Buddhist Masters of Enchantment

Buddhist Masters of Enchantment Reading Buddhist Masters Of Enchantment Author Abhayadatta Chardonneret.eu A Beautifully Illustrated Collection Of The Stories Of The Mahasiddhas, The Magicians And Saints Who Founded The Lineages Of The Tantric Tradition A Highly Readable Translation Of Legends From The Tibetan Oral Tradition Recounts Stories Of The Masters Who Embodied Various Paradigms For Psychic And Spiritual Awakening There Is No Better Illustration Of The Nature Of Tantric Buddhism Than The Lives Of The Masters Who Founded It Extraordinary Men And Women Who Attained Enlightenment And Magical Powers By Disregarding Convention And Penetrating To The Core Of Life, The Mahasiddhas Show Us A Way Through Human Suffering Into A Spontaneous And Free State Of Oneness With The Divine Keith Dowman S Highly Readable Translation Of These Legends From Tibetan Oral Tradition Is Enhanced By The Beautifully Realized Illustrations Of The Tantric Saints By Artist Robert Beer. A picture book for Tantric Vajrayana Buddhism The mahasiddhas are 84 enlightened beings Not all 84 are in this book, which is a bit upsetting I think my favorite is Mekopa, or the Wild Eyed Guru, because like him, I tend to wander around aimlessly looking at the ground I also like Kambala, the Yogin of the Black Blanket, mostly because I think it s funny that his black blanket is eaten by a gang of witches, and one piece is burned in a fire.I feel like a lot of the symbolism goes over my hea A picture book for Tantric Vajrayana Buddhism The mahasiddhas are 84 enlightened beings Not all 84
Though I admit that Keith Dowman s introduction to the smaller version of this book was a bit of a turn off, He is a dedicated translator.The Images by Robert Beer are absolutely stunning I find his use of color to be otherworldly, perhaps because he is indeed colorblind The various stories depict great masters of eclectic descent, temperament and pathology Most stories are 2 3 pages long and demonstrate the uniqueness that is the path to one s true nature Thoug
The editor did a good job with this, it s just that teaching stories are really not my thing, though they are big in some spiritual traditions what I really liked was the art.

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  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Buddhist Masters of Enchantment
  • Abhayadatta
  • English
  • 15 April 2017
  • 0892817844