Saving Missy

Saving MissyFor Readers Of Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine And A Man Called Ove, A Life Affirming, Deeply Moving Coming Of Old Story, A Celebration Of How Ordinary Days Are Made Extraordinary Through Friendship, Family, And The Power Of Forgiving Yourself At Any AgeBoy Meets Girl Girl Meets Boy Woman Meets DogThe World Has Changed Around Missy Carmichael At Seventy Nine, She S Estranged From Her Daughter, Her Son And Only Grandson Live Across The World In Australia, And Her Great Love Is Gone Missy Spends Her Days With A Sip Of Sherry, Scrubbing The Kitchen In Her Big Empty House And Reliving Her Past Though It S Her Mistakes, And Secrets, That She Allows To Shine Brightest The Last Thing Missy Expects Is For Two Perfect Strangers And One Spirited Dog To Break Through Her Prickly Exterior And Show Missy Just How Much Love She Still Has To Give Filled With Wry Laughter And Deep Insights Into The Stories We Tell Ourselves, The Love Story Of Missy Carmichael Shows Us It S Never Too Late To Teach An Old Dog New Tricks It S Never Too Late To Love Boo hoo, waahhh Boo hoo, argghhkk Somebody sledgehammered my heart, broke into tiny particles and buried into ground I m in deep pain and whining, crying like a baby And I m in the mall now Everybody s looking for me I know you will ask me why the hell I read the final chapters of the book in the public place if it is so devastatingly sad story Well, I was waiting my friends to have a lunch break They occupied in work places so I carried this book not to get bored and do something useful while I was waiting I knew something tear jerker, heartbreaking, soul shuttering coming, I could hear the warning stop reading, you re gonna frighten those people They already posted your picture so many public places and named you as persona non grata , children thinks you are Melisandre and brought Jon Snow back to life You cannot even visit some European places, they still call you boogey woman after your breakdown and scream cried after finishing Me before you in front of Eiffel Tower But yes, it happened again My friends found interesting my raccoon make up and red, bloated eyes, running nose and took me to a visit to Santa to calm my nerves of course later they took me early happy hour to stop my whining Best friends ever You may imagine that you need so many tissues, chamomile tea or any kind of booze and Zanax cocktail before starting this sad, over emotional book Firstly I have to admit, describing Missy Carmichael as Eleanor Oliphant could be marketing strategy but it is absolutely false information Missy is lonely woman, lost her love of her life and her children already left the house, living alone, aimless, stressful, depressed and sometimes it s really hard to understand or empathize with her But her back story, her life choices are so much different than Eleanor Only similar thing of the characters are their asocial manners but the reason behind their social shyness and being alone are really different This book is about finding hope, friendship and purpose when you live the winter times of your life.One day Missy meets two women in the park and listens to their stories and connects with them Finally she starts to leave home and fill her life with new responsibilities including taking care of a sweetest dog.This is slow burn, heart wrenching, poignant, lovely story and especially last parts are a little heavy When you learn about Missy s past and her backstory, you start to root for her and want to know about her life.It s brilliant, heart felting, promising debut novel which stole a place in my heart.Special thanks to NetGalley and Penguin Group Putnam to share this marvelous ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest review. 3 And it was still hard, being in the park, without remembering Leo He was a great believer in a constitutional enjoyed belittling self important joggers and jovially berating cyclists Millicent Carmichael is a lonely old lady who s been feeling sorry for herself and sticking pretty much to her own company But she s making a bit of an effort to get out of the house, and what do you know Someone strikes up a conversation and invites her to join them for a coffee I still didn t have much to write to Alistair about, but at least I d been invited for a coffee and went, in a way Baby steps Old lady steps Even if I wasn t quite sure where I was going Alistair is her son, her golden boy, the special child and father of her golden grandson, Arthur, but they aren t nearby Melanie is his older sister and lives closer, but Missy s always clashed with her and frequently refers to her unforgiveable fight with her So if she s not going to waste away home alone, she needs to take those baby steps or old lady steps herself Her mother was an activist, marcher, protestor, volunteer, and someone who stood up for herself and others Not Missy Mama would never have given up a career to run a household She marched to the beat of her own drum, whereas I seemed to listen out for everyone else s Mainly Leo s Missy tells this in the first person, and at 78, when the book opens, she has plenty of looking back to think about and figures she s got very little to look forward to She tells it today and then reminisces about the past, particularly when she goes through things in the attic or photograph albums She has stripped her rooms of knick knacks and pared back the furniture to the minimum she needs for daily living It s an almost spartan life certainly a dull, depressing one.About halfway through, I wasn t sure how I felt about this It was pleasant enough, but that was all, though I kept reading, hoping it would touch a nerve or develop into something insightful This is about someone trying to learn independence late in life, an interesting premise And there are some delightful turns of phrase He slept like he d fallen out of an aeroplane, on his front, star shaped, dark eyelashes fanning his cheeks, thumb in his mouth Lovely Unfortunately, the characters seemed made to order to move Missy s story along I didn t like being told than once, in