The Water Keeper

The Water Keeper A Riveting New Story Of Heroism, Heartache, And The Power Of Love To Heal All WoundsMurphy Shepherd Is A Man With Many Secrets He Lives Alone On An Island, Tending The Grounds For A Church With No Parishioners, And He S Dedicated His Life To Rescuing Those In Peril But As He Mourns The Loss Of His Mentor And Friend, Murph Himself May Be Lost Than He RealizesWhen He Pulls A Beautiful Woman Named Summer Out Of Florida S Intracoastal Waterway, Murph S Mission To Lay His Mentor To Rest At The End Of The World Takes A Dangerous Turn Drawn To Summer, And Desperate To Find Her Missing Daughter, Murph Is Pulled Deeper And Deeper Into The Dark And Dangerous World Of Modern Day SlaveryWith Help From Some Unexpected New Friends, Including A Faithful Labrador He Plucks From The Ocean And An Ex Convict Named Clay, Murph Must Race Against The Clock To Locate The Girl Before He Is Consumed By The Secrets Of His Past And The Ghosts Who Tried To Bury ThemWith Martin S Trademark Lyricism And Poignant Prose, The Water Keeper Is At Once A Tender Love Story A Heartrending Search For Freedom, And A Reminder That The Needs Of The One Outweigh Those Of The Ninety Nine In the movie The Wrath of Khan, Spock says, Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few Captain Kirk answers, Or the one The Water Keeper adopts Captain Kirk s answer and states that the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the ninety nine Each life matters and no one gets left behind The Water Keeper is a rich, evocative thriller that echoes Travis McGee s helping hand along Florida s canals and waterways If you miss hearing about the beauty and majesty of those bays and inlets, this book offers another taste of that paradise But, Martin s Murph or Murphy is not some pretend McGee, he s a priest and a wounded man who has been twisted past the point of breaking And he is a man on a mission to save those stolen by human traffickers plying the Florida and Caribbean coasts before they are used up, traded, discarded The story begins on a deserted island where Murph lives in a church without a priest and he has lost those close to him and must lay their weary ashes somewhere His losses are incalculable, included the one who lifted him from the dirt when he d al but given up and his lifelong love, Marie, without whom it was like waking up in a world where the sun had been removed from the sky He has some kind of magnet attracting those that need help from the man whose life had been stolen from him by forty years in prison to the Broadway dancer who lost her daughter while she drowned in dope The author reminds us that people are like icebergs and we can t readily see their stories, what s deep within them, eating away at them Religious themes are in the background of the story such as redemption, forgiveness, and faith As the author explains at one point, we are somewhere east or west of the Garden of Eden and we don t always hear or trust.The story is filled with broken people and Murph rescues them from evil even though he can barely heal his own wounds But he minces no words when it comes to evil like the child traffickers Evil cannot be bargained with It cannot be reasoned with Giving in to evil never satisfies it.This story is a high paced jet propelled thriller but it s got depth to it that few thrillers really can claim. The Water Keeper is a riveting and breathless boat trip down the Florida Intercoastal Waterway SUMMARYMurphy Shephard is a man with many secrets He lives alone on a island in Northeast Florida, tending the grounds of a church with no priest and no parishioners He has quietly dedicated his life to rescuing women in peril No one know who he is or what he does But as he mourns the recent loss of his mentor and friend, Murph himself may be lost than he realizes.When he pulls a beautiful woman name Summer out of the Florida Intercoastal Waterway, Murph s cruise to lay his mentor to rest in the water of the Keys, takes a unplanned and dangerous turn Drawn to help Summer find her missing daughter, Murphy is pulled once again, into the dark and dangerous world of human trafficking.Murphy gets help from some unexpected new friends, including a faithful Labrador he plucks from the ocean, and an ex convict name Clay Murph races against the clock to locate Summer s daughter At the same time he is unknowingly uncovering secrets of his past REVIEWTHE WATER KEEPER is another fabulously powerful novel by Charles Martin It s a story of love, friendship, sacrifice, dedication and forgiveness The writing is absorbing and beautiful, and each of the characters are well drawn This is a BlueStockingBest read for 2020 Murph is an amazingly strong, sensitive and faith filled man His past, present and future collide in this smartly structured action