The Other Windsor Girl

The Other Windsor Girl In A Historical Debut Evoking The Style Of The Crown, The Daughter Of An Impoverished Noble Is Swept Into The Fame And Notoriety Of The Royal Family And Princess Margaret S Fast Living Friends When She Is Appointed As Margaret S Second Lady In WaitingDiana, Catherine, Meghan Glamorous Princess Margaret Outdid Them All Springing Into Post World War II Society, And Quite Naughty And Haughty, She Lived In A Whirlwind Of Fame And Notoriety Georgie Blalock Captures The Fascinating, Fast Living Princess And Her Set As Seen Through The Eyes Of One Of Her Ladies In Waiting In Dreary, Post War Britain, Princess Margaret Captivates Everyone With Her Cutting Edge Fashion Sense And Biting Quips The Royal Socialite, Cigarette Holder In One Hand, Cocktail In The Other, Sparkles In The Company Of Her Glittering Entourage Of Wealthy Young Aristocrats Known As The Margaret Set, But Her Outrageous Lifestyle Conflicts With Her Place As Queen Elizabeth S Younger Sister Can She Be A Dutiful Princess While Still Dazzling The World On Her Own Terms Post War Britain Isn T Glamorous For The Honorable Vera Strath While Writing Scandalous Novels, She Dreams Of Living And Working In New York, And Regaining The Happiness She Enjoyed Before Her Fianc Was Killed In The War A Chance Meeting With The Princess Changes Her Life Forever Vera Amuses The Princess, And What Or Who Margaret Wants, Margaret Gets Soon, Vera Gains Margaret S Confidence And The Privileged Position Of Second Lady In Waiting To The Princess Thrust Into The Center Of Margaret S Social And Royal Life, Vera Watches The Princess S Love Affair With Dashing Captain Peter Townsend UnfurlBut While Margaret, As A Member Of The Royal Family, Is Not Free To Act On Her Desires, Vera Soon Wants The Freedom To Pursue Her Own Dreams As Time And Princess Margaret S Scandalous Behavior Progress, Both Women Will Be Forced To Choose Between Status, Duty, And Love 4.5 Stars A fascinating look at Princess Margaret Review coming soon First thank you to Edelweiss and the publisher for a free e ARC of the book in exchange for an honest opinion of the book I really wanted to like this book because its everything I love to read royals and historical fiction However, I just had a very tough time getting into it I almost stopped reading it which is something I rarely do but decided to keep going out of respect for the author and I am glad that I did The first half of the book was slow and I just couldn t connect to the main character Vera I knew enough about Princess Margaret so it didn t matter to me so much.The second half of the book was terrific it just took off with story, emotions, action and lots of dialogue which I love I just wish the author could have done that with the first half of the book and it would be a true 5 star book.If you do stick with it you will be able to see yourself in both Vera and Princess Margaret.I would rate it 3.5 stars. Find this and other reviews at m loathed to admit it, but I wanted to like Georgie Blalock s The Other Windsor Girl far than I did The subject matter was there, but the execution left me wanting Much like Meet Me in Monaco, The Other Windsor Girl tempts the audience with a celebrity that is not its narrator It is told from the sole perspective of the fictional Vera Strath, a structural choice that creates emotional distance between the reader and Princess Margaret and reads much like a grocery store tabloid Call me crazy, but I wanted something intimate and intuitive than Blalock s story afforded Vera, an aspiring writer, seemed a walking clich and I was intensely frustrated with the shallowness of her arc and passive engagement in her own romantic storyline I did like the class and social issues she and her family faced in the aftermath of WWI, but that material fades as the story progresses and ultimately lost to the sparkle of royal association I m sure The Other Windsor Girl has an audience and I m convinced it will do well on the heels of The Crown, but the lack of gravitas in this novel didn t work for me Note Georgie Blalock writes romance as Georgie Lee. I love historical fiction throw in royalty and I am all in I wanted to read this book so much, I joined the Edelweiss Review site for it The book is told through the eyes of the fictional Honorable Vera Strath Vera is a romance writer when the Princess meets her She is interesting and different so the Princess befriends her and makes her a second lady in waiting The position comes with prestige and a much needed paycheck But, it also comes with having to put up with Margaret s scathing comments and bad behavior Vera is witness to Margaret s partying, questionable behavior, and secret love affair with Captain Peter Townsend Wow, Princess Margaret was quite the naughty teenager It is difficult to feel sympathetic to Margaret s plight, but it must have been difficult for her to lose her father and then lose her sister to the demands of the monarchy.This book reminded me of The Devil Wears Prada in that Vera is trapped in a glamorous life that is difficult to leave I recommend this to Anglophiles and historical fiction fans 4 5This e ARC was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review THE OTHER WINDSOR GIRL comes out November 5, 2019, from William Morrow I received an Uncorrected Proof of this book thru a Goodreads Giveaway It s an interesting take on the story of HRH Princess Margaret, starting in 1949, from the viewpoint of the fictional Honorable Vera Strath daughter of a Baron I ve read and seen stories of Princess Margaret s life so had some idea of what her life was like Even with all her privileges, she had a lot of unhappiness, some self inflicted, and some because of the rigid palace hierarchy Vera get s sucked into the Princess s life, in part because of the discontent with her own life Overall I found it an interesting read, even knowing what happened to Princess Margaret, but wondering if Vera would get her HEA I was happy with how that