what I imagine were supposed to be mysterious undertones, about her run in with Melanie I blinked to banish the image of my daughter Melanie, wide eyed in my kitchen, backing away The guilt gnawed away at me, as it had since that terrible day Whenever I tried to weed it out, it just took a deeper root A little later it wasn t like she ever visited any not since that terrible afternoon Later again Our first meeting since those terrible words in my kitchen Again There was always the residue of that terrible day, that terrible fight I ll stop there, at just over a third of the way through, but there are We hear similar thoughts about her guilt over some dreadful thing she did in the past If I had cared about her at first, I no longer did, because it felt like a writer s ploy to keep me hooked I like books with prickly people who can be softened up, but this seemed a convenient set up There were rather a lot of coffees and jolly walks and wonderful smells wafting from someone s kitchen Add a small child and a dog, and what else do we need There was only one surprise for me, near the end, but even that just felt like a writer s trick.I expect Olive Kitteridge has spoiled me for irritable, depressed old ladies who love and miss their sons But Olive is definitely a one off, so I shouldn t hold that against everybody else, should I I appreciate the preview copy from NetGalley and HarperCollins, and I know there will be plenty of hearts warmed by this one, just not mine. Missy opens her morning paper and immediately flips to the obituaries David Bowie has died At my age, reading obituaries is a generational hazard, contemporaries dropping off, one by one each announcement an empty chamber in my own little revolver For a while I tried to turn a blind eye, as if ignoring death could somehow fob it off But people kept dying and other people kept writing about it, and some perverse imp obliged me to keep up to date Missy had finally made her mind up to go to the park and watch them electrocute the fish, so that she will have something to talk about with Arthur, her beloved grandson More and these days she finds that she is doing things just to provide a story to share with her family.As she watches the fish being stunned and captured, she feels herself falling, vision fading away to blackness.Missy is awoken by a dog nuzzling her face and she finds that she has slipped from sitting on the bench to laying on the bench A concerned group of people has gathered around her, one woman holds a wet napkin to her forehead Missy s embarrassment far outweighs any injury The lady introduces herself as Sylvie, inviting her to coffee Sylvie is the first stranger that Missy has spoken to in weeks A serendipitous moment No, she declines.She returns to an empty house She laments that her darling grandson now lives in Australia and it is easy for the reader to see that Missy is very lonely and teetering on the edge of depression We also learn that some incident with her daughter, Melanie, never leaves her mind for long and that it leaves her with a terrible feeling of guilt Melanie has not been to visit since this incident occurred, adding to Missy s loneliness Sylvie returns to the narrative, bumping into Missy at the chemist the next day Again, she offers an invitation to a cup of coffee, again Missy declines Sylvie tells Missy that no matter, they are bound to bump into each other again.While trying to avoid one character, Missy is almost forced into friendship with another At the coffee shop Missy witnesses a fight between two women One of them is Angela who was invited to coffee with her by Sylvie back at the park a couple of days ago Angela attaches herself to Missy like a limpet mine and follows her home asking questions, barging into the house, almost uninvited She is such a wonderful character, an example of how Angela talks, Plus she thinks I should have married Otis s father, Sean, even though he s a useless twat But he s a useless twat from our village, so ideal marriage material And now she s come for a visit, so I m sleeping on the sofa and she s asking why I haven t bought a house yet, Is it because of all the immigrants Jesus Christ, I AM an immigrant, I said And she said, Don t take the Lord s name in vain Angela asks Missy to the park with her son, Otis At the park they run into Sylvie who invites them back to her home The feeling of serendipity is strong again and it feels as if these women were meant to become friends and just what Milly needs.The narrative will go back in time to various points in Missy s life Important parts that shaped who she is today We slowly get the complete painting of Missy, with chapters of her past like wide brushstrokes filling the canvas.Later in the novel these jumps back in time will take place mid chapter, an object, such as a blow up swimming pool, will trigger a memory and we will be whisked back in time, usually to an important anecdote Dreams are also used to impart vital information from Missy s past.In a nutshell this is a story about a year in Missy s life, and her change in attitude and confidence in her twilight years This passage sums her changing feelings nicely as well as giving us an example of Morrey s lovely writing style, Sylvie had a wonderful capacity for philautia , that boldest of Greek loves, the love of the self a much finer quality than narcissism, which it s often mistaken for The way I saw it, with narcissism, you were just gazing at your reflection in a lake, with philautia, you were frolicking in the lake and inviting people to join you People who truly liked themselves seemed to have a greater capacity for friendship, for letting people in Perhaps that s why I, in the past, was always rather solitary But I liked to think I was starting to dip a toe in the waters There is to the narrative and a few surprises, however these should be left for the reader to discover as they are an integral part of the story and convey a powerful message One message, without spoiling anything, is the incredible power of friendship, and the mountains it can move Sadly this beautiful tale must cut