The Lady Rogue

The Lady RogueThe Last Magician MeetsA Gentleman S Guide To Vice And Virtue In This Thrilling Tale Filled With Magic And Set In The Mysterious Carpathian Mountains Where A Girl Must Hunt Down Vlad The Impaler S Cursed Ring In Order To Save Her Father Some Legends Never Die Traveling With Her Treasure Hunting Father Has Always Been A Dream For Theodora She S Read Every Book In His Library, Has An Impressive Knowledge Of The World S Most Sought After Relics, And Has All The Ambition In The World What She Doesn T Have Is Her Father S Permission That Honor Goes To Her Father S Nineteen Year Old Prot G And Once Upon A Time Love Of Theodora S Life Huck Gallagher, While Theodora Is Left To Sit Alone In Her Hotel In IstanbulUntil Huck Arrives From An Expedition Without Her Father And Enlists Theodora S Help In Rescuing Him Armed With Her Father S Travel Journal, The Reluctant Duo Learns That Her Father Had Been Digging Up Information On A Legendary And Magical Ring That Once Belonged To Vlad The Impaler Widely Known As Dracula And That It Just Might Be The Key To Finding HimJourneying Into Romania, Theodora And Huck Embark On A Captivating Adventure Through Gothic Villages And Dark Castles In The Misty Carpathian Mountains To Recover The Notorious Ring But They Aren T The Only Ones Who Are Searching For It A Secretive And Dangerous Occult Society With A Powerful Link To Vlad The Impaler Himself Is Hunting For It, Too And They Will Go To Any Lengths Including Murder To Possess It IT S TIME sings ARC, glorious ARC Jenn Bennett is one of my favorite authors ever, so when I saw she was doing a YA fantasy I was so excited I love seeing authors write different genres even though her YA contemporaries are a amazing Theo was awesome She was strong, emotional, challenging, and admitted when she was right or wrong Huck was the perfect sidekick swoony, sweet, protective, funny Their bickering was the best The world building was great and we get to explore such places as Turkey and Romania And there is quite the chase that Theo and Huck have to take part in to escape people after them I will say that one of my favorite action scenes was the airplane one And the magic There was just so much awesomeness tangled up in this book, whether you are looking for contemporary, adventure, fantasy, romance it s all there I really loved this one and can t wait to see what happens next with Theo in book 2 Oh my goodness I really hope this becomes a series So darn good Full review to come EDITED TO ADD REVIEW Is there anything better than a Jenn Bennett book Why yes there is A book by Jenn Bennett that is unlike anything that she has every written before A touch of the magical and mysterious Romance and even better still, set all in a beautiful mysterious historical setting and time that appeals to my ever love of the genre itself I never knew what I was missing until this book came into my life Jenn Bennett writing a historical mystery with a touch of romance, danger, and the paranormal Goodness, yes please And all I can say is WOW This meet my expectations and then thoroughly blew them away I loved every single things about it To the legends, lore, witchcraft Curses Black magic, love, family dynamics, mysterygoodness, just all of it I want I am hoping, wishing and keeping my fingers crossed that this becomes a series but heck yeah does this girl want Theodora was everything I love in a stubborn, smart, and strong willed heroine Huck in a fun loving, support, and swoon worthy hero and her father, even he was hard to like, but not to love So well done, so much fun, and so addictive I need ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. When someone says a book is like Gentleman s Guide to Vice and Virtue, I instantly transform into a marshmallow I have no self control But sadly, this book wasn t marshmallow worthy Theo is a hilarious, fun heroine and it s okay that she s not bisexual even though I thought we d have the female version of Monty Montague but we can t always get what we want and that s okay Huck, the love interest, is ..a little bit cute He s also very annoying and self absorbed, so his cuteness was overruled They have a second chance romance despite being rAiSeD aS sIbLiNgS which I couldn t get invested in, no matter how much I tried Huck gives Theo the nickname Banshee based on how much she cried while grieving for her dead mother Huck Was that very nice Overall, the characters and relationships just weren t very memorable, despite the Quality dialogue writing style Mostly, I stuck with this for the Vlad history and Orient Express and the fun journey through Romania dark castles misty Carpathian Mountains ARC kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review I might not like the cover but I am LOVING the title Jenn Bennett historical fiction fantasty HELL YEAH I didn t love the characters, the angst, the romance, the plot Even Bennett s writing, which I normally love, felt different and failed to entice If this hadn t been an ARC, I would ve DNF d If this was any other author, I would probably one star But I just can t bear to And I do think maybe this is a me problem Despite everything Anyway, I don t think this is a series, so I m relieved about that, but even if it was. I wouldn t be reading on.Full review to come around release date I received an ARC from the publisher thank you in exchange for an honest