight chess player If you are not at least an 1700 level player with the USCF or FIDE there are profitable ways to spend your time than with this book As you begin to approach Class A and Expert level however you will need what this book has to offer This is very much a major part of the pathway to Chess Master The Bible of Chess Endings for decades it's a great book I have the corrected version and Fine's original version he wrote in the 1940's that I bought for 001 from a Canadian book dealer brand new just had to pay for the shipping 6 both are greatPeople complain about the remaining mistakes in the revised book but we must remember this is a classic any GM who tinkers with the content in the future must be extremely careful not to mess with the book and change Fine's work to the point that it's not the same book that came from Fine's handsThat's why Pal Benko said he revised it with the intent of doing no harm once you start changing things where do you stop this that and a whole section here and there and it goes on and onSome GM's have done that to other classic books and it's been a disaster Another bible gone west When I was young and there were not many books available about the endgame this book was a must read As GM John Nunn has pointed out Fine is at his best when he gives general descriptions and the book has been rightly praised for its instructional valueHowever Nunn also says there are many errors in the concrete analysis of positions Because of that I avoid to use that book when I work with my students These days when I need a book with very well written general explanations and superb analysis I use Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual or Nunn's three books about the basic and practical endingsStill I hope that in the XXI century someone like for instance GM Karsten Mueller will clean this classical masterpiece from all the analytical errors so that I can put this title back on the list of must read books I've read many many chess books and this book comes with rave reviews In some respects that is true The in depth coverage of each and every possible piece position For example Opposite colored bishops draws with one pawn draws with two pawns ect is almost encyclopedic in natureOn the other hand the book was written some time ago Before algebraic notation and even though the book has algebraic notation incorporated into the text you still get the feel that its a fairly old bookIn summary Extensively researched and comprehensive yet the explanations are hard to understand because it was written in English a few years back For many years this was considered the bible of chess endgame study Fine covers a wide range of endgames and provides the serious student with a means to strengthen their endgame play

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