The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany

The Star-Crossed Sisters of TuscanyA Trio Of Second Born Daughters Set Out To Break The Family Curse That Says They Ll Never Find Love On A Whirlwind Journey Through The Lush Italian Countryside By New York Times Bestseller Lori Nelson Spielman, Author Of The Life List Since The Day Filomena Fontana Cast A Curse Upon Her Sister Than Two Hundred Years Ago, Not One Second Born Fontana Daughter Has Found Lasting Love Some, Like Second Born Emilia, The Happily Single Baker At Her Grandfather S Brooklyn Deli, Claim It S An Odd Coincidence Others, Like Her Sexy, Desperate For Love Cousin Lucy, Insist It S A True Hex But Both Are Bewildered When Their Great Aunt Calls With An Astounding Proposition If They Accompany Her To Her Homeland Of Italy, Aunt Poppy Vows She Ll Meet The Love Of Her Life On The Steps Of The Ravello Cathedral On Her Eightieth Birthday, And Break The Fontana Second Daughter Curse Once And For All Against The Backdrop Of Wandering Venetian Canals, Rolling Tuscan Fields, And Enchanting Amalfi Coast Villages, Romance Blooms, Destinies Are Found, And Family Secrets Are Unearthed Secrets That Could Threaten The Family Far Than A Centuries Old Curse Lo amo I Italia E un viaggio fantastico How can you resist charm of this amazing country Swimming in Lake Como, sipping those tasty wines at Tuscany s vineyards, taking a gondola tour at Venice, shopping at Milano, eating amazing margarita pizzas in Napoli, saluting Pope at Vatican, giving ridiculous poses in front of Tower of Pisa as if you re holding it not to collapse, spending hours and feeding your soul with amazing paintings at Uffizi and of course taking a yacht tour at Capri while devouring Chianti with not Ray Liotta s brain pieces, forget that scene seafood pasta Mamma mia I feel in love in Italy when I got my first European vacation tour with my family like Griswolds I was only 13, chubby, annoying, because I was my under my drinking age After I meet with Chardonnay I became a lovely person When I returned back, I watched Robert Downey Jr and Marisa Tomei s Only You and find myself enrolling Italian Culture courses to learn this amazing language This book brought me all those amazing memories and my journeys around Italian cities Many years later, I visited them with my husband and gained 6 pounds at one week because of extreme carbs consumption It was definitely worth it Let s get back to this amazing story reminded me of my beautiful memories in flashes If you haven t seen Italy, this book is realistic guide for your soul journey that make you feel you visit those incredible places, free your spirit and soul, open yourself new experiences It s heartwarming, emotional, entertaining story of sisterhood Emilia decides to break the family curse to be definer of her own destiny and learn about her ancestors because she knows that if you want to achieve something concrete in your future, you have to visit your past and learn where you come from and who you are Emilia s self discovery, influenced journey starting from Venice canals, moving to Amalfi Coast made me so excited But I also loved to go to the sixty years in the past and enjoy reading Poppy s story, bringing back to the history of Berlin Wall Emilia finds about her family secrets, lies, betrayals during the journey but she is a bigger person to forgive all of them and move on with her life This is a hopeful, embracing, sweet, promising reading which helps you to see the stars at the darkest hour of the night and the illuminating light at the end of the tunnel You smile, you relieve, you cry, you resent but at the end your heart warms and you feel for all those beautiful characters It s about holding your hopes and embracing the life and happiness OVERALL I.LOVE.IT.SO.MUCH, Deserved my five billion stars Special thanks to Netgalley and Berkley for sharing this fantastic book s ARC COPY in exchange my honest review. Find all of my reviews at StarsThe Fontana family has had a curse on the second born daughters for over 200 years Always to remain spinsters, true love will never be in the cards for them Emilia has sort of resigned herself to the fact that the curse is a real thing as she remains consistently unlucky in love Her cousin Lucy takes a different approach quickly falling for whoever she is dating at the time When their estranged aunt Poppy calls offering the two a trip to Italy and an opportunity to break the curse forever, they reluctantly agree.I will admit I wanted this one as soon as I saw the cover, the word Tuscany and took a peak at the blurb I had my hopes up for a cross between And And that is 100% what I got Although I don t live in an Italian villa, I was able to read this outside with a big ol cheap bottle of Moscato and escape for a few hours one Saturday and that was just what I needed ARC provided by Berkley in exchange for an honest review. What an amazing story Deep dark family secrets are not what they seem to be Have you ever read a story that just makes your heart sing A story that is so rich and warm you just want it to go on forever The Star Crossed Sisters of Tuscany is that book.Speilman gifts her readers with an amazing story that crosses generations and completely pulls you in From New York to Italy, The Berlin Wall to a tiny church in Ravello, we hear a story about a love so profound it can cross the ages.With tears a plenty, we meet the characters who are so different and unique you can t help but be entranced by their story Spielman delves deep into the human psyche with shades of manipulation, jealously, heartbreak, profound love, and We meet characters we love and those we love to hate Those deep dark family secrets are so much than what they seem.I just wanted this book to keep going I wanted for Poppy I want to know what happens to Emilia I just want For an