packed thriller Just be prepared for a fast and furious roller coaster of a boat ride.There is danger around every bend, as Murph races down the Intercoastal to find the bad guys and rescue Summer s daughter before it s to late A big shout out to Gunner, the resilient Labrador Retriever Even he helps bring the story to life with his boundless energy, stamina and loyalty Author Charles Martin lives in Jacksonville, Florida and has portrayed the beauty of the eastern coastline of Florida magnificently This is his fourteenth novel His prior novels include Send Down the Rain Long Way Gone and The Mountain Between Us, which was made into a major motion picture Thanks to Netgalley and Thomas Nelson for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Publisher Thomas NelsonPublished May 5, 2020Review Wow What an intense page turner Main character Murphy is one amazing man His character lives out what it means to love others unconditionally While love is the main theme and trust me it is crystal clear in theme, there is a LOT of action Speeding boats, guns and much as Murphy seeks to rescue women and girls from sex trafficking.Secondary characters are well developed and complement the story I especially loved Clay, a man recently released from prison after serving decades and Gunner, the canine hero of the novel.Beautifully written novel that s both engaging and meaningful.My gratitude to publisher Thomas Nelson for a complimentary NetGalley copy of the novel I was not required to post a review All opinions expressed are my own. This was my second book by Charles Martin and I enjoyed it even than the first one I read It was a bit of a slow and confusing start, but well worth the payoff to stay the course.Murphy, the main character, is a bit of a contradiction He s also full of secrets or at least information that he chooses to keep to himself, revealing information only as needed Murphy has found fulfillment in finding victims of human trafficking The focus of the story is about the love that led Murphy to rescue victims and also led to his other profession The story was one with a strong sense of place Set on the coastal waters of Florida and in Key West, Martin painted such a vivid picture that it was easy to imagine being there There was quite a bit about boating, but the human trafficking was front and center in the story.When Murphy meets a woman named Summer, the pace of the story really revs up It was exciting, nerve wracking and heart warming At times, I had to suspend belief a bit because when Murphy is in pursuit, he is close to being superhuman and unstoppable I have to give a special shout out to Gunner, my favorite character in the book, who saved the day several times Charles Martin, I thank you for not gutting me where Gunner was concerned.Readers need not worry about explicit sexual content relating to the human trafficking There is, however, quite a bit of violence at times, but the story moves fairly quickly, not dwelling on the injuries With themes of love and forgiveness, this is a story that stresses the value of each of us and that we are all worthy of being saved.Many thanks to NetGalley and Thomas Nelson Fiction for allowing me to read an advance copy and give an honest review. One awesome read Themes of love and redemption run through this story surrounding the evil abduction of girls for sex trafficking These themes are familiar in all the Charles Martin stories I ve read so far I am so in love with the hero, Murphy and everything he does in helping others I highly recommend this and any of Charles Martin s books His books touch my soul The characters are well developed and interesting The plot is engrossing Then tension builds at just the right pace Many thanks to Thomas Nelson FICTION through Netgalley for an advance copy. One of my favorite authors, Southern master storyteller and New York Times bestselling author Charles Martin, kicks off an extraordinary new evocative series in celebration of his 20th anniversary of stories This one gets ALL the stars from me and then some Beautifully executed, with power and precision, Charles Martin is at his finest his best book yet in this latest novel of forgiveness THE WATER KEEPER Hands down, The BEST Book of 2020 This book has it ALL For guys and gals, young and old alike The author takes us on a boat Gone Fiction ride of your life suspenseful adventure from the Atlantic coastal NE Florida ICW to the Southernmost part of the US Key West Floridians will find a lot to like here With classic Charles Martin s signature style, fans have come to expect Combining a perfect blending of a poignant Nicholas Sparks The Notebook love story romance meets action packed thrills and suspense of Greg Hurwitz Orphan X series and Harlan Coben An intriguing, moving, and memorable journey with