Now, Then, and Everywhen (Chronos Origins #1)

Now, Then, and Everywhen (Chronos Origins #1) From The Bestselling Author Of The Chronos Series Comes A Page Turning Novel Of Time Travel, Fast Paced Action, And History Changing Events When Two Time Traveling Historians Cross Paths During One Of The Most Tumultuous Decades Of The Twentieth Century, History Goes Helter Skelter But Which One Broke The Timeline In Madison Grace Uncovers A Key To The Origins Of CHRONOS, A Time Travel Agency With Ties To Her Family S Mysterious Past Just As She Is Starting To Jump Through History, She Returns To Her Timeline To Find Millions Of Lives Erased And Only The People Inside Her House Realize Anything Has ChangedIn CHRONOS Historian Tyson Reyes Is Assigned To Observe The Crucial Events That Played Out In America S Civil Rights Movement But A Massive Time Shift Occurs While He S In , And Suddenly The History He Sees Isn T The History He KnowsAs Madi S And Tyson S Journeys Collide, They Must Prevent The Past From Being Erased Forever But Strange Forces Are At Work Are Madi And Tyson In Control Or Merely Pawns In Someone Else S Game If you loved the CHRONOS Files trilogy, you will LOVE the start to the sequel trilogy I read this book every minute I could and finished it within a week It was just full of timey wimey goodness Many times throughout I was doing the thing where the book is so exciting and you re reading so fast because you want to know what happens that you cover the bottom of the page because you don t want to glance down and see a spoiler Usually that only happens for me at the climax of a book, not before I m halfway through By the end of the book I was Mind Blown and in a frantic search to find my own CHRONOS key so I could jump ahead and read the next book Until I find one I ll just be over here rereading the CHRONOS Files and all the supplemental stories to tide me over. Do not miss this series if you re just entering the Chronos universe, this will be a great place to start at the beginning sort of Since this it time travel, you could follow the published order as previous readers did However, now that we have this amazing origin series, you could start at the beginning Either way, just start this series The characters are people you can get to know and love or hate and the story line is imaginative and interesting I love this series and highly recommend it. Fans of the CHRONOS series will throughly enjoy this peek into the origins of CHRONOS while being taken on an incredible new ride Didn t read the original series You ll want to after reading this Looking forward to the next book in this new series As always I need CHRONOS Can t wait for the next time one, this was a fast, interesting adventure to read