The Gates of Sleep

The Gates of Sleep[PDF / Epub] ☉ The Gates of Sleep By Mercedes Lackey – Marina is the cherished daughter of the wealthy Roeswood family practitioners of Elemental Magic But all is not well in this elegant aristocratic household Evil portents have warned her father that Ma Marina is the cherished daughter of the wealthy Roeswood family practitioners The Gates eBook ´ of Elemental Magic But all is not well in this elegant aristocratic household Evil portents have warned her father that Marina will be killed before her eighteenth birthday—by the hand of her own aunt And no one is sure is the family magic is powerful enough to overturn the prophesy. I am not so much a fan of this one although it's probably closer to the traditional Sleeping Beauty story than the previous ones have been to their source material It's not bad just terribly unfocusedThe whole series seems to have a pacing problem We're given fully a third of the book of scene setting that has ultimately nothing at all to do with the main conflict another third of villainous cackling and then a lightning fast resolution with a bonus romance thrown in with very little developmentThese villains are at least a little believable they're amoral and are amassing power for its own sake which isn't terribly nuanced but it's better than Lackey's default suffering and misery is so much fun to cause villain which she slides back to distressingly often in this series And the mechanism of their evil is uite clever Sadly it doesn't make up for the rest of the book I nearly didn't re read this remembering being bored with it and yeah I was mostly bored with it I stopped at about 13 of the way through for a few days before powering throughLike a couple of other stories in this series I think my main issue is the pacing there are so many pages devoted to set up with an abrupt unsatisfying climax not to mention the chapters devoted to the gloating eeeeeeevil antagonists' point of viewFor this particular book I found myself frustrated with elements that made no sense or seemed ready to go somewhere but that were left dangling For instance and in no particular orderview spoiler So much is made of Marina's plan to attempt to contact her guardians She finds pennies for stampswhich turn out to not be pennies What was the point of this plot point at all? Then when she manages several times to get out to the vicarage or the sanatorium or church she doesn't as I thought she had planned to asked for help sending a letter It seems to me a LOT of plot would have been simplified if she had asked either of the very helpful gentlemen to send and receive a letter on her behalfwhich may have been why the author went to so much effort to frustrate or forget to make this happen Whhhyyyyyyy does no one tell Marina about the curse or her aunt? Even when she is being sent away how do none of her guardians help her pack and take a second to say oh by the way be careful of your aunt she's super evil Whyyyyyy? At the start of the novel Marina is gifted with affinity with Air elementals yet this never comes to anything I thought it might be a Chekhov's Gun kind of thing but nope Nothing Marina's love of music told never shown I never really got the sense that she actually loved music books rather than instruments were of comfort and use to her Reggie was a mage all along? He knew Marina had shields? What? Where did this plot point come from and what was the point of it? hide spoiler 35 stars The Gates of Sleep dragged a bit towards the middle but in general it was still an appealing book I loved the double twist on the fairytale and the villains were if still somewhat eyeroll worthy then at least less so than in The Serpent’s Shadow Seeing the Water magic performed was interesting and the love story was less in focus this time around Everything was much subtler I like Maya better than Marina purely in terms of ‘colour’ she has a stronger force of personality and a distinctive role but I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Marina as the country lady kept captive in the city There was a real sense of domesticity and of Marina’s connection to her aunt and uncle and the local village people All the characters were wonderfulThere were also none of the appropriation issues found in the previous book So based on that alone it would merit half a star I'm so happy I found this series Full disclosure I started reading it because we got the latest in at work and it features Sherlock Holmes and I am the biggest sucker for anything Holmes related but I can't start a series towards the end so I decided I needed to go back and start at the beginning One of life's great joys is finding a long running series that you had no idea existed but now you get to catch up on I liked the this one was easier to guess which fairy tale it was based on but that Lackey didn't do a slavish rendition of it There were enough nods but it wasn't hitting you over the head the whole time The raging feminist inside me also appreciated that the main character rescues herself instead of waiting for a man I actually ordered the next in the series since I can already tell this is one that I'll want own Not as good as Fire Rose better than Serpent's Shadow; this is another one where's she spent too much time building the settings forgot about creating suspense or romance and then wrapped everything up in a hasty and ridiculous conclusion Even through the slow build I was enjoying the book and for some reason that I can't pinpoint connected better with Marina than I did with Maya in Serpent's Shadow even though Maya had potentially interesting aspects to develop as a character The