Something to Talk about

Something to Talk about A Showrunner And Her Assistant Give The World Something To Talk About When They Accidentally Fuel A Ridiculous Rumor In This Debut RomanceHollywood Powerhouse Jo Is Photographed Making Her Assistant Emma Laugh On The Red Carpet, And Just Like That, The Tabloids Declare Them A Couple The So Called Scandal Couldn T Come At A Worse Time Threatening Emma S Promotion And Jo S New MovieAs The Gossip Spreads, It Starts To Affect All Areas Of Their Lives Paparazzi Are Following Them Outside The Office, Coworkers Are Treating Them Differently, And A Source Is Feeding Information To The Media But Their Only Comment Is No CommentWith The Launch Of Jo S Film Project Fast Approaching, The Two Women Begin To Spend Even Time Together, Getting Along Famously Emma Seems To Have A Sixth Sense For Knowing What Jo Needs And Jo, Known For Being Aloof And Outwardly Cold, Opens Up To Emma In A Way Neither Of Them Expects They Begin To Realize The Rumor Might Not Be So Off Base After Allbut Is Acting On The Spark Between Them Worth Fanning The Gossip Flames SAPPHICS, HOW ARE WE DOING AFTER THIS COVER on the 6th day of december my true love gave to meeeeeGAY RIGHTS I HAVE BEEN BLESSED Thank you so much, Berkley Books, for my ARC You are always so good to me I have been excited about this one for a while Original Berkley s FIRST QUEER FEMALE ROMANCE Too far Yeah, I probably went too far on that, but I am beyond for this one.I ve been loving Berkley Romance lately.They re crushing it. Within a chapter or two I knew that I loved the writing The smart and crisp style was what made it such an easy read for me, but the banter was what had me smiling and chuckling It didn t hurt that I was easily captivated and enchanted, thanks to an original plot, and lots of wonderful characters.Here are the few things you should know about Something To Talk About The novel is the epitome of a SLOW BURN romance comparable to Mariana Zapata.The story is fabulously romantic, sweet, and has lots of tension between the two main characters.Something to Talk About is full of amazing female characters.And it doesn t read at all like debut novel.AND it s set in and about Hollywood enough said.I adored the book, and read it in just two sittings I wasn t even bothered by the back and forth, and the missed opportunities, because it felt right, especially in context with Hollywood The author also touched on a very timely subject, in a very sensitive way, which I appreciated.I probably enjoyed the relationship between Jo and Emma the most, but I adored the support that both received from friends, siblings and Emma s family In short, the book was uplifting, had a feel good vibe, and was definitely swoony.For a debut novel it was almost perfection Jo and Emma s internal monologues sometimes took over, but overall I didn t mind too much The author s style of writing was what I enjoyed the most I easily connected with both of the characters, that s not an easy thing to do And finding a new author for my never ending tbr was just the cherry on top Because that s actually my top most goal each year Find new favorite authors And I definitely did that with Meryl Wilsner.ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review. I mean, it s about time Berkley got gay.Edit there s a cover now. and it s one of those over stylized cartoons lol COVER COVER COVER omg, Berkley s first lesbian romance This is really Something to Talk Aboutsorry i had to I DON T KNOW WHAT I DID TO GET AUTO APPROVED FOR HALF OF THE BERKLEY GALLEYS BUT OBVS, THIS WAS THE FIRST ONE THAT I HAD TO DOWNLOAD IMME FUCKING DIATELY BERKLEY IS FINALLY PUBLISHING ITS FIRST SLOW BURN QUEER ROMANCE AND A WLW AT THAT BY A QUEER AUTHOR EEEEEEEEEEEE 3.5 stars This was really sweet and I absolutely flew through it, but the pacing just felt slightly off to me I also wish we had gotten to know the characters a bit better Overall, though, def def recommend because, hello, slow burn sapphic romance with a Hollywood setting Thank you to Berkley and Edelweiss for this ARCRelease Date 26 May 2020 CW under spoiler tags view spoiler off page parental death from cancer years before book starts on page asthma attack that requires medical attention on page sexual harassment and an ensuing metoo storyline discussion of racism sexism in film industry on page fight difficulties with toxic parent hide spoiler

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