Brave Girl, Quiet Girl

Brave Girl, Quiet Girl From New York Times Bestselling Author Catherine Ryan Hyde Comes A Gripping And Emotional Novel About Friendship, Motherhood, And The Journey Toward Finding A Place To Call Home Brooke Is A Divorced Single Mom, Financially Strapped, Living With Her Mother, And Holding Tight To The One Thing That Matters Most Her Two Year Old Daughter, Etta Then, In A Matter Of Seconds, Brooke S Life Is Shattered When She S Carjacked Helpless And Terrified, All Brooke Can Do Is Watch As Etta, Still Strapped In Her Seat, Disappears Into The Los Angeles NightMiles Away, Etta Is Found By Molly, A Homeless Teen Who Is All Too Used To Darkness Thrown Away By Her Parents, And With A Future As Stable As The Wooden Crate She Calls Home, Molly Survives Day To Day By Her Wits As Unpredictable As Her Life Is, She S Stunned To Find Etta, Abandoned And Alone Shielding The Little Girl From Than The Elements, Molly Must Put Herself In Harm S Way To Protect A Child As Lost As She Is Out Of One Terrible Moment, Brooke S And Molly S Desperate Paths Converge And An Unlikely Friendship Across Generations And Circumstances Is Formed With It, Brooke And Molly Will Come To Discover That What S Lost And What S Found Can Change In A Heartbeat I read an ARC of this book and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT I have read all 35 published books and numerous short stories, by Catherine Ryan Hyde, and this next release is my absolute ALL TIME FAVORITE Catherine had me holding my breath with suspense, and sitting very still trying to be a brave girl, quiet girl, too Catherine s stories always shine a spotlight on important human issues, and the messages in this book are vital Thank you, Ms Hyde, for your continued efforts towards making our world a kinder, better place for ALL people Brave Girl, Quiet Girl, is available on May 19, 2020 Be sure to grab a copy for yourself and share this story with family and friends. Such sadness and heartbreak throughout this book and sadly, this goes on all throughout the world Whenever Catherine Ryan Hyde comes out with a new book, I gotta read it They are all great Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this early release in exchange for my honest review. 4.5 starsI m rapidly learning there s something truly lovely about Catherine Ryan Hyde s novels, and Brave Girl, Quiet Girl was no exception Since discovering her work I ve noticed she doesn t shy away from contentious issues but she takes them on in an expert and engaging manner Her characters are so very realistic and I love the way she uses them to make me question my own morals and behaviours The two main characters are Brooke and Molly and their alternating perspectives bring the story to life Brooke is in her late 30 s and is a divorced single mum who has returned to live with her aging highly critical mother whilst she gets her finances under control Molly is a 16 year old homeless girl living on the streets because she was unwelcome at her parents home At first glance these two have nothing in common but their lives are thrust together in the most bizarre of circumstances The beauty of the writing is that although I ve never been in either of their situations I felt such strong compassion and empathy for each of them Brave Girl, Quite Girl focuses heavily on mother daughter relationships with three such relationships going under the spotlight Brooke has a strained relationship with her own mother and because of this she desperately wants the exact opposite for her relationship with 2 year old daughter Etta The third is between Molly and her mother as we gradually uncover the reasons she ended up living on the streets Molly was a beautifully natured character and the author used her homelessness to make readers aware of how easy it is to fall into the trap of judging a person by their appearances In one scene Molly was desperately seeking help from passers by and, as a reader knowing why she needed help, I was aghast it wasn t forthcoming simply because she was so clearly homeless, unkempt and dirty How critical of these people I was for their unwillingness to assist but then I tried to place myself in their shoes and wondered if indeed I would have behaved any differently I d like to think I would have helped but perhaps fear or other factors would have played into my response and I might have fallen short too And whilst Molly had proven herself to be completely protective and nurturing of Etta when they were together, Brooke found it difficult to entirely trust her Brooke harbored doubts about Molly s version of the story of how and why she s currently living on the streets, imagining she must have done something to contribute to her homelessness, and finding herself all too ready to apportion blame for the situation she found herself in Again Hyde cleverly introduced scenarios forcing readers to evaluate their own hidden prejudices and attitudes With multiple themes running throughout including love and loss, trust, judgement, family, and homelessness this was a delightful read and I feel Catherine Ryan Hyde just might be my new go to author when I feel the need for a sensitive and caring novel.Thanks to the author, Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for the opportunity of reading this digital ARC in exchange for an honest review which it was my absolute pleasure to provide. 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Brave Girl, Quiet Girl is a touching story about two very different, strong women If I were to classify this novel, I would explain that it is partly a coming of age book combined with a light thriller or suspense novel Truly though, it is much than that Two characters who each share their own point of view that are connected from one senseless night Brooke is a single mom running an errand with her cute little daughter, Etta Her car is taken along with her child and her world will never be the same again Molly is a teenager who also happens to be homeless and she is the one who finds Etta, abandoned on the side of the road in a bad area of town in her car seat The book begins with the desperation that Brooke feels and the care that Molly takes for someone s little girl but it winds up spotlighting deep issues including how we treat the homeless There are other issues that author Catherine Ryan Hyde handles with skill and grace as we get to know Molly, Etta, and Brooke better I will say that Hyde has a way of drawing characters that are visible to the naked eye through the words and paragraphs on the pages of Brave Girl, Quiet Girl I was not ready for the novel to be over or to say goodbye to these lovely women and little Etta too Why Because somehow I wound up drawn into their imperfect world with all their mistakes and insecuritiesinto the hearts deep within Truly a touching book So Highly recommend Thank you to NetGalley, Catherine Ryan Hyde, and Lake Union Publishing for this temporary, digital advance review copy for me to read and enjoy As always, my