Some Choose Darkness

Some Choose Darkness Forensic Reconstructionist Rory Moore Sheds Light On Cold Case Homicides By Piecing Together Crime Scene Details Others Fail To See Cleaning Out Her Late Father S Law Office After His Burial, She Receives A Call That Plunges Her Into A Decades Old CaseIn The Summer Of , Five Chicago Women Went Missing The Predator, Nicknamed The Thief, Left No Bodies Or Clues Behind Until Police Received A Package From A Mysterious Woman Named Angela Mitchell, Whose Unorthodox Investigations Appeared To Unmask The Killer Then Angela Disappeared Without A Trace Forty Years Later, The Thief Is About To Be Paroled For Angela S Murder But The Cryptic File Rory Finds In Her Father S Law Office Suggests There Is To The CaseMaking One Startling Discovery After Another, Rory Becomes Helplessly Entangled In The Enigma Of Angela Mitchell And What Happened To Her As She Continues To Dig, Even Rory Can T Be Prepared For The Full, Terrifying Truth That Is Emerging 4.5 starsSO GOOD Some choose darkness, others are chosen by it Some Choose Darkness is an intriguing psychological thriller about a serial killer and two women who get drawn into his dark and twisted world Rory Moore, a forensic reconstructionist on the autism spectrum, finds herself involved in a complicated case when she learns that her recently deceased father, a lawyer, was representing a notorious serial killer known as The Thief Determined to know why her father was representing The Thief, Rory uses her forensic skills to piece together what others do not see The she learns about The Thief the she finds herself drawn to Angela Miller, a woman who was involved in The Thief case over 40 years ago Flashback to 1979 Angela Miller is a woman obsessed with The Thief Similar to Rory, Angela is on the spectrum, but it is the 1970 s and autism is not understood Also like Rory, Angela has a unique ability to put together what others do not see As her obsession with The Thief grows, she finds herself in grave danger.There were so many things I loved about Some Choose Darkness, but Rory s character is what stood out the most to me She is intelligent, original, tough, and, at the same time, extremely vulnerable All in all, she is fascinating A series could be built around her character.I also loved the way the mystery unfolded Donlea writes in a way where he doesn t create any unnecessary red herrings, twists, or distractions At the same time, I was oblivious to what was happening I am not sure if it was because I was so invested in Rory s and Angela s stories or if just wasn t being a sharp reader There were many blatant clues given and I read right past them The truth is easy to miss, even when it is right in front of us This is a fast paced, gripping read that is filled with darkness and some surprising twists and turns The characters are captivating and I was engrossed in the mystery Be warned, the tone is dark and sinister with some flashes of light and love There are some scenes from the murderer s POV and these are quite disturbing Rory and Angela s characters offer an original take on forensic investigations I have read all of Charlie Donlea s novels, and I have to say Some Choose Darkness is my favorite so far I highly recommend I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and Kensington Books in exchange for an honest review. Cracking open the latest novel by Charlie Donlea is a bit like coming home there s something comfortable and reliable about each one Perhaps it s the style of writing, or maybe it s the fact that his books feel like classic crime fiction, but whatever the case, it is always a joy and a privilege to embark on a new tale that he has written This one is slightly darker than his previous novels, but not so much in the sense that it becomes overly graphic, although I feel it necessary to mention so that the reader is aware Personally, I thought it added to the story and ingrained an intriguing vein throughout my reading experience.One of my favorite storytelling techniques is when an author chooses to write from multiple POVs, and if that includes dual timelines, all the better This story has both, and since I ve been on an unquenchable historical fiction pursuit, the flashbacks to 1979 81 appealed just as much as the present day plot The format in which the author chooses to reveal the story is quite interesting we know there was a monster on the loose called The Thief in the 70 s, and we have a female amateur detective on that later who narrows down the suspects to three characters, and while there is evidence that it could be any number of the three, we don t find out who it is for awhile The slow building suspense, coupled with realistic characterization, truly tempted my brain, to the point I was really excited for that particular reveal when it finally came about.Another reason I found this book positively exquisite is the ASD representation We have not one, but TWO strong female leads who are on the spectrum, one which is said on paper and the other which