American Demon (The Hollows, #14)

American Demon (The Hollows, #14) RACHEL MORGAN IS BACK AND THE HOLLOWS WILL NEVER BE THE SAMEWhat Happens After You Ve Saved The World Well, If You Re Rachel Mariana Morgan, Witch Born Demon, You Quickly Discover That Something Might Have Gone Just A Little Bit Wrong That The Very Same Acts You And Your Friends Took To Forge New Powers May Have Released Something Bound By The Old With A Rash Of Zombies, Some Strange New Murders, And An Exceedingly Mysterious New Demon In Town, It Will Take Everything Rachel Has To Counter This New Threat To The World And It May Demand The Sacrifice Of What She Holds Most Dear It was fantastic to be reading about itchy witch again Going back to this world after six years made me savor it .When the book begins Rachel is on the phone planning a park date with Trent, the girls and surprisingly, Ellasbeth too Rachel is back at her old home church She is meeting Jenks and Ivy They re trying to decide what their future looks like Can they still work together or is time for one of them to move on Should they reconstruct their home or find a new place It looks like Ivy is ready to move on and live with Nina Rachel understands but can t leave Jenks alone This reunion is broken up by the appearance of a zombie The appearance of the zombie is the first clue that something is not right New cases are popping up where couples are attacking their love ones for past grievances Someone seems to have manipulated their minds while sleeping When Al is attacked, Rachel knows this is too close to home Rachel knows she has her hands full She is dealing with her relationship with Trent and his ex, the politics between Demons and Elves, a new vampire moving into town affecting Ivy s life and she can sense she is running out of time in stopping the new threat So many things I loved about American Demon I love Trent Kalamack He has grown so much as a character He likes himself better and it s all due to Rachel He has made his own sacrifices and lost some of his position of importance as an Elf but he knows it s worth it Rachel acted so much mature in American Demon She lets people help her and she is pausing to think before reacting Al was adorable all the way around I wish he was prominent in this book He makes me smile every time he shows up.David, Ivy, Jenks and Bis are also so important to the series It wouldn t be the same without them.I still feel a tug on my heart every time Kisten is mentioned I will always miss him.So glad Kim Harrison is writing books in this world I ve only one question, when is the next one out Cliffhanger No4 5 FangsA complimentary copy was provided by Ace via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.MrsLeif s Two Fangs About It Facebook Twitter Instagram This book is proof that a well beloved UF series with an official ending does not have to End.What am I saying Nothing much No ret cons needed We just have a new beginning with the same old characters we love.But wait, isn t our witch ahem just a LITTLE TOO OVERPOWERED Especially with that last book going NUTS with the changes, changes, and even bigger changes Nope Because the world moves on Nothing is so impressive and amazing that others can t s t all over your parade, deny it ever happened, or make your life a living hell just because they re ignorant and or a jerk.Huh That kinda sounds like a slice right out of real life, no And THAT is why this book picks up not too long after the events of book 13 of the Hollows and starts back up with Return to the Hollows with nothing than a shrug Our Witchy Morgan is never given the credit she deserves and all these new characters showing up gives the series new life.And YES, Jenks is still his glorious self Bis, too And happy time with Trent is quite happy.The novel gives us good mystery, good action, and plenty of smoldering lust and much in the way of annoyance for certain jerks In other words, it s a classic return to what made the series special I love it. Kim Harrison takes us back to our beloved Hollows with American Demon and fans will not be disappointed We join up once again with Rachel Morgan right before the epilogue in The Witch With No Name Harrison introduces two new characters into the book whom I think Hollows fans will love They bring a breath of fresh air to the series after laying dormant for 3 years And if you are worried that the story will totally re write the epilogue of The Witch With No Name, don t be The girls are still toddlers, Rachel is still about 30, and Ivy and Nina are still navigating their developing relationship.There is, however, a new predator on the hunt and Rachel is on the menu as she plays a high stakes shell game Losing is not an option when someone she loves is being targeted With elf demon dynamics at critical mass the delicate balance of species is hanging by a thread When tolerance and hate play tug of war in the Hollows, someone is bound to lose a soul.What I would have liked to see with American Demon was appearances from staple characters, however, the book is setting the stage for the Hollows Returns series and it would get too crowded if everyone showed up for the party.I loved the feeling of coming home as I delved into the book and revisited old friends and familiar places It felt comfortable, yet still gave an exciting new vibe with the story line The church crew dynamic is evolving and there will be growing pains, but it didn t feel like an ending, just a new beginning.American Demon fills in gaps while keeping the timeline true It is worth noting that the next book in the series, The Rule, is shooting for a not too distant publishing date and I can t wait WoooWWW My favorite series releases a new book D Rache, Bis, Jenks and Trent are back in an all new series that brings are favorite Hallow characters front and center once again.Something is plaguing people while they sleep, making them attack the ones they love most with tortured nightmares from hurts of the past Rache will do whatever she can to unravel the plot before the demons are blamed But then the attacks hit home and Rache, battling with all Trent has given up for her, realizes that together they make a much stronger teambut at what cost.Along with the evil plaguing dreams, other things have now been realised Deciding if they are friend or foe can cost everything to the Hollows gang.I L o v e d American Demon Harrison has captured everything we loved in the Hollows series but brought as an entire new series to devour If you are a fan of the Hollows, you are going to love it If you are jumping right into Return to the Hollows, you can read it without out the Hollows but I highly recommend reading the Hollows first Harrison does a good job giving some background but nothing compared to the connects you will gain reading both series.I received this ARC copy of American Demon from Berkley Publishing Group Ace This is my honest and voluntary review. YES Kept wishing wonderingSo damn ready for this NOW pls be good pls have lots of Al, Jenks, Bis gang ohplsplspls ETA Just learned that Kim Harrison set up GR group Hollows Read along to AMERICAN DEMON Assume read schedule spread out to coincide w June 2020 release of AMERICAN DEMON.ETA2 Also, each book may get temp price drop or KU inclusion during read along Frex, 1 3 4 currently showing as p o KU So if you ve never tried or have dusty memoriesETA3 adjust gif size b c freakin huge on app. New Rachel Morgan series, wHAT Not sure how I feel about this, since I liked the epilogue of the Hollows series a lot, but on the other hand we get to revisit all these characters.The cover is either way I ll be waiting Review to come upon release. On the one hand I m super excited for this, but on the other I m scared please be everything and Brilliant Full RTC

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