opinions are my own. I have become a huge fan of Catherine Ryan Hyde in the past year after I read Have You Seen Luis Velez I then began a goal to read her new and previous books Her book to be released on May 19, 2020, Brave Girl, Quiet Girl which, by the way, I love that title , I believe is my new favorite I have been immensely touched by Ms Hyde s previous stories, but this one found a place that was so deep within me By one third of the book I was crying That became the norm off and on for the rest of the book.This author creates characters that become real to me I care deeply about them I am invested in their lives Her characters are far from perfect She makes you love them with all their flaws.I will not write about the plot itself A potential reader can find that easily I will say that although the world she writes about in this book is foreign to me, I believe she captured it well People are judged by their image, by their possessions and by their actions Sometimes these are not a true judge of the person Sometimes a person s actions speak for them than anything else The world of the book is told with two different perspectives One view is from Molly a 16 year old, which I found totally captivating and genuine The other view is from Brooke who is 39 and is worldly, yet almost as lost as Molly Reading the two views of situations that occur brought so much to the understanding and immersion into the story.This book will make you think about your interactions with strangers and with difficult people in your life Themes of forgiveness, gratitude and trust are constantly interwoven in the plot.I recommend this heart touching book so very highly I believe it will be on many book club reading lists and will be a much talked about book after it is released in May 2020.I want to thank NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for giving me the wonderful gift of allowing me to read the ARC of Brave Girl, Queit Girl My review is my own opinion not influenced by receiving the Advance Reader Copy. Some of the previous books I read by this author dealt with realistic issues This book also dealt with such realistic problems as carjacking and homelessness It was told in alternating chapters by the main characters After enjoying a movie with her 2 year old daughter, Brooke suddenly found herself the victim of a carjacking She was thrown from her mother s Mercedes, but unbeknownst to the carjacker, her sleeping daughter Etta was still strapped in her car seat Molly, 16, recently came out to her strict religious family and was immediately thrown out of her house She struggled to survive the streets of LA and was always vigilant of the dangers surrounding her.When Molly was returning home to her small wooden crate located in an isolated industrial area, she spotted Etta, still in her car seat, alone and scared Caring for Etta until she could call the police was harder and dangerous than Molly thought it would be and they especially needed to be brave and quiet This was a fast paced emotionally driven storyline The characters were well developed and the interactions between Molly and Etta and Molly and Brooke were at times heartwarming and heartbreaking From start to finish it was an engaging read If you enjoyed other works by this author, you ll enjoy this latest novel as well. Brooke is a single mother living with her difficult mother and her two year old daughter, Etta Whatever Brooke does somehow never measures up to what her mother thinks should be done Buckle your seatbelt take Etta out Brooke and her mother are constantly arguing over Etta s care and whose car is safer Her mother sees the whole world as being dangerous even though they live in a nice part of West LA One night Brooke buckles Etta securely into her car seat but leaves her own seat belt undone because she was wearing a big, long sweater, and it kept getting caught Brooke stopped at a red light when it happened A man moved fast towards her side of the car and before she could react, her window shattered A hand opened her car door and pulled her from the car Brooke sat in the middle of the highway and watched her mother s car drive away with Etta in her car seat in the backseat Every mother s nightmare Later that night, Molly, a teen estranged from her family, living on the streets, sees a baby in a carseat on the sidewalk Molly can t believe her eyes and her first thought is to find a phone and call the police Not as easy as it seems, markets are closed, no pay phones any and people living on the street don t have cell phones Molly realizes that she is now responsible for the baby and must keep her safe Reviewed at and Molly s lives are totally different but the one thing that they have in common, they are both looking for a home and family where they belong and are accepted Drawn together by this horrific act, Hyde has created a heart stopping story of love, acceptance, and friendship I am not a crier and do not cry easily, but this story really touched my heart Hyde portrays the good in people even in the midst of evil Mr Rogers once said When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, Look for the helpers You will always find people who are helping Catherine Ryan Hyde shows us the helpers and inspires us to be the good.Catherine Ryan Hyde is one of my favorite go to authors I know when I sit down to read one of her books, I am going to love it Each one of her books is distinctly different from the other and a treat in itself Make sure you add this one to your TBR list and preorder it so you don t miss it This book is a masterpiece dealing with some horrific issues but ending on a powerful note of love As a single mom of 3 teens I know the personal struggles of being on constant watch and never looking away for even a second as it only takes a SECOND This was the nightmare that happened to this divorced single mom in which her two yo was gone in a flash Now she spends all her time thinking of ETTA and where she might be and whether or not she s still alive.HOPE is all she s holding on too when a break comes in the case with Molly a homeless teen struggling with her own issues.Perhaps if Brooke never listened to her mother whom she shares residency things would ve been different After all a BMW is eye candy for these types of carjackersHowever, in hardships we find strengths and this may have actually been an eye opener for both ladies.Loving something bigger than oneselftending to the needs of a childbeing a mother is than just blood it s dedication, sacrifice, loveThere is so much I love about this book that I don t think my words can ever do it justice yet I m proud that this author showed the depths of despair and how we can all rise above.An amazing read through and through This story was so good I felt such sadness for both characters and their relationship with their mothers Both basically thrown away by the one person who should have always been there It was a quick story, kept me turning the pages Thanks to Netgalley for the early copy