to the bone, be close to heart for many elderly people who have lost partners and family, and this story shows to never give up on life Never let your age define you, after all it s just a number Don t give in, you never know what, or importantly who, is just around the corner 4.5 Stars Have your tissues ready This novel will be published by HarperCollins on 20 January 2020. It took me a while to get into this book and I certainly had little sympathy in the beginning for Missy All that changed however as the book progressed.The story begins when we first meet Missy She is 79 years old, her husband is gone, her son and family live in Australia and she has fallen out with her daughter She is sad and lonely and not really coping As events take over and her situation changes chapters from the past are introduced and we find out exactly how much she has to deal with.By the end I was reaching for the tissues and I carried on thinking about Missy and her friends and relations for a long time after I had closed the book This is a debut novel which is very well worth reading.Thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book. Saving Missy is a book that is going to talked about a lot in 2020 It is a fantastic debut novel and I look forward to seeing what Beth Morrey has for us next This book was a slow bulrn for me, it took a while for me to become fully invested in the story and characters but once I was there it was hard to put down It did make a change from the thrillers that I usually read and I really enjoyed it even if it did make me cry Missy Carmichael is 79, lives in London and is lonely Her children have left home her son has moved to Australia with his wife and son, and she is estranged from her daughter after a big argument The love of her life is gone and she is still living in their large family home by herself She knows that she has not done anything to help herself so on New Years Day she heads to the park nearby and meets Sylvie and Angela and her son Otis Little does she know that these women are going to change her life for the better She suddenly has friends, and a reason to leave the house She even agrees to look after a dog She lonely life becomes full and busy.We learn about Missy s eventful life as she reminisces about her family and her life At 79 she has a lot of stories In the beginning Missy was not easy to like As we get to know her she becomes likeable and I began to care for her and what happened to her It is an emotional story so have your tissues ready Her relationships with these women and especially the dog are lovely to watch flourish.Thanks so much to Harper Collins and Better Reading for my advanced copy of this book to read All opinions are my own and are no way biased Released in Australia in February 2020 definitely one to look out for. Having started this book with no expectations I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it Millicent Missy Carmichael is about to turn 80, and feeling very isolated and depressed Through a series of events Missy soon discovers that in order to make friends she just needs to be herself and let people in.The characters in this book are absolutely delightful They each bring something to Missy to help her forgive herself and to mend the relationships with her two children that appear to be very fragile if not broken.A lot of emotions play out in this book, I laughed and cried and adored Missy and her newfound friends The moral is to be kind and open to new things.Thanks you HarperCollins Publishers Australia and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this digital ARC I can highly recommend it. Carmichael is an elderly widow feeling the desolate loneliness of a large empty house now that her husband is no longer with her and her two children have moved on with their lives Son Alistair is living in Australia and keeps in touch via email but Missy is finding it hard to have anything interesting to email about Whilst her daughter, Melanie, lives closer their relationship is strained after an argument and they very rarely have contact.There are flashbacks of a young Missy and the high profile life she had with her college professor husband There are also hints of a terrible secret that Missy has been burdened with throughout her life.I immediately felt sympathetic towards Missy s situation but as you get to know her you can see she is quite a negative person with words like impostor, fraud, fuddy duddy often peppering her thoughts She had a habit of judging people by their appearance and I think she thought other people were judging her as she was frequently humiliated, embarrassed or mortified in public.When Missy meets the exuberant Angela and her young son Otis I was sure Angela was only looking for a babysitter She then introduces Missy to designer and fellow dog walker Sylvie who soon makes her way into Missy s home and life It was easy at the start to think the worst of these two bossy and extrovert characters but meeting them proved to be the best thing that happened to Missy.Maggie and Sylvie take Missy in hand and show her that life is to be lived.Saving Missy is a beautifully written, heart felt story about friendship, opening yourself up to new experiences and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.I really enjoyed the way Missy slowly opened up and changed, proving you are never too old to change, grow and make new friends I received a copy from the publisher. Surveying the boxes, chests and trunks the leftovers of lost lives Fa Fa, Jette, my mother and father, Leo, even Alistair and Mel, since they d begun new lives elsewhere I fancied I could hear the echo of them all in their things Saving Missy is the first novel by British author, Bath Morrey Now that dear her son Alistair and her sweet little grandson Arthur have returned to Australia after their Christmas visit, Missy can admit to herself that she is desperately lonely Their big house is so empty without Leo, and her daughter Melanie, teaching in Cambridge, no longer visits London after the row they had But Millicent Carmichael is also a reserved English