I came to the conclusion on my own, but feels quite obvious to the reader The fact that I have come across a crime novel with two autistic heroines is outstanding, and without giving away too much, I adored that these women felt real and were living their lives in their type of normal, rather than just coming across as a handful of symptoms written on a page Hooray for autistic females that save the day While there will most likely be parts of this story that the reader solves early on, I found the things that surprised me most were what WEREN T written I was so sure that the story was going in a certain direction on a couple of plot points, and it turns out I was way off base Again, I m leaving out spoilers, but I feel the author left the book at a point where we could even have a spin off sequel, or he could use a certain plot wrap up left just the way it was as a sort of revelation for one of the main characters Highly recommended if you enjoy crime novels from authors like Harlan Coben, Alafair Burke, and Mary Kubica Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy. 4.5 stars As I began reading this, I immediately thought that Charlie Donlea has a little bit of a hanging obsession I immediately thought of his book, Summit Lake but this also has some auto erotic themes as the killer likes the Rush hmmmor maybe he is just wanting to put that research to good use Either way, he had me from page one.I was completely sucked in as I said I really enjoyed all the characters One thing I especially enjoyed about this book is that he gives various characters POV This is a nice touch l liked getting into the mind of the killer without knowing who the killer was initially I also liked how the character of Angela was depicted My son is on the ASD, so I am sensitive to how those with Autism and those on the spectrum are depicted I feel he did a great job and handle the issue with sensitivity Plus, there is another female character, Rory, who has similarities to Angela It was refreshing to see two female characters who were on the spectrum and experienced anxiety yet were strong and intelligent Each, in her own way, did not back down Donlea receives high marks for this.Donlea is quickly becoming my go to writer There are Authors who I anxiously await new books from and he is right there at the top of the list I enjoy that his plots are plausible There are twists, turns and reveals but all of them seem plausible Nothing comes to far out of left field He does his research and writes very good mystery crime psychological fiction His book contains interesting characters who I feel for, root for and some I boo and hiss at I also appreciate that his books are intelligent He does not spoon feed his readers True, some will figure out things around the half way mark I figured out one thing fairly early but still didn t now everything until around the 55% mark Even if you figure things out or don t, this is still a riveting tale about the Thief his rush and the women who he encountered and had in his life.Again, I was captivated from page one I found this story to be engrossing, well thought out, perfectly paced, exciting and intelligent There were some suspenseful moments, but importantly, Donlea knows how to write interesting and fully developed characters which we care about I cared about what happened to the female characters in this book I admired their strength and the way their minds worked The strength in this book was not only the way in which the story was told via multiple POVs but in the characters themselves.Another solid book by Donlea I read this book in one day as it was so compelling and captivated and held my attention Highly recommend.This was a traveling sisters group read.Thank you to Kensington Books and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own. Rory is a forensic re constructionist When her father passes suddenly, she s tasked with over seeing his estate, which among other things, includes his one man law firm Fortunately for Rory, she s able to hand off nearly every file for review All but one A man dubbed The Thief is up for parole and the judge won t let Rory out of taking charge, insisting she personally see it through to the end The further Rory digs into the case, the extent of her father s involvement with this case comes to the surface.Told in two timelines, 1979 and the present, with the story line traversing in directions you could never imagine Charlie Donlea is a masterful storyteller, drawing you in and holding you like a vice grip to the very last page A thoroughly marvelous ride, so hold on tightly It s going to be a bumpy ride And chances are good you won t see the twists coming This is the third book I ve read of Charlie Donlea and once again, as with his previous books, I m handing out five well deserved stars My toes are tapping impatiently and I CANNOT wait for his next release Thank you to Kensington Books via NetGalley and Charlie Donlea for an ARC to read and review. 