Stranger in the Lake

Stranger in the Lake Spellbinding Another Outstanding Novel By Kimberly Belle, Masterfully Written To Lure You In And Never Let Go Samantha Downing, USA Today Bestselling Author Of My Lovely Wife When Charlotte Married The Wealthy Widower Paul, It Caused A Ripple Of Gossip In Their Small Lakeside Town They Have A Charmed Life Together, Despite The Cruel Whispers About Her Humble Past And His First Marriage But Everything Starts To Unravel When She Discovers A Young Woman S Body Floating In The Exact Same Spot Where Paul S First Wife Tragically DrownedAt First, It Seems Like A Horrific Coincidence, But The Stranger In The Lake Is No Stranger Charlotte Saw Paul Talking To Her The Day Before, Even Though Paul Tells The Police He S Never Met The Woman His Lie Exposes Cracks In Their Fragile New Marriage, Cracks Charlotte Is Determined To Keep From Breaking Them In TwoAs Charlotte Uncovers Dark Mysteries About The Man She Married, She Doesn T Know What To Trust Her Heart, Which Knows Paul To Be A Good Man, Or Her Growing Suspicion That There S Something He S Hiding In The WaterLook For These Other Pulse Pounding Thrillers By Kimberly Belle Three Days MissingThe Marriage LieDear Wife Kimberly Belle just never, ever disappoints.Jam packed with secrets, lies, misdirection and surprises this one had me literally dropping my jaw in a room by myself, looking around to see who else was shocked.The pacing was perfect, the characterizations were outstanding and the story was original, vibrant, and utterly gripping.I loved this one as much as Dear Wife and that is some seriously high praise.Thank you to Kimberly Belle, Park Row and NetGalley for giving me this ARC in exchange for an honest review. Meh Stranger in the Lake is a psychological thriller about a mysterious murder in a small town.Charlotte, a twenty something gas station attendant from the wrong side of the tracks, finds her prince charming in Paul, a 37 year old wealthy architect, whose first wife happened to die in a tragic accident Some think Paul murdered his first wife, but Charlotte ignored the rumors and fell in love with her dream man The age difference and Charlotte s upbringing fuel the gossip mill of their small town When another woman winds up dead in the same spot Paul s first wife was found, questions about Paul s role in the murder have Charlotte questioning the man she thought she loved.Told from Charlotte s POV, combined with flashbacks from the past, this book never grabbed me I kept waiting to be captivated, and sadly it never happened I hate to say this because I have loved Kimberly Belle s other books, but I was bored This book dragged and dragged There was little action and a lot of waiting, which I usually don t mind, but I wasn t connecting with the plot or the main character I never got a full feel for Charlotte s character I couldn t picture her and wasn t able to get a full sense of her childhood suffering, outside of maybe one scene She said all the right things, but they didn t resonate.I also didn t feel the tension or suspense that has played such a heavy role in Belle s other books The plot reminded me of a few other thrillers I have read over the past year, which might be why I was able to identify the murderer and figure out some of the plot twists early on I had high expectations and was expecting something a little original and intriguing This in no way is a bad thriller it just didn t reel me in.I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. So that was.fantastic Yes, Kimberly Belle managed to pull it off again I literally couldn t put this book down I flew through this in just one day.Charlotte or Charlie depending on who you askhas found the man of her dreams A small town girl that was raised by a drug addict in a trailer park that was under deplorable conditions marries the town millionaire.hmm this is going to be interesting.When Charlotte marries Paul well people are going to talk Gold digger anyone You be the judge..but the town has branded her as a gold digger as well Paul s wonderful mother I mean couldn t it just be love Paul is not only a millionaire, he is the man of the tiny town Everyone knows Keller Architecture and everyone knows of Paul See Paul lost his wife to a drowning accident, even though she was an excellent swimmer She was also loaded than Paul Soooo you do the math.I loved this book It was mysterious from start to finish I didn t know if I should love Charlotte or hate her Am I teamcharlotte Read for yourself and I think you will figure it out I especially loved the whole secluded lake environment It gave the story a creepy vibe The Kellers had a gorgeous home that Paul had designed, with huge windows that faced the lake Which was fantastic during the day, but at nightwell night is a different story The windows are so huge they don t have window dressings, what is the need anyway, they have no immediate neighbors Yet as a murder happens right in front of their windows, unbeknownst to themwell it got a bit creepy Who is out there and who is looking in I am getting goosebumps thinking about it One dead body in the lake, well oktwo dead bodies in the lakeumm okthree deadHouston we