heartfelt and broken characters seeking love, redemption, and forgiveness The people and bad guys they encounter along the journey are reminiscent of the works of authors Richard Paul Evans The Walk Series , and Catherine Ryan Hyde Take Me With You and Stay The lyrical prose and stunning metaphors will draw you into the world of a complex broken man David Bishop Murphy Shepherd a priest, a recluse, a man who loves deeply, a fictional writer, and a powerful government agent He is resilient and will stop at nothing to save those sheep who have fallen astray from the fold to lead them back to their loved ones and freedom However, he needs to be the kind of shepherd who will leave the warmth of the fire and the safety of the flock to risk the cold, the rain, and the sleepless nights to find the ONE The historical and literary elements will remind you of Ernest Hemingway adventures, infused with literary icons, rich historical details, and vivid settings with an Old Florida flair From characters, Murphy meets along the way Angel, a sixteen year old girl, pulled into sex trafficking and human slavery A mother recovering from an Opioid addiction in search of her missing daughter before she is sold to the highest bidder An African American older gentleman ex con self defense barely surviving, fighting to see the love of his life to make things right A tenacious white Labrador retriever, Gunner, who has nine lives and is the captain of this ship A young girl who is desperately trying to find her birth mother and father, a woman who is dying hiding from a world due to shame, leaving just enough crumbs for someone to see her A convent and Sister trying to protect A mentor, a fellow agent, a rescuer, and just one sheep to be saved before it is too late.Martin intertwines humor, page turning suspense, intense emotions, an endless love story, and unforgettable characters that reach into your heart and soul, searching for the healing power of forgiveness and freedom Ultimately uplifting and hopeful, leaving fans anxiously awaiting the next in the series Prime for a TV series or the widescreen Flawless and irresistible, profoundly moving, and endlessly emotional Fans continue to love the warmth and inspiration they draw from Martin s books and characters They will be richly rewarded I highly recommend all his books both fiction and nonfiction Crossing multi genres, Charles Martin proves that he is at the TOP OF HIS GAME An Outstanding Achievement More, please Love does that It erases the pain The darkness The stuff that wants to hold our head under the water Love reminds us who we are and who we were alwaysmeant to be And there never has been nor ever will be anything that can kill it David Bishop Murphy Shepherd Charles Martin The Water Keeper In celebration of Charles 20th Anniversary of stories, my favorites I love them all 5 Stars however, if I must pick Chasing Fireflies never cried so hard over a book in my life Plus, everyone I recommended it to, agrees The characters will break your heart When Crickets Cry Water From My Heart The Water Keeper JDCMustReadBooks A special thank you to Thomas Nelson HarperCollins for an advanced reading copy Look for my Elevator Ride with the Author series, coming May 5th with Charles Martin to get all the behind the scenes inspiration and about this talented storyteller Also, stay tuned for an upcoming book giveaway contest hardcover copy On a side note Being a Floridan, I have resided and worked along the coast of SE Florida ICW and A1A from St John s, Volusia, Monroe, and Palm Beach counties over the past twenty years, I immensely enjoyed revisiting familiar, memorable landmarks and the rich Florida history great job Being a Georgian before Florida, I devoured Martin s earlier novels, as well I really enjoyed the boating water elements in THE WATER KEEPER, having lived and worked in the Florida Keys selling waterfront condos for boats and condo hotel residences with marina clubs and currently reside along ICW in West Palm Beach Every time I see a yacht across the street, I think of this book. I am undone Really This book is amazing Can someone be in love with a fictional hero I fell hard in 8 hours time More like 5 minutes This story is about love Unconditional love It s about going after the one and leaving the 99 behind This book is soul stirring It deals with pure evil, sex trafficking It has action, suspense, and mystery, with a kick butt hero And did I mention unconditional love This book will appeal to both men and women This is typical Charles Martin drop a bomb ending that will leave chills and warm your heart Just click buy now and be blessed I was given a copy of this book by Thomas Nelson publishing This is my honest opinion. After I finished reading The Water Keeper, I went through Charles Martin s past book titles