worked out Note in reading some online notes about the non fictional people in this book, I noted that Margaret s maternal grandparents were titled the Earl Countess of Strath and Kinghorne I wondered if giving the fictional Vera Strath as a last name was a coincidence or a nod to that title. All the Crown inspired HF books are giving me life lately The Other Windsor Girl by Georgie Blalock is a wonderful historical fiction piece that focusses on Queen Elizabeth II s younger sister, Princess Margaret The author decides to give us a glimpse into the fascinating, riveting, and haunting life of the Princess through the eyes of The Honorable Vera Strath One can read the summary and premise of the book from the description given by the publisher, so I will spare the reader that aspect from my review.I simply loved Vera I love everything about her From her amazing strength at overcoming so many odds and disappointments to finding her way into The Set , and also therefore finding her way into happiness and herself is so satisfying not to mention so warm and fuzzy I have always been a huge fan of Queen Elizabeth II, and I like to consider myself fairly knowledgeable about a decent portion of the English Monarch lineage from Queen Victoria to present day, however Princess Margaret is one of the dark horses of recent days, and it was a total delight and pleasure to delve further into what her life and thoughts could have been during her 20s Obviously I knew overall some of the controversies that took place in her life, but just from a textbook and outward aspect and this novel brought her into a different light for me While Princess Margaret clearly had her own faults, and may or may not have set herself up for some of her own heartbreaks and losses, one cannot help but love her, want to comfort her, and try to champion her cause while reading this By being able to place feelings, humanity, and the fragility with HRH, the author was able to create sympathy from the reader towards Margo It is a testament to the author s wonderful ability to elicit that type of emotion and connection to HRH despite her flaws and faults The reader sees these and feels that they themselves are also imperfect, therefore, have in common with Margaret then not Princess Margaret, Vera, and the reader included all find that they have the common bond of just wanting to be loved, accepted, to be able to live out and achieve their dreams, and to find happiness The author was beyond impressive in being able to forge this unity through this book I enjoyed the ending and felt it was appropriate, realistic, and satisfying Simply stunning and something I will read over and over again and will share everywhere I can Just stunning 5 5 starsThank you William Morrow and HarperCollins Publishers for this ARC and in return I am submitting my unbiased and voluntary review and opinion I am posting this to my GR account immediately and will post it to my , Bookbub, and BN accounts upon publication Thank you again England is recovering from WWII, and Vera is trying to keep a stiff upper lip despite an overbearing, critical mother and the loss of her fianc She has grand plans to scrounge every penny she earns from writing an etiquette column and steamy novels under the pseudonym Miss Lavish so that she can escape her sorrows to New York When Vera is given a unique opportunity to join Princess Margaret s exclusive social Set, her plans are thwarted when she gets swept up into the world of royalty Though Margaret can be difficult and spoiled, being in her inner circle offers Vera opportunities she never imagined, especially when she s asked to be an official lady in waiting to the princess But she also has put everything else on hold including her writing and her prospects for marriage and a family.I liked Vera s independence and scrappiness, but I also don t blame her for being enad with the influence and glamor of the royal scene Margaret s decadent lifestyle was bound by royal duties, but that didn t stop her from partying it up with her titled friends on a lavish scale Margaret is portrayed as demanding but vulnerable, especially when her sister, the queen, denies her marriage to her beloved because he is a divorcee Years later, when she s courted by the scandalous photographer who would eventually become her first husband, Vera can no longer stand by silently as he manipulates Margaret for his own benefit The glimpse behind palace doors was indulgent and occasionally scandalous, and anyone who has curiosity about English royalty will enjoy this novel I received a complimentary copy of this book via TLC Book Tours. I was lucky to receive an advance copy of this delightful book The story revolves around a writer, the Honorable Vera Strath, who meets Princess Margaret by chance at a society function and eventually becomes her lady in waiting The relationships of those in the princess Set are well developed and the author does a great job getting across to the reader just how important societal position is to those who travel in upper class circles Vera often struggles with her decision to be both friend and employee to the princess while giving up her beloved writing career ambitions Is it worth it I don t like to give spoilers, so one needs to read this to see what happens It s a terrific historical novel based in much fact about the life of Princess Margaret. This book gives us a peak at the very complex relationship when being an employee of the Royal Family Vera and Princess Margaret are both well developed characters They are very relatable to anyone who has had a romantic disappointment or two As the story evolves Vera struggles with work life love, and parent expectations all while being in a very glamorous, enviable and delicate position as part of Princess Margaret s inner circle It is a fun, fast paced novel that straddles a span Of half a century No easy feat I look forward to reading another book by Georgie Blalock.

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