love interest didn't appear until about 200 pages in only appears a couple times and while I liked him there was no chemistry and no time to develop it I also found it odd how we were introduced to the vicar and spent some time with him and then he becomes a nonentity The servants who side with Marina instead of her aunt also had potential to add to the story but instead hover in the background Marina's guardians are ridiculous I liked them at first but after her evil aunt abducts her they just shrug and hope for the best So by the time they reappear I was annoyed at them and didn't care if they could contribute anything at that point I also realized at some point that this book mimics it's fairy tale better than Serpent's Shadow did and that was the only reason I felt any suspensebecause I knew what had to be coming I actually liked Archane as a bad guy but there was no sense of urgency as far as the curse's deadline though they discussed it occasionally Reggie on the other hand was just along for the ride up until a point where they implied there may be a rift between mother and son which seemed very intriguing And then totally fizzled out And Marina visits a pottery which holds potential for conflict and further development of the storyline of the paintresses and Ellen Which also goes nowhere Such a shame that the book rushes to an ending right when things could have gotten interesting But as usual with Lackey's books she does enough right to keep me hoping that the next book will be the one where all the potential will come to fruition This book is a retelling of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale I've been a fan of the author's earlier works her Valdemar series especially the early books was excellent I'm a bit ambivalent about this one The author does a vivid and convincing job of setting up the magical world which is one of her strengths And the first half of the book describing how Marina the heroine is cursed and her life with her guardians and how she discovers and controls her magic is well done It's only after Marina goes to live with the Maleficent euivalent that the book deteriorates You never get a good explanation as to why Maleficent is so bitter and hateful and the love story with Marina is completely unconvincing In essence there are several interactions where the hero behaves like a boor and then Marina suddenly realizes she's in love with him Whatevs It's almost as if the author realized she hit her page limit but couldn't bear to cut any of the earlier story understandably and just rushed headlong into the climax and ending I do like the Elemental world that the author has created with this retelling of fairy tales and am likely to give the series one try but this book while I liked it well enough was far from the authors' best work A pretty pleasurable read overall Mercedes Lackey when I was 12 or so was my first favorite author of my life but I haven't read any of her books in years Due to a passionate interest in the Pre Raphaelites the main character is brought up among Pre Raphaelite style artists I had this book recommended to me and decided to try her work again Overall this book is uite enjoyable don't get me wrong But there's a reason it's not a 5 star bookThe 'bad guys' are absolutely flat as cardboard stereotypical baddies They make foolish mistakes and one never really gets a sense of a serious threat to any of the 'good guys' because you can see how many mistakes the bad guys are making Also the book seemed rather disjointed at timesinformation was brought up that seemed important but was never used and Lackey wasn't entirely successful with believably combining Victorian England with Elemental MagicBecause of these things the book was light a read than it seemed to be intended to be It was however still enjoyable This book was a bit of a change from previous installments of the Elemental Mage series as no one really goes to London There are some inconsistencies with the magic system Lackey had established in previous works but I actually sort of like that element as it gives a feeling that magic is still a little unknown and some of the “facts” various characters impart are like traditions and folk wisdom In this installment Marina is cursed in her cradle and hidden with friends of her parents Marina barely begins her magical training when a mysterious aunt shows up and whisks her away Marina is a bit different from Lackey’s other heroines as she tends to be outwardly passive carefully observing and thinking before making her move There is also a lot in this book about “traditional” womenhood and training to become a proper lady and I found these details interesting Overall another enjoyable escapist read As often happens in a series after a few books the author starts phoning it in You need to engage in some serious suspension of disbelief in order to make it through this book Not with regards to any of the magical stuff but on a basic plot level A lot of the plot relies on people not communicating super basic information I think two letterstelegrams could have chopped this book in halfPossibly the best part of the book is a throw away line that a character is a priggish smug self righteous satanist idk not for me i guess i know certain people really like mercedes lackey and i can understand that but not for me it was insanely slow not much happened even to the end i thought something exciting might happen it was set up to be than it ended up being if that makes sense there was so much magic introduced and never mentioned again good not great would read lackey if i happen upon it

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