have a problem Mysterious, creepy, page turner This book had it all for me Add it to the list of all the other books I love by this author Loved it 5 big hearts for this one Hmm, okay, images of Lind Chocolate boxes, fondues, Swiss Army knives, Rolexes, Alps start to appear on my mind which means a Switzerland kind of I m in the middle, I don t like it and I also don t hate it, I m just dumb cow, three solid starred book review is coming up Oh, it is already here My fingers are moving faster than my mind, what do you think my friends I lately read so many dark, intriguing, stressful stories so I think I already exceeded my pain tolerance level And I also read previous works of Kimberly Belle including Marriage Lie and Dear Wife which I highly recommend you to read but when it comes to this book s story, something was missing.I think Ms Belle a little failed to build the mystery between the characters The chapters mostly ended abruptly and haphazardly The story has two timelines and told by two narrators Young pregnant wife who thinks her husband might be killer and husband s old friend Jax who turns himself into caveman meets wolfman hiding in the woods, losing the last traces of his humanity Maybe because of the word choices, slow pacing or uninteresting characterization or all of them made me lose my interest and I continue to read it like an obligation or task because something could change at some part and maybe I can get some surprising ending.So let s talk about the plot We re introduced to Charlotte, new, young, called trophy wife by her old acquaintances, pregnant, finds a dead woman at the lake, the very exact spot her husband s ex had been drowned and her husband Paul lies to the officers that he s never seen her before But actually Charlotte saw them talking animatedly one day ago and Paul disappears to find Jax, leaving his wife alone with suspicious officers and talkative, irritating mother.Then we re going back 21 years ago, young Paul, Jax and police officer Micah s storyline Three young kids get bored, jumping into their car, hitting the road but their night ends with an unexpected event.And yes, ending was predictable which kills my last hopes so I finished the last page and wiped the disappointment from my face So this is not so thrilling, shaking, solid, mediocre thriller for me I actually enjoyed author s previous works Of course it was not bad, boring or pointless reading Especially I enjoyed the flashback parts about Jax than Charlotte supports her brother s culinary skills storyline So I m giving 3, not bored me to death but also not excited me stars Special thanks to NetGalley and HARLEQUIN Park Row for sharing this ARC with me in exchange my honest review.bloginstagramfacebooktwitter 3 3.5 STARS People say that I married Paul for the money, but that s just not true I married him because I love him, and I love him for all the things he provides A mortgage free roof over my head and a belly stuffed with nutritious, organic food Health insurance and car insurance and cellphone and internet The freedom of never having to choose between going cold or going hungry again A life that is safe and stable and secure And really, when you think about it, isn t security just another word for love I m so torn on how to rate this one, because I did find the ending to be a little underwhelming, but the atmospheric setting was incredible, and made Stranger in the Lake an engaging read for me I will always be a sucker for Appalachian fiction, and the lake was truly an insidious presence along the journey The author does a fine job of dissecting the motivation behind basic human nature, and the moral at the end of this story was difficult to swallow, yet a timely, encouraging message I would have liked to have see a little development in a few aspects of the story, like Sam and Charlotte s relationship, the summer after the boys graduated high school, and a bit of Charlie and Chet s childhood, instead of the repetition regarding pieces of the investigation, but overall this was an enjoyable read from an author that I admire and respect If you ve enjoyed Belle s previous novels, do yourself a favor and give Stranger in the Lake a try Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy. First, let me say this Nothing is scary to me than the idea of walking around in a brightly lit house, when it s dark outside, and to have no curtains or blinds on the huge windows of my rich people house Of course, that would never happen because I m not rich people , so I don t have one of those fancy, glass walled houses, with no curtains or blinds I just can t imagine that though, when there has been a body or two found down at the dock that the rich people house overlooks Charlotte, used to not be rich people either, but then she married Paul, eleven years older than her, who had lost his first wife when she downed in the lake below the house His first wife was a champion swimmer and still swam every morning and it s hard to believe she could drown in the lake Paul is accused of killing her by folks in the town but in the end, the death is legally labeled accidental When Charlotte and Paul fall in love after a whirlwind