5 stars Another outstanding fast paced, gripping thriller by Charlie Donela I loved everything about this book Rory Moore is a quirky forensic reconstructionist who investigates cold murder cases She insists on working alone and has an unexplained ability to pick up hidden details that have been overlooked by the police force, making her a valuable asset to local detectives Rory s father passes away, leaving her to close down his law practice Through this process, Rory is introduced to a case that she can t shake A convicted murderer who has been in prison for the last forty years is set to be released on parole and her father was his attorney While she dreads having to face the courtroom and public eye on such an infamous case, she is deeply drawn into the clients history and solving the many unanswered questions I have read and loved all of Charlie Donlea s books and this is no exception He has the magical writing formula that makes his novels undeniably captivating, addictively suspenseful and heart poundingly unforgettable He creates vivid and fascinating characters that engross and wrap you up in the story from page one He consistently provides an absolutely fantastic read leaving me itching to read his next work I absolutely adored the main characters in this book They were strong, flawed, unique females who I was fully invested in from start to finish Donlea included characters on the autism spectrum within the story, leaving an impactful impression I truly felt for these characters, immersed in their world, getting a serious glimpse into their minds and struggles It was eye opening, engrossing and heart wrenching.Warning the crimes involved within the plot are very dark, creepy and disturbing Though they made me uncomfortable while reading them, it heightened the suspense and fueled my fascination to find out how things would come together in the end.This was a Traveling Sister read that we all loved To find our reviews, please visit our blog at Thank you to NetGalley, Kensington Books and Charlie Donlea for providing me with an ARC to read and review Expected Date of Publication May 28, 2019 Some choose darkness, others are chosen by it It s 1979 and there s an auto erotic serial killer on the loose The Thief lives for the rush he gets from strangling his victims to death He has managed to keep this part of him a secret from those closest to him until now Forty years later, The Thief is up for parole When his attorney dies unexpectedly the burden of his defense falls on Rory Moore, a silent unofficial partner in her father s law firm who is also a forensic reconstructionist Once involved in the case she quickly uncovers that her father had secrets, secrets he never wanted her to discover Although the story wasn t surprising, it was definitely dark and disturbing I was fully engrossed by the main characters I loved the two strong women who were the focus of the duel timelines Rory and Angela They were such complex characters Donlea did an amazing job of developing them and writing about how autism has been viewed over time It was so interesting to see how differently these women were treated over the span of 40 years This was my first Charlie Donlea book but it certainly won t be my last I m also hoping we get to see Rory in future books She is definitely a character I would happily follow in a series Special thanks to Charlie Donlea, Kensington Books and Netgalley for an arc of this book to read and review. This is my first read of a Charlie Donlea book and I was so impressed by his scintillating abilities in creating and developing his characters that drive this fabulous piece of dark and disturbing crime fiction Here, unusually, he gives us two brilliant female protagonists, both of whom are on the autism spectrum The truth can be staring at us, right in front of our faces, but we can be blind to it The offbeat Rory Moore is a gifted forensic reconstructionist, working on cold cases, able to see what others miss Her lawyer father has recently died, and Rory is picking up the pieces, dealing with his workload and reallocating it Chicago Detective Ron Davidson has Rory looking at a case where a body was discovered in Grant Park, a case with features that emulate those of a serial killer called The Thief back in 1979 At that time, five women disappeared, within a terror struck city, their bodies have never been recovered.It turns out that Rory s father represented The Thief, who has served 40 years behind bars, and he is now up for parole, Rory is to now find herself having to represent him In 1979, Angela Mitchell lived in a time where autism is little understood, and she is perceived to be suffering from mental illnesses Angela takes a rather close interest in the murders, engaging in detailed research focusing on patterns, coming at the case from directions that are to surprise the police but which is to put Angela in severe danger She disappears, and it was for this that The Thief was convicted In a narrative that goes back and forth in time, Rory is surprised by her father s role, becomes interested