Legacy of Lies (Bocephus Haynes, #1)

Legacy of Lies (Bocephus Haynes, #1) A Small Town Attorney Takes On Prejudice And Corruption In This Powerful Legal Thriller Small Town Lawyer Bocephus Haynes Comes Home Late One Night To Find District Attorney General Helen Lewis Waiting For Him Her Ex Husband Has Just Been Killed She S About To Be Arrested For His Murder And She Wants Bo To Represent HerThere S A Lot Working Against Them Just Before His Death, Helen S Ex Husband Threatened To Reveal A Dark Secret From Her Past Bo Has Been In A Tailspin Since His Wife S Death What S , His Whole Life Has Been Defined By A Crime Committed Against His Family, And He Continues To Face Prejudice As The Only African American Litigator In Pulaski, TennesseeBo S Back Is Against The Wall, And Helen Resigns Herself To A Dismal Fate But A Stunning Discovery Throws Everything Into Chaos There S A Chance For Justice, But To Achieve It, The Cost Might Be Too Much For Bo To Bear Attorney Robert Bailey knows how to write a dynamic, riveting legal thriller with depth and emotional integrity He s proved this before with his award winning, best selling McMurtrie and Drake legal series He is an author who knows how to put the thrill back in legal thriller, with full blown action, unexpected twists, and dramatic climaxes.With Legacy of Lies, Bailey s newest book, he proves he is at the top of his game While prior books had adversaries threatening the lives of protagonists, this time a dominant threat to the main two characters comes from within Which is not to say they aren t in danger from outside forces, only that the enemy within is as dangerous as the enemy without This makes Legacy of Lies even compelling and richer for the deep humanity Bailey captures in a finely wrought thriller and stirring story of redemption.Helen Evangeline Lewis, aka The General, is the district attorney general for a four county area in Tennessee Attractive, confident, and tough, she is haunted by a devastating event in her past that causes a kind of PTSD fugue at a critical junction in the story Her ex husband, Butch Renfroe, threatens to reveal his version of that event in order to blackmail her He wants her to drop statutory and forcible rape charges against Michael Zannick, who is powerful, unscrupulous, and rich She recognizes Butch must be in Zannick s clutches but refuses to drop the charges In the heated argument that follows, she threatens to kill her ex husband Her threat is overheard by her assistant district attorney.The night after their argument, someone kills Butch and a neighbor witnesses Helen coming and going from his house Traces of his blood are found in her vehicle Her DNA is found on the victim In short order, the local sheriff reluctantly accepts that he must arrest Helen, despite his long time respect for her It might all be circumstantial, but it s a tight case establishing motive, means and opportunity.Knowing arrest is imminent, Helen seeks out Bo Hayes to be her defense attorney She believes that only Bo with his courtroom skills, personal dedication and fierce drive can save her Bo is a tall, broad shouldered black man who gained early fame as a football player under legendary coach Bear Bryant at The University of Alabama However, when Helen finds him, Bo is a drunken mess, having just lost custody of his two children to their grandparents Bo has never recovered from witnessing the murder of his beloved wife a year before and has slid into a self pitying, useless remnant of the wide ass open attorney he used to be.Bo must not only find a defense for Helen, he must redeem himself Increasingly the odds seem stacked against them both.A stunning discovery, a triple twist, and dramatic courtroom scenes all make for a riveting, satisfying read in what might well be Bailey s best book to date While the twists come as a surprise, they also seem inevitable once the shock wears off and that is a hard thing for an author to pull off, but Bailey does it exceptionally well.Legacy of Lies is a grand story with a morality tale vibe, gripping and thrilling throughout It showcases Bailey once as a writer who knows how to keep the suspense high, the pacing fast, the narrative strong, the characters compellingly complex, and his plot full of white knuckle tension and twists. What a Gift This was my monthly freebie via my Prime membership what a gift it is I have previously read Robert Bailey s legal thrillers and I ve enjoyed them immensely this book has certainly earned a well deserved Five Review from me Mind you I ve always had a soft spot for Bo Well done R.B I m looking forward to the next one