romance, she is warned off of Paul by her good friend Sam, a local policeman who thinks that Paul killed his wife But Charlotte doesn t think Paul is capable of hurting anyone and she loses her friendship with Sam, when she marries Paul Then Charlotte sees her husband talking to a strange woman in town and the next day that woman s body is found under the same dock where Paul s first wife s body was found Paul begs Charlotte to lie about him talking to the woman, packs a backpack and runs out the door, leaving Charlotte to deal with all the mess that a murder investigation involves As Charlotte tells one lie for Paul, lies must be piled on the first lie, and Charlotte begins to doubt her husband s innocence in either women s death There is also Jax, who along with Paul and their friend Micah, seem to have a strange bondMicah and Jax don t like each other but Paul is the glue that keeps them tied to each other Something might have happened long ago, another mystery that might involve all three men The Charlotte discovers about Paul, the less she trusts him but she doesn t know who to turn to..Sam is already wanting Paul s head and Micah s police chief father is a violent, loose cannon, not to be trusted treat anyone fairly, especially Jax, who Paul wants to protect at all costs During all of this, Charlotte leans on her flaky younger brother, Chet, the brother she had to raise herself, from the time she was six years old They ve been through hell already, being neglected by a drug using, alcoholic mother and their bond is as strong as that of Paul, Jax, and Micah So many lies, so many mysteries and Charlotte is scrambling to figure out what is going on Thank you to HARLEQUIN Trade Publishing Park Row and NetGalley, for this ARC. 3.25 After last year s fantastic read of Dear Wife by Kimberly Belle, I was anxious to get my hands on her latest release But agghhh As it so often seems to happen when my hopes are set high, it didn t quite hit the mark Charlie, now known as Charlotte was born on the other side of the tracks Growing up in a trailer park, she also had to assume responsibility for raising her younger brother She had no choice Her own mother was mostly absentor worse Fast forward several years And what a difference a few years can make Charlotte finds herself married to one of the most successful, wealthiest men in their lakeside town A life she could have only dreamed of She never has to worry about money or having enough food on the table again Her husband Paul lost his first wife to a tragic accident he refuses to discuss Other than she was found floating under their private dock Now a second woman has been found drowned under the same dock Hmmm The premise of this book was so tantalizing but unfortunately failed to hold me The suspense I was hoping for was just lacking And even though my detectives cap has been collecting dust lately, I had most of this plot figured out early on I just had higher hopes for this book than what it delivered That said you know this won t stop me from reading her next release I know Kimberly Belle writes amazing suspenseful thrillers A buddy read with Susanne Thank you to NetGalley, Harlequin Trade Publishing Park Row and Kimberly Belle for an ARC to read and review. 3 Stars I Know All of Your SecretsI Know All of Your LiesI Know Where You Keep EmBuried Deep Inside Ruelle, 2017 Charlotte fka Charlie , new wife to her husband Paul, a former widow feels extremely happy in her surroundings Why wouldn t she Paul is EXTREMELY wealthy and the two live in a gorgeous home overlooking Lake Crosby So what if the home is in Paul s name and everything is technically his since Charlotte grew up in a trailer home.Everything is absolutely perfect. until Charlotte goes out to the lake to check the boat early one morning while Paul is out for a run There, she discovers the body of a woman in the lake Then of course, all h3ll breaks loose Secrets and lies So many, they were enough to make your head spin I m surprised the Exorcist didn t make an appearance Going back and forth in time from the present to 1999, when Paul and his best friends Jax and Micah were teenagers and Charlie and her brother Chet were children, Stranger in the Lake started out strong and then kind of petered out For me, there were a few items that just didn t quite ring true and that had my eyes rolling, which disappointed me a tad Like a few other reviewers, I too wish that some other avenues had been explored in this novel that were not, but alas, such is life Kimberly Belle s writing style is however totally engaging and she had me glued to the storyline throughout I am a true fan of hers and will be anxiously awaiting her next release.This was another buddy read with Kaceey Thanks to NetGalley, Harlequin Park Row, and Kimberly Belle for the arc.Published on Goodreads on 4.26.20. 