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Be the BridgeA Leading Advocate For Racial Reconciliation Offers A Clarion Call For Christians To Move Toward Relationship And Deeper Understanding In The Midst Of A Divisive CultureWith Racial Tensions As High Within The Church As Outside The Church, It Is Time For Christians To Become The Leaders In The Conversation On Racial Reconciliation This Power Packed Guide Helps Readers Deepen Their Understanding Of Historical Factors And Present Realities, Equipping Them To Participate In The Ongoing Dialogue And To Serve As Catalysts For Righteousness, Justice, Healing, Transformation, And Reconciliation 4.5 starsToday, civil discourse on difficult topics is usually anything but civil Shares, re tweets, and bombastic pronouncements are valued than empathy and listening to understand Writers like Latasha Morrison challenge us to set aside our egos, and build authentic relationships and understanding with those deemed to be the other Morrison is the founder of Be the Bridge, a group whose mission is to inspire Christians and Christian churches to have a distinctive and transformative response to racial division This book highlights how Morrison came to this work explores issues of systematic discrimination, biases, and racism and provides a blueprint for whites and people of color to work together for reconciliation all through a Christian perspective.This year, I ve devoted particular attention to reading about racial inequality and Be the Bridge is the most honest and helpful book I ve read on the topic Morrison doesn t point fingers or assign blame to people today for decisions made centuries ago That said, she lays bare the way U.S policies have systematically disenfranchised people of color, either intentionally or unintentionally Morrison challenges all of her readers to reflect on our shared history, our own personal biases including unconscious biases , and how we can each work to eliminate the racial division that plagues our country Morrison s words aren t always easy to hear She does not let the reader walk about without examining ways in which their complicity and biases have contributed to inequalities and racial strife However, her challenges and examples are heart felt and addressed to everyone She s not interested in blaming or shaming She s interested in dismantling inequities and building understanding and empathy Thank you to WaterBrook Multnomah for providing a galley of this book in exchange for an honest review. A very timely book that will appeal to Christian churchgoers concerned with Sunday morning segregation and the worsening racial discourse in America It contains beautiful, powerful liturgies and prayers designed to elicit a strong call to action Highly recommended reading for American Christians, especially those who find themselves surrounded by people the same color as them on Sunday mornings arc received from publisher Tasha beautifully weaves together the past, the present, and scripture to lead the reader on a path to reconciliation Unlike many books, this one will leave you empowered to make forward progress toward justice in a healthy and Biblical way. What a privilege and joy to read a book that invites us into the confluence of truth, love and challenge so beautifully Latasha Morrison takes you from historical perspectives to church experiences to personal stories and it takes you there with significant grace and then leads you to the places of your own heart, causing you to look within and ask the hard questions about who you are, from where you come, what America has been and could be and what role the church plays in all of it If you are already on the journey of being a bridge builder, Be the Bridge is for you.If you have long relegated these conversations to the realm of non biblical or liberal , Be the Bridge is for you If you don t have a clue where to start and you even wonder if you are a part of the problem, Be the Bridge is for you.Order it, read it, share it You won t be disappointed. Latasha Morrison shares her heart and her journey through this important work She is a leader in our generation who tirelessly works for racial justice and true reconciliation This book is one part personal journey and another part clarion call It is a grace filled indictment for the church to do better and live up to the calling God has for us when it comes to eradicating White supremacy Tasha teaches us that we can t move forward without acknowledging the racial pain of our history There isn t anyone who would not benefit from reading this book, but this should be required reading for all White people who call themselves Christian Latasha beautifully lays out biblical foundations for the work of racial reconciliation and lays out a path forward Tasha stands on the shoulders of giants leaders from generations before her who have bravely, and with much sacrifice, led this work She is impressively carrying the torch of racial justice work and this book will be an important bedrock in the church for many generations to come. A unique book of its kind Morrison is excellent at approaching this subject with knowledge, kindness, strength, and conviction I felt often like I was reading a letter from a friend rather than just a book This one s a treasure. Be the Bridge by LaTasha Morrison was such an incredibly timely, poignant, and powerful book I had the privilege of hearing LaTasha speak at a conference last fall and started to follow her journey on social media, so when I saw that this book was coming out, I knew I needed to read it The investment of this book is one you want to make, because the words on these pages are transformational if you allow them to be It was a book I wanted to consume quickly because of how good it was, but I stretched it out because I wanted to really spend time digesting the gravity of the information As a white person who has grown up in Christian culture, there was so much I was never exposed to or told In this season of my life as I am challenging myself to learn and grow and understand perspectives that are different from mine, LaTasha s voice is a gift Be it about history or faith or politics or relationships, there s something in here for everyone to learn For me, it was all of those things and My book is full of pink highlighter and I will come back to this book again and again for wisdom LaTasha was strong and gracious, presenting hard truths while making space for hope change My ignorance has been a part of the problem, and I m now willing to be part of the solution There is SO much division in our country, and LaTasha s leadership vision can help guide us back to each other The work of reconciliation will be costly, and it is so worth the cost. Be the Bridge Pursuing God s Heart for Racial Reconciliation by LaTasha Morrison is the conduit we currently need to help unify our nation today LaTasha s beautiful articulation of how we build the bridge toward racial reconciliation has been transformative to me personally as a woman of color in predominately white settings It has opened the door for me to walk through my own history through new eyes as well as opened my heart to the stories of those around me The format of this book allows space for reflection and discussion in very meaningful ways, especially in small group settings LaTasha s words have left a imprint on me and I know it will do the same for all who read it, The truth is that it takes every tribe, tongue, and nation to reflect the image of God in His fullness The truth is that race is a social construct, one that has divided and set one group over the other from the earliest days of humanity The Christian construct, though, dismantles this way of thinking and seeks to reunite us under a common banner of love and fellowship LaTasha Morrison The first time I heard Latasha Morrison speak about racial reconciliation was during a simulcast of IF Gathering a few years ago The way she addressed the elephant in the room with other panel participants cracked open something within me that I didn t even realize at the time was sealed shut I have followed her since then through her Be the Bridge movement which is now a non profit organization with the goal of equipping people to become reconcilers, bridge builders to racial reconciliation More than simply a story of her life and her journey to the founding of Be the Bridge, in this book Latasha gives us unvarnished truth of our past and present discord between races and then a roadmap of how we can move forward to right the wrongs of the past How we can each become a bridge builder and why it is so urgently needed I highly recommend you pre order this book which releases in October and read it with an open mind and open heart Let s be bridge builders together I received an uncorrected proof copy of this book as part of a book launch team My review was not influenced by that. Be the Bridge Pursuing God s Heart for Racial Reconciliation by the AMAZING Latasha Morrison is a must read for anyone who is eager to see racial reconciliation As I read this book, there were many times I needed to pause, take time to reflect, and do some deep self examination The chapter on lament is especially powerful for me, because for most of my life, I did not have a practice of lament, and I know I didn t give others space to lament either One of the quotes that resonated with me is, As Mom and Dad pulled away, I considered the lesson Bridge builders grow they mature And if they re growing in the right direction, if they re committed to the work, they ll eventually learn the way to restoration of healthy relationships It won t be easy, but it s the work of the gospel My personal prayer is that I continue my work of being a bridge builder, that I mature, that I seek to restore healthy relationships.

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