in Angela, seeing aspects of her own traits replicated in the remarkable woman, as the past and present connect.Donlea engages in complex, dark, disturbing and highly suspenseful storytelling that draws the reader in with ease He does a stellar job in providing an authentic portrayal of autism with the wonderful characters of Rory and Angela, a condition that equips both to see what is beyond the capacity of the police to discern It is this that differentiates this crime read from others and makes this such an exciting and worthy read that I recommend to other fans of crime fiction Many thanks to Kensington Books for an ARC. I m between 4 and 4.5 stars.There are so many thrillers and crime novels out there these days, so it takes something special to stand out Sometimes it s crazy twists, surprise endings, or action that leaves you breathless Other times it s the characters that get your attention, whether they re the heroes or the villains Some Choose Darkness , Charlie Donlea s upcoming thriller, didn t necessarily surprise me once the story got going, but its characters, particularly its protagonist, absolutely wowed me That s what elevates a thriller.Rory Moore is a forensic reconstructionist She spends her days reviewing cold cases to see what the police and investigators might have missed, and she has an uncanny ability to forge a connection with the victims, to envision the most minute of details But she knows her limits, and often needs to take breaks between cases to ensure she doesn t burn herself out or cause herself significant anxiety.When Rory s father dies, as an unofficial partner in his law firm she has her law degree but doesn t practice , she s responsible for disbursing his cases to other attorneys But there s one case she can t pass off, because the client is about to be paroled, and the presiding judge worked closely with Rory s father on the terms of his parole So reluctantly, Rory agrees to represent the man for the sake of the parole process.In the late 1970s, the city of Chicago was rocked by the disappearances of five young women Their bodies were never found and police couldn t find any clues, so the perpetrator was nicknamed The Thief by the media It took meticulous research and investigative work by an autistic woman named Angela Mitchell although back then no one knew what autism was, so she was labeled mentally ill to help police break the case and identify the perpetrator But Angela disappeared before the police could find out how she pulled all of this information together.Forty years later, The Thief is about to paroled for Angela s murder Rory doesn t understand why her father took such an interest in his case to the point that he represented this man for so many years, and even agreed to manage his financial assets why he was in prison But the she digs into the case, and the work her father did on The Thief s behalf, she uncovers secrets she was never meant to find, and connections between her father and Angela Mitchell that make her wonder if she ever knew him.Donlea s previous book, Don t Believe It , was fantastic, so I had great hopes for this book as well While I ve read a lot of thrillers about murderers who enjoy the rush of killing, it wasn t until Donlea started revealing about Rory s character, and telling Angela s story, that the book really hit its stride It was the first thriller I ve read that had people with autism as main characters who weren t necessarily the victim, and both characters were tremendously fascinating.I really like the way Donlea tells a story, and he threw in some definite twists and turns along the way some I saw coming and some that surprised me a bit The narration shifts mainly between Rory in the present day and Angela in the late 1970s, with some periodic interjections from The Thief The book really starts picking up steam, and I found myself racing to see how everything would be wrapped up.If you want a thriller with lots of heart pumping action, Some Choose Darkness isn t that book But Donlea knows how to create suspense, and that, coupled with some unforgettable characters, makes this a book worth reading I hope we haven t seen the last of Rory Moore.NetGalley and Kensington provided me an advance copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review Thanks for making this available This book will be published May 28, 2019.See all of my reviews at out my list of the best books I read in 2018 at You can follow me on Instagram at Five brilliant soooo smartly structured and developed with amazing characterization, mind bending punching burning stars When I start a book the title is one of the most important decision maker for me If it s intriguing enough, I naturally dive in without wearing my pallets Main question of book is Some choose darkness, others are chosen by it So which one of you One of the amazing thing about the book is there are two high IQ d , unconventional, unpredictable heroines, one of them is Angela, diagnosed as autistic and Rory is not diagnosed but she is