on Goodreads, and I notice to my surprise that a lot of his books include the word, water This should not be a shock to me as all of his books are about healing the hurts that we accumulate in life.We meet the main character Murphy Shepherd as he agrees to find Angel, the daughter of Summer a former drug addict and dancer It is his mission in life to find young women who have or are about to become a part of the sex trafficking industry that operates on the Florida waters He knows what he is doing because he has the invisible and visible wounds to prove he can and will do anything he can do to find and bring Angel back to her mother What he didn t expect was meeting a young girl named Ellie hiding on Gone Fiction Murphy is a good man and he makes a promise to Ellie not realizing how she is connected to his past and his future He didn t realize that he would be reuniting and healing from a part of his past that he thought was dead.I loved this storytelling journey that Charles Martin takes his readers on, it was one that had me confused at times because I ve never navigated the waters of Florida, but never did I feel that Murphy wasn t up to par to take me to parts of his heart that needed examining and healing It was a world that I was glad that I could be safely steered to the best ending for this thrilling ride of a story, that is really fiction made up in someone s imagination, though the sex trafficking part I know is not.I thoroughly enjoyed The Water Keeper.I couldn t get enough of Water Keeper, but it was the very ending that, I at first didn t like, but as I thought about it through the day, I realized it was exactly very appropriate I received a complimentary copy of this book Opinions expressed in the review are completely my own My gratitude to Thomas Nelson and NetGalley. When Charles Martin writes a book, I am an automatic reader When I heard about The Water Keeper, I requested to review it immediately Martin s way of writing is simply beautiful True prose What I m trying to say is he has a wonderful way with words The Water Keeper is probably his most intense novel yet There are speed boats and gun fights Being a gal that enjoys Michael Bay movies, I was a ok with this I m not sure if it needs a trigger warning, but if so, then you need to know this book s story revolves around sex and human trafficking and there s a wonderful dog that goes through some really trying times Main character Murph is a loner And he likes it that way However, he is also a really, really good guy When he sees someone on the water in Florida and things aren t exactly going her way, he can t just let it go So he helps her out He is then pulled deeper and deeper into the darkness of modern slavery as they search for her troubled daughter And it is a race against time Set in the coastal waters of Florida, from Fort George down to the Keys, Martin s lyrical writing takes you on a deep, heartfelt journey of redemption His knowledge of the Florida waters takes you there, and his characters are unique and endearing The Water Keeper is a story of love, loss, and how far we will go for the ones we love There are so many lines I highlighted while reading One of my favorites That we were made to want and give love That no matter how dark the night, midnight will pass No darkness, no matter how dark, can hold back the second hand Whether you like it or not, whether you want it or not, whether you hope it or not, whether you build a wall around your soul and cut out your eyes, wait a few hours and the sun will crack the skyline and the darkness will roll back like a scroll Isn t that just beautiful You might want to preorder yourself a physical copy And a highlighter Charles Martin has done it again I received an advanced copy of this novel All opinions are my own. The Water Keeper is another amazing book by the author As I began to read, I really didn t know where the book was going or what to expect There was so much about the main character, Murphy, that I felt was a complete puzzle.I quickly came to really like Murphy and to begin to put pieces of the puzzle that he was together There were other, very interesting characters in the book Summer, Angel, Ellie, and Bones were some of those Each of them enriched the book Also, I can t forget Gunner the dog He added greatly to the story Fingers and Marie were important to the story too, as they influenced Murphy and played a large part into the making of the man he became.As usual, the storyline was incredible, and immensely touching This author s books never fail to bring tears to my eyes at least a few times, and not always sad ones I found the storyline to be complex, and satisfying I feel sure that this is going to be one of my top favorite books of the year.

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