lady who does not display her feelings in public When she spots young Otis in the park one day, that ache for her grandson intensifies His redhead mother is obviously a terrible woman, loud, and unpleasant Casually waiting for another glimpse of Otis, Missy meets interior designer Sylvie Riche and is invited for coffee along with Irish Angela and Otis But do these people really want her company It turns out that Angela needs someone to watch Otis when journalistic deadlines loom, and Missy decides she can put up with strong opinions peppered with expletives, imparted through a haze of smoke and alcohol, if it means a dose of little boy But even urgently required is a place for Bob, a dog whose family can t keep her just now Missy is quite sure she does not want a dog.A change of heart, though, sees Missy meeting dog walkers and, almost unintentionally, allowing Angela, Otis and Sylvie into her house, her attic and, eventually, her life Inside, the house is than minimalist bare Missy has relegated clutter and anything deemed unnecessary to the attic Triggered by exchanges with her new acquaintances, and items brought forth out of the attic, memories from Missy s childhood, her first encounter with Leonard Carmichael, and significant incidents during their almost six decades of marriage, emerge Thus the reader learns how Missy Carmichael arrived at this point in her life Gradually revealed, too, are Missy s secrets, her regrets and those things about which she feels most guilty When Missy has unbent enough to accept the help and love and care on offer, it turns out she herself has to offer than she ever dreamed Missy discovers that, even in her eighty first year, she can give comfort and support and knowledge to those who need it, something quite different from the role of a wife and mother that precluded any possible career her splendid degree might have offered Morrey gives the reader a beautiful story with some predictable moments and a few surprises Her depictions of London and Cambridge are evocative, and her characters feel like people you meet in real life She gives lots of them wise words and Missy s observation on the memory stick You just plugged it in, apparently If only memories were that easy to access, and contain is bound to resonate with readers of a certain vintage There are plenty of wry observations and than a few laugh out loud scenes This debut novel is a wonderfully uplifting read.This unbiased review is from an uncorrected proof copy provided by NetGalley and Better Reading Preview and Harper Collins Australia Thank you to Harper Collins Publishers and Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this electronic ARC.This is a delightful book, the demographics will mostly appeal to older readers, parents who have survived teenagers and young adults holding breath for the moment when they leave home Ahh the tranquility However, the thought of the empty nest is not a joyous one for the main character, Missy Millicent who is similar to those women who have given up all ideas of a career after having children leaving the thought of her empty large house with her rattling around in it alone only intensifying her depression and loneliness However, it seems that Missy has really been alone all her married life propped up by alcohol A successful husband, Leo, who as a parent did just the play thing with the children leaving Missy to do the real parenting She has a strong relationship with her son who has to her dismay married an Australian and has moved that part of the world Ali Alister and her grandson Arthur have just returned to Australia after spending Christmas with her and she is in an emotional black hole Her relationship with her daughter, is tenuous, her daughter is successful like her father and with a similar personality The two have had a terrible argument but the details are not revealed for sometime into the read.Missy has decided to get out of the house, Leo s voice in her head, onward and upward , so she s off to see the fish stunning in the local park It s here when she blacks out that Missy s life does an about face and her world begins to take on a new meaning filled with an assortment of colourful people that begin to enter her life This is a woman who has always been a giver, never asking for much in return and is a bit of an easy target for these pushy new friends but the reward is that she begins to look at herself in a new light and it s fabulous to see how she grows, finds her own voice, flexes her muscles, opens her heart and learns to role with the punches when small disasters happen, life Her relationship with her daughter improves, she accepts that her grandson s Australian grandparents will adore Arthur as much as she does and she is eventually able to absolve herself of the guilt of a decision made as a young woman that has been a burden all her life. My new quest is to read about older people embracing life and this certainly fills the bill If you don t feel better after reading about this plucky 79 year old woman then you have a heart of stone Missy Carmichael has made plenty of mistakes in her life but she picks herself up and opens up to the possibility of new life She is dealing with the loss of her beloved husband to whose life and career she devoted herself to Her beloved son and grandson have relocated to Australia and she is estranged from her daughter Her days stretch out long and lonely and some days she doesn t even leave the house Then one day she takes a small chance and visits with a woman in a store line and a new world opens to her Soon the woman, another young woman and her son and a dog brighten her life New experiences and opportunities open for her and she grows She reaches out to her daughter She confronts an abusive man hysterically , finds a job and gets a make over Life is good until a tragedy happens and Missy must deal with it Then there is a remarkable twist at the end that I never saw coming What a great way to start the New Year with a book that makes you feel good I highly recommend it.

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