The Life and Times of The Thunderbolt Kid: A Memoir

The Life and Times of The Thunderbolt Kid: A MemoirReading The Life And Times Of The Thunderbolt Kid A Memoir By Bill Bryson From One Of The Most Beloved And Bestselling Authors In The English Language Comes A Vivid, Nostalgic, And Utterly Hilarious Memoir Bill Bryson Was Born In The Middle Of The American Century 1951 In The Middle Of The United States Des Moines, Iowa In The Middle Of The Largest Generation In American History The Baby Boomers Like Millions Of His Generational Peers, Bill Bryson Grew Up With A Rich Fantasy Life As A Superhero In His Case, He Ran Around His House And Neighborhood With A Tee Shirt That Identified Him As The Thunderbolt Kid Using His Old Fantasy Life Persona As A Springboard, Bill Bryson Recreates The Life Of His Family In The 1950s In All Its Transcendent Normality.Warm And Laugh Out Loud Funny, And Full Of His Inimitable, Pitch Perfect Observations, THE LIFE AND TIMES OF THE THUNDERBOLT KID Is As Wondrous A Book As Bill Bryson Has Ever Written It Will Enchant Anyone Who Has Ever Been Young. I m a big fan of Bill Bryson s writing, but this one was both uplifting and saddening at the same time The premise of the book is how Bill learned to see a country be wooed by the siren song of prosperity through the guise of his own internal superhero persona, the Thunderbolt Kid This is an engaging book which takes the reader back to simpler times, with plenty of Bryson s characteristic laugh out loud funny moments to go around The Thunderbolt Kid persona is really a subtitle to the main idea of the book a fond trip down memory lane to revisit America in a innocent state That was the saddening part of the book as well the inevitable loss of innocence that prosperity and productivity brings makes one yearn for the days when going downtown was the highlight of the week, where people dressed up to go out, and where things were just fun because people didn t know any better Bryson s insightful commentary on how the American people used their newfound free time due to labor saving devices to work ever harder in order to earn money to buy yet labor saving devices The vicious cycle of not only keeping up with those cursed Joneses but rather outdoing them was born, and in the process simple pleasures like matinee movies, the corner drugstore with a soda fountain, and specialty stores were swept off of the face of
Bryson played my funnybones like a xylophone The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid is about growing up in the 50s It s the sort of coming of age tale that educates along the way God, I love this stuff It very much reminded me of the classic movie A Christmas Story Here on Goodreads, amongst all you worthy readers, I m ashamed to say I haven t yet read the short stories by Jean Shepherd that the movie is based upon But if they re anything like the movie then they re filled with remembrances of how things once were, which is the path Bryson takes It s a nostalgic road at times At others, it is sarcastic Almost always it is humorous and engaging Bryson has a way with words and a talent for feeding you history without making you gag He also has my kind of sense of humor, so together these things are bound to deliver at least a v
Welcome to Des Moines, Iowa and the 1950s There are some things you should be afraid of mainly Communism, teenagers, and comic books not approved by the Comics Code Authority But, no need to worry The Thunderbolt Kid aka Bill Bryson will be your trusty tour guide Ah, the 50s a time when cigarettes made you healthy, your daily dose of amphetamines came in morning cereal, soda was the elixir of life, and prominent doctors defended a boy s right to be dirty In his telltale jocular but informative manner, Bryson lets his readers in on some of his childhood exploits, as well as the hopes and fears of the era He lets us enjoy the humors of hindsight, but manages to do so without sounding glib The let s suspend everything in JELL O craze, revelation that cakes were best served upside down , and miraculous advent of the TV dinner are no bizarre than today s cuisine will seem, come 2040 The same holds true for technologies The 1959 launch of the USS Barbero was thought to be just the first among many deliveries made by Missile Mail spoiler alert it was also the last Need to buy a new pair of loafers No problem We ll just use this handy X Ray Foot o Scope to find you the perfect f
