A Mackenzie Yuletide (Mackenzies & McBrides, #11.5)

A Mackenzie Yuletide (Mackenzies & McBrides, #11.5) Celebrate The Holidays With New York Times Bestselling Author Jennifer Ashley S Mackenzie Clan In A Never Before Published Mackenzie Christmas Novella Join The Mackenzies For A Warmhearted Yuletide Celebration The Mackenzie Christmas Gathering Gets Off To An Interesting Start When Mac Mackenzie Swears He Spies A Ghost In The Attics The Younger Mackenzies, Aided By The Duchess Of Kilmorgan, Eagerly Begin A Ghost Hunt, With Unexpected Results Ian Mackenzie, Who Knows There Are No Ghosts, Pursues A Problem Of His Own Obtaining The Perfect Hogmanay Gift For Beth But There Are Obstacles To His Quest, Plus Rivals For The Priceless Object Who Might Get To It First First of all, this book is a bundle of two Mackenzie holiday novellas A never before published entitled A Mackenzie YuletideA MacKenzie Clan Gathering Therefore, if you already purchased A Mackenzie Clan Gathering it was released in 2015 I advise you to only purchase A Mackenzie Yuletide, which actually is sold separately by the publisher A Mackenzie Clan Gathering While I loved that Ian, sort of get a second book yes, this is mostly about Ian, than a decade after he married Beth, and how he dealt with a robbery at Hart s Kilmorgan Castle as well as the appearance of Beth s former brother in law, who wanted to cure Ian out of his madness but I felt that it was a bit lack of emotion Maybe because it IS about Ian so there s a sense of detachment about it It s not exactly a romance story Ian already got his girl We also get different point of views, mainly Beth and FellowsIt s still a good book though, because it gives readers a chance to see Ian as a father A Mackenzie Yuletide It was December 1898, and the whole Mackenzie clans husbands, wives, children gathered at Kilmorgan Castle, the Mackenzie manor house, for another Christmas and Hogmanay celebration We have the kids trying to capture a ghost first seen by Mac Mackenzie We also have Ian trying to track down a necklace to be given to his wife Beth, and he lassoed in some other people including his half brother, Lloyd Fellows and Hart s best friend, David Fleming.It was chaos laugh There were so many of the Mackenzie brood, I wonder if I must start writing a note to keep track of all the sons and daughters of the original Mackenzies But it was quite fun returning into the clan especially that Jennifer Ashley started to write from the kids perspectives too Such as Jamie, Ian and Beth s son, the oldest of the new generation discounting Daniel, whose Cameron s oldest, and already a teenager when the series start , or Megan, another daughter of Ian and Beth, as well as Gavina Cam and Ainsley s daughter They seemed to have developed their own strong traits, and I could imagine the series being expanded into this new generation as well There was an interesting revelation about the ghost too, and I couldn t help thinking how would that be played into future books.A Guest Review for The Blogger Girls The ARC is provided by the publisher via Netgalley for an exchange of fair and honest review No high rating is required for any ARC received. A MacKenzie Yuletide is an all new MacKenzie Family novella As usual, the MacKenzies descend on Kilmorgan Castle to celebrate the Yuletide season and Hogmanay Mac is up in his studio painting when a noise disturbs his concentration, he goes to investigate and finds a ghost But as he approaches her, she disappears, unconcerned, Mac goes to bed and mentions it to the family at breakfast Some of the children, decide to build a ghost trap no sure if the ghost is in fact a ghost or if it is another break in attempt Uninterested in ghosts, Ian is consumed with tracking down a necklace that he wants to give to Beth for Hogmanay, but the trail he followed has hit a wall and he calls in his half brother Lloyd Fellows, a chief supervisor at Scotland Yard to help him.Ian s son Jamie is also trying to find the necklace in hopes of impressing his father He gets his cousin Gavina and his father s valet Curry to help him Jamie and Gavina are pulled into the ghost hunt when Jamie sees the ghost after Gavina breaks in to Ian s study.With mysteries to solve and all the MacKenzies in attendance, this will turn out to be a very interesting and exciting Yuletide I loved this novella, it was entertaining, well written, interesting and a lot of fun Catching up with all the MacKenzies and seeing their children growing up was heartwarming and satisfying And as always, I loved reading about Ian and Beth, they truly are one of my all time favorite fictional couples and I never get tired of reading about them This was a really wonderful read and while it is set at Christmastime, I didn t really consider it a holiday read I am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC that was provided to me by NetGalley and the publisher. Simply Fabulous Every time I read about the Mackenzies, I fall into their world and yearn for the next time once I m finished The dynamics within the family is so heart warming The family are trying to find out about a ghost that Mac has seen, it then turns out to be complicated than that I love how Ian s children are so understanding and in tuned with their father and his uniqueness Their relationship is wonderful The Mackenzies are such a treat to read and always entertaining I received an ARC and highly recommend this read. Excellent storyI always enjoy reading about the Mackenzies, especially at the holidays This is a great little story that highlights many off the clan, but especially focuses on Ian s uncanny talents I also really enjoy reading about how well Fellows has integrated with his half siblings I look forward to the next Mackenzie adventure. MacKenzie sTruly love the weaving of this family They are great stories all on their own individually but as you read through them and they link with one another it just creates a whole world Can t wait to see what s next. I love Jennifer Ashley BooksThe MacKenzie s are a wonderful family to follow from beginning to this novella Add in a ghost and some triple thievery and a beautiful Christmas is had by all. Another great story in the MacKenzie s and McBrides series Jennifer Ashley s characters are refreshingly real and remain true to their original stories where we first met them even though they are older now. Goodness, I love this family And we need the new generation s stories Loved it I just love this series The way Ian is written is just fantastic And the way the whole family interacts is warm and wonderful.