amazing story that will leave you with a warm heart and a bit weepy too, this book is one that will set the mark for those yet to come Speilman brings it with her storytelling skills and the colorful, rich experience we are left with once we close the pages The Star Crossed Sisters of Tuscany truly does make our heart sing copy received for review considerationFull review So unbelievable good Full review to come with blog tour. I sat down with an early ARC of The Star Crossed Sisters of Tuscany on a lovely sunny afternoon and couldn t stop reading Needless to say, dinner was late at our house When Emilia and her cousin set off to break the curse of loveless second sisters under the guidance of her great aunt, she discovers far about her family than simple curses Lori Nelson Spielman s deft and tender touch illuminates a glorious journey through Italy, and the heart The Star Crossed Sisters of Tuscany is unflinchingly honest about the frailty of human desires, as Emilia encounters estrangement, lies, and betrayal, yet treats them with grace and forgiveness It s a wonderful balance between the darkness of the human heart, and the irrepressible optimism of love and adventure at any age Filled with humor and wisdom, this is a celebration of life, and love. There were two things that I liked about The Star Crossed Sisters of Tuscany Rico and Poppy I enjoyed their story and found myself wishing that the entire book had been only about them Unfortunately, the flashback scenes were few and far between and I found myself putting the book down quite a bit.For me, Emilia s story was the complete opposite of Poppy s Where Poppy was exciting and interesting, Emilia was too plain Jane and boring to be believable What was it about her that supposedly made every man in Italy want to be with her Her character fell in love with every man she came across even though she only knew them for a day or two And on than one occasion she appears to be desperate and clingy.At times, I felt like I was reading a travel guide and most of the people felt like caricatures than actual people But I guess this made me appreciate Poppy and Rico even I won this book through a giveaway on good reads Thank you, Penguin Random House for the advanced copy. I really enjoyed Lori Nelson Spielman s first two novels, so I was excited to hear that she was publishing another one and couldn t wait to get my hands on it I m so glad she wrote The Star Crossed Sisters of Tuscany because it was an absolute delight.The entire novel was incredibly good and so easy to devour I loved both Emilia and Poppy s stories I wish Lucy had gotten to share her own perspective through a narrative, but I still enjoyed getting to know her through Emilia s eyes I thought I had guessed a plot point, but it went in a different direction than I was expecting, even though I was right about part of it I liked that I was still kept in the dark for the most part and surprised later on Lori s descriptions of Italy are amazing and she made me want to travel there The family dynamics were interesting in their complexity This story was heartfelt and ultimately satisfying, like a bowl of delicious gelato It has set the bar for my 2020 reading and I can t stop recommending it Movie casting ideas Emilia Anna PopplewellLucy Sistine Rose StallonePoppy present Sophia LorenPoppy 1960 Mimi KeeneGabe Giulio BerrutiMatt Noah CentineoSofia Marianna Di MartinoRico 1960 Luke Benward Take a trip to Italy from your armchair as three second born daughters attempt to break a centuries old curse that has denied them true love Lori Nelson Spielman s THE STAR CROSSED SISTERS OF TUSCANY is a beautifully told tale of the desire for love, the destruction of an old family curse and three determined women who discover long buried family secrets among the beauty of a country made for romance Heartwarming, emotionally vibrant, the action lay in the descriptions, the feelings, and the search for happiness and companionship.Lori Nelson Spielman has created a tale of beauty and determination and colored each page with her words as these women form a sisterhood of strength and love I enjoyed every page, saw each sight, smelled the aromas and felt the emotion in every step taken.Definitely a read to savor as the magic of this story unfolds like a modern day fairytale romance.I received a complimentary ARC edition from Berkley This is my honest and voluntary review.Publisher Berkley April 21, 2020 Publication Date April 21, 2020Genre Women s FictionPrint Length 400 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleFor Reviews, Giveaways, Fabulous Book News, follow With lush descriptions of Italy, poignant writing and intriguing family secrets, The Star Crossed Sisters of Tuscany is as effervescent as an Aperol Spritz and written in Lori Nelson Spielman s signature heartfelt style Emilia s journey of self discovery transported me to Venice s enchanting canals and the striking beauty of the Amalfi Coast, while Poppy s story set sixty years earlier wove in the lasting impact of the Berlin Wall I didn t want to leave Nelson Spielman s lovably flawed cast of characters behind, but her satisfying conclusion brought a smile to my face I received an Advance Reader Copy. FULL REVIEW WILL BE ON APRIL 21.Emilia is one of the many cursed, second born daughters of the Fontana Family who are said will never be able to find love.It sounds like a full romance, but it is not THE STAR CROSSED SISTERS OF TUSCANY is a heartfelt, extraordinary read that makes you realize it s never too late to follow your dreams It is about family and living your life to the fullest and loving like there s no tomorrow Andif you like secrets, there is a huge family one that gets uncovered 5 5 This book was given to me by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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