socially disturbed, acting like famous word of Einstein, she loves humanity but she hates humans, has difficulties to connect with them , instead of her lover Lane Because they re working on same field Other fantastic thing about the heroines is they re abnormal but their intelligence help them solve the murders The story starts with Rory Moore s taking a case but before starting to work on it, her world collapses with her father s sudden death As it seems like she is work oriented, distant person, she s still fragile but she doesn t know how to show her feelings She s the most perfect reconstructionist Her obsession with details helps her find tiniest particles about cases that no one has noticed before Her gift also helps her repair broken porcelain dolls which is her habit that learned from her auntie Greta for focusing on something, instead of the voices try to take control of her And it worked so well As soon as her father died, she takes over his famous case about the murders of 1979 One of the dangerous serial killers of his own time, Thief , convicted by his own wife, Angela s murder His wife s body has never found Before Angela has disappeared, she has sent the trophies of the death girls that she s found at their own garage,to the police but none of the girls corpses were found And now Thief is about to be paroled As like we expected, Rory gets intrigued with the case and empathizes Angela They have common ways of looking at the world Even the way of their thinking is similar Angela has also photographic memory which is also her curse not to forget anything But when Rory starts digging about case, she s not going to find where Angela is or if the Thief is real killer, where he hid the corpses, she ll also find some outstanding truths about herself and dirty secrets of her family which will shatter her world based on lies The ending is like a hammer to your temple The story is compelling, riveting, harsh but also addictive and unputdownable, not a nail bitter, it s completely finger bitter It s original, different from the other thriller books , fresh, creative, witty and I liked it so much Drum Roll, Please.Charlie Donlea has lined up all the stars in Some Choose Darkness And there s a beacon of brilliance in the beams of light cast our way, dear friends It s all there with the setting in the City With Big Shoulders Chicago The crafting of his characters is well defined with individuals that exist beyond the straight, unyielding lines drawn by society Sometimes lines need to be squiggily with open loops and uncrossed t s or dotted i s Donlea gives us humanity wrapped in transparent paper.Open the door to Rory Moore, a highly talented forensic reconstructionist, who sidelines for the Chicago Police Department She s meeting Detective Ron Davidson who is the head of Homicide Division Davidson eyes Rory as she approaches him on a bench in Grant Park Rory appears in her usual battle gear beanie hat, always gray jacket, and laced up combat boots even during the summer heat Rory has a strong aversion to throngs of people and only allows a selected few into her inner circle She becomes transfixed on thoughts and situations of her own choosing and often neglects the immediacy at hand But Rory has a remarkable intellect and a photogenic mind That s the reason why Davidson sets up cases for her A body had been found in Grant Park and he gives Rory the files to peruse It brings back similarities to a serial killer back in 1979 called The Thief The Thief terrorized the city of Chicago when 5 women went missing None of the bodies were ever found.As Rory leaves the park bench, she will have no idea just how up close and personal she will be in regard to The Thief After the recent death of her father, Rory finds out that her lawyer father was representing The Thief who was caught and served 40 years He s now being paroled on good behavior In finalizing her father s practice, Rory, a lawyer herself, must represent The Thief in setting up his release from prison Revulsion is too tame a word.Donlea shuffles the deck of cards and we find ourselves back in 1979 We meet Angela Mitchell, a young married woman who suffers from anxiety and obsessive compulsive behavior She finds herself taken with the recent murders and begins compiling graphs and charts tracking the murders and their locations Angela now has a bulging file and it s brilliantly set up She confides in a friend who dismisses her findings But someone is now taking Angela seriouslywith dire consequences.Some Choose Darkness is at the peak of Charlie Donlea s offerings I ve read and loved them all But this one is so finely tuned and so highly creative that it stands out amongst the very best I highly recommend this one for a very satisfying read and for the well honed original two main characters who won t leave you after the last page.I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to Kensington Books and to the talented Charlie Donlea for the opportunity.

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