3.5 stars rounded up A LIE AND AN ALIBI, WRAPPED INTO ONE Charlotte ignored the rumors when she married the wealthy, widower, Paul After all, despite her being a strong swimmer, the drowning death of Paul s first wife, Katherine, WAS deemed an accident But, when a second woman also drowns, in the same exact spot under Paul s dock, SECRETS which began in 1999, begin to SURFACEWHO IS THE STRANGER IN THE LAKE, AND WHY DID SHE COME TO TOWN Something happened in 1999 to bind childhood friends, Paul, Micah, and Jax together Could their SECRETS have anything to do with the drownings The mystery started out strong but it stalled a bit just after the 50% point for me, when the flashback chapters took me out of the present, and the story lost some of its tension This story began to focus on the SECRETS from 1999, and those chapters were my least favorite part I would ve preferred the story have remained focused on the relationships in the present day, and on the drowning victims I wanted the other relationships to be as fleshed out as the one between Charlotte and her brother Chet WHY the second woman came to town, WHAT she was looking for, and WHO wanted her to remain silent, DID surprise mebut, again, I wanted MORE of this part of the story I wanted to get to know her Although I didn t enjoy this one as much as The Marriage Lie or my personal favorite Dear Wife , Kimberley Belle will ALWAYS be an AUTO READ author for me Thank You to Netgalley, Harlequin, and the author for the digital ARC, I received in exchange for a candid review This title will be available on June 9, 2020 Posted to Goodreads and Netgalley on Feb 23rdWill post to and closer to publication date. Paul Keller had been married before His wife died a little over four years ago in a drowning accident Surprise , Charlotte was pregnant not planned with Paul s baby her new husband eleven years older than she was Charlotte had only known Paul for about a year Everyone from their town said it would never work We will soon discover much of what will never work Paul was 37 years old, a wealthy widower, who owned Keller Architecture His clients were privileged, demanding, and entitled His clients liked Paul because he was one of them Charlotte had been a gas station clerk a trailer park girl , from the poor side of town of Lake Cosby, North Carolina She now worked part time for Paul. her role was client relations , and Charlotte s most important role was being Paul s new young pregnant wife Paul s mother and town folks won t believe Charlotte s pregnancy was an accident They ll say that Paul was trapped Sugar daddy, sugar baby, baby daddy.The people in town think that Charlotte married Paul for his money She didn t Charlotte married Paul for love and she loved all the things he could provide We get back story not only on Charlotte and Paul, but also on Jax Edwards, and Micah Hunt, friend connections to Paul , Jax Edwards was the local town loon, a raggedy bearded boogeyman , who lived in the woods Most people turned away from him, either out of pity or fear, but not Charlotte Micah Hunt was the best underwater criminal investigator and hundreds of miles..but he ll never be good enough for his father Chief Hunt.Charlotte liked Micah he never made her feel Paul was slumming by choosing her gas station attendant girl from a trailer park.and he had daddy issues than she did For Paul,Jax was a painful subject, he didn t like to talk about Once upon a time, Jax had everything going for him High school prom king and star quarterback, the golden boy with a golden future, and one of Paul s two best friends Paul, Jax, and Micah.were all close buddies in High School We will soon see just how complicated those relationships were Other relationships people in this town complicate things also At the center of the story a woman, Sienna , was found dead in the lake Presumably whoever killed her lived in this town of Crosby Lake Kimberly Belle has a talent for intertwisted tangly mussed up storytelling She s becoming a psychological thriller household name for readers who indulge pleasure into this genre Not sure this was Belle s top rated book but we are drawn into a web of intrigue with interesting characters Paul..was out running all the time Jax.found solace in the woods Micah.wanted to be his own man not have his father Chief Hunt dictate his life.Sam Kincaid was a cop from Charlotte s side of town.the poor side of the mountain He had been friends with Charlotte before she married Paul Chet was Charlotte s often needy brother But Charlotte loved him He moved in with a woman named Annalee They were constantly breaking up and getting back together again Lake Cosby was the only town in the southern Appalachians perched at the edge of the water, which made it a popular tourist spot Most of the businesses were pretentious Farm to table restaurants, a specialty fudge shop, and specialty boutiques.I enjoyed the setting landscape descriptions as much as the mystery thriller story itself This psychological mystery murder thriller had plenty to chew onLots of gossip, secrets, lies, and rumors about who what and why Sienna was killed how her death connected to Paul s first wife s death Who liedWho cheatedWho had an alibi and who didn t Extenuating circumstance..are words you ll find in this novel to explain why the past and secrets were not understood Great beach pick or middle of the night read for insomnia folks Thank you Harlequin Trade Publishing, Netgalley, and Kimberly Belle

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