My first Bryson book I will be reading by the author I enjoy the humor I spot checked the validity of the historical details thrown in and found them to be correct This pleased me Pseudonyms are used for the characters, except for his agent Jed Mattes This seems perfectly reasonable So what kind of book is this What is it really about I think the best way to describe it is as a book of snapshots of a kid s life in the fifties in Mid America, rather than either a biography of Bryson or a history book Bryson was born in Des Moines, Iowa, in the year 1951 I felt right at home, myself being born in Milwaukee the same year It felt like going home I felt this through the author s choice of words, the food we ate, the toys we shared, the movies we saw and the jokes and gadgets and life of a kid then and there It is an enjoyable read It s entertaining It s light Bryson narrates his own book I liked his narration He simply talks, rather quic
Bill Bryson s travel writing is often hilarious and usually perceptive In many ways this book Bryson s memoir of growing up in Des Moines, Iowa, in the 1950s and 1960s is also travel writing In remembering and sharing his past, Bryson takes his readers to another place and time, both of which he vividly evokes in the narrative I laughed a lot while listening to Bryson read the audiobook version of his memoir At times I laughed so much that there was a risk my bus commute would be embarrassing and my driving commute would be dangerous Bryson has a wonderful ability to find the ridiculous in most situations, as well as in himself, his family and everyone around him He also has the gift of humorous exaggeration some of the incidents he writes about are clearly tall tales, or at least tales that have been stretched for effect This is not just a memoir, it is also a domestic history of the United States of the 1950s and 1960s a limited history, it is true, of white Middle America, but an interesting history neverthel
This was the start of a definite return to form after a positive dip in the standard of Bill Bryson s books.What Bryson gives us here is all about growing up in 1950 s America largely autobiographical, although with Bry
Book ReviewThe Life and Times of the Thunderbolt KidBy Bill BrysonReviewed by Tom CarricoI am not usually one to enjoy a memoir There always seems to be a certain smugness that someone must possess to have the audacity to think that their story is better than, well, mine This memoir, however, is different Bill Bryson s childhood ruminations could belong to anybody who grew up in the 1950s Change Des Moines, Iowa to Arlington, Virginia and this story could even be mine If you are under 40 you probably won t enjoy this book as much as those of us who actually endured this particular decade This book reads like a Saturday Night Live send up of David Halberstam s The Fifties Like Halberstam, Bryson touches on the many social and cultural events and changes of the 1950s including the space race, the development of the nuclear bomb, the evolution of the suburbs coupled with the decline of the inner cities and the emergence of television This author, however, takes great pride in pointing out the absurdities and ironic inconsistencies of that era He describes his refusal to participate in the required civil defense drills, pointing out to his elementary school teacher the absolute irrationality of thinking that crawling under a desk could protect a child from a nuclear explosion I remember thinking these same thoughts as I toted bottled water and canned goods to St Ann s School
Young Bill Bryson always pictured himself as a superhero and in this novel, he is one.The Thunderbolt Kid is a somewhat fictionalized retelling of Bryson s childhood Interspersing key events such as the ever prese
This was a hilarious memoir from Bill Bryson I grew up in Iowa too, so it made the book even a little better Highly recommended Baby Boomers Go to School20 September 2016 I wasn t really sure about this book because while Bryson s story about his trek around the continental United States was very entertaining, and quite informative, the idea about reading about somebody s childhood didn t really appeal to me I ve never been a big fan of autobiographies or biographies in general However I never really thought much of travelogues either before I read The Lost Continent, but then I guess it had a lot to do with Bryson s rather casual, and somewhat humorous, style of writing Anyway, this book had been sitting on myself for a while so I decided it might be worth giving it a shot While the book is technically an autobiography, it is of an exploration of America in the 50s, and the way that Bryson paints the era leaves one shaking their heads at times For instance, before Vegas was Vegas apparently people went there to watch nuclear bombs be detonated As for television, well, the interesting thing that I noted that was in the fifties product placement wasn t just a vending machine in the background, it was somebody walking onto the set and actually p

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