Columbia Accident Investigation Board Report

Columbia Accident Investigation Board ReportFree Columbia Accident Investigation Board Report By Columbia Accident Investigation Board Volume 1 Of A Six Volume Set Investigates Loss Of The Space Shuttle Columbia, STS 107, And Its Seven Member Crew On February 1, 2003 Four Parts Entitled The Accident Why The Accident Occurred A Look Ahead And Appendices A, B, C Concludes With Recommendations. On the morning of Feb 1 2003, I was in Sunnyvale, California, staying with my friend and colleague Beth Ann The Shuttle was due to land that day, and its approach path was going to take it right over us We set our alarms to get up early enough to see it But the sky was overcast, and after hanging around for ten minutes we went back to bed We were woken up a couple of hours later by a phone call from Beth Ann s sister, who had just heard the horrible news that the Columbia had broken up over Texas, killing everyone on board Beth Ann is a real tough cookie, but she started crying She had met Kalpana Chawla a couple of times, and had really liked and admired her Later that day, there was a big open air meeting at NASA Ames Research Center, which a couple of thousand people must have attended It was like a funeral I ve never seen such a large crowd look so subdued The Center Director gave a speech, and among other things he promised that there would be a full investigation It was vital to know exactly what had happened The investigation was, indeed, staggeringly thorough and efficient, and in October they issued their report It s an absolute model for how to conduct an inquiry of this kind even if you have no par
I read quite a few accident investigation reports, usually by NTSB as they are available online for free I enjoy the forensic analysis of events that lead to a conclusion I don t usually add them to my Goodreads list I m making an exception with this one though Why Because this report made me cry After reading the background information, I m surprised this kind of catastrophic incident took so long to occur The thing that struck me the most though, was that they knew something terrible was liable to happen An email between NASA officials actually states, Any activity today on the tile damage or are people just relegated to crossing their fingers and hoping for the best The I read of the report, the I kept thinking, Those poor people There were so many missed opportunities to identify and do something about the damage, but all went unheeded or was dismissed Yes, NASA was under budget constraints with reduced funding year after year Yes, they were being asked to do with less Yes, there was competition from other agencies Yes, management was a pile of spaghetti Yes, they knew that foam strikes occurred in 80% of missions that were able to be visually studied It was like the dirty little secret everyone knew about but hop
Grim reading, but valuable insight into how organizations can go wrong, and how important it is for engineers to speak up when they are unhappy with a management decision

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