review. I have always wanted to read Jenn Bennett s contemporaries because many of my fellow bloggers seem to love them but it just never happened So, when I realized that she is writing a historical fantasy, I found it way interesting and immediately requested for this advance copy And that turned out to be a great decision because this was a very fun reading experience.I m a huge fan of adventure novels, especially where the protagonists are searching for historical relics or artifacts while being chased by unsavory villains That s one reason I religiously read every new Steve Berry release each year and I was so glad that the author gave me a similar experience with this book, albeit with a younger heroine and a good amount of focus on the romance The story is very fast paced and we are thrown smack dab in the middle of it all right on the first page and I loved that The author also does a wonderful job making us clearly picture every single scenery and location that the characters travel, making us feel like we ourselves are on a journey through the Romania of the 1930s Amidst all the mayhem, we get some very interesting history both real and fictional about Vlad the Impaler and also general history about Wallachia and Transylvania and the Ottoman Empire, alongwith a good dose of supernatural folklore of the Romani people All of this made for a very fascinating and riveting read There are also secret societies and cursed rings which are some of my favorite tropes and I had so much fun getting to read about it all Events also keep happening in very quick succession and we as a reader are kept our toes, worrying about what would happen next I thought the overall writing was very good and it s surprising that this is the author s first fantasy novel.We only get to read Theo s POV in the book but she is a fun protagonist to follow Born to two historian adventurer parents, she has the same curious heart but is frustrated because her father is very protective But she is strong, determined, resourceful, has a great knowledge of all things occult and mysterious, and will never stop once she makes up her mind But she is also a privileged teenager and we get to see her petulant, sulky side The author lets us see all the quirks of her personality which felt nice Huck on the other hand didn t feel very developed, because we only see him through her heartbroken eyes He makes for a good companion, each of them trying to control the other s impulsive decisions and trying to decide a reasonable course for their adventure They also meet some delightful characters on their journey, who mostly turn up just when they need them and provide them some relevant information, but I still loved all the tales they told This is almost like a second chance romance, so there is a lot of angst Theo especially struggles a lot to come to terms with her feelings and what she sees as a betrayal, but she also can t forget that she fell in love There is a lot of banter too, the familiarity between the two of them really reflecting off the page, making for some very entertaining conversations While their relationship is one of the main focus of the book, it s almost a given right from the beginning that they love each other and we just wait till they are finally able to tell each other the same That s what I found a bit ironical about the story here it focuses on the relationship but it s not exactly a romance that develops on page but it was still very enjoyable to read.To conclude, this was a romp of a novel which I felt thoroughly entertained while reading, and felt that I was on an adventure myself traveling through Romania If you enjoy reading books by Dan Brown or Steve Berry and wouldn t mind a similar themed book but with younger characters, you should definitely check this out Just keep in mind that you will also be getting a romance alongside the adventure. When life gives you ghosts, make ghost lemonade And this quote is a perfect description of this book It turned upside down my expectations of a dark gothic historical and turned it into a funny and light adventure, which is not a bad thing and actually made me giggle a lot during the book The Lady Rogue follows the story of a young Theodora Decker Theo the daughter of a famous treasure hunter Her father goes missing, and finding herself alone and destitute in a foreign country, Theo will have to follow her father s journal and unwind the secret of a legendary and magical ring that once belonged to infamous Vlad the Impaler But she is not alone in that quest her first love and childhood friend Huck Gallagher will assist Theo in this journey as well as a very powerful and dangerous secret society will hunt star crossed lovers to get their hands on the ring first Well, as I said before the annotation leads the reader a little bit away from the light and fluffy mood, but once you open the book you ll see that the mood is exactly fluffy and light Probably if you read other Jenn Bennett s books before you ll get a hint as to what expect from the story As for me, I would compare this book to These Vicious Masks or my childhood favourite adventure movie Romancing the stone I had a lot of fun and giggled like a little girl during Theo s and Huck s adventures, and this is one of those cases when cheesy rant between the characters was full of chemistry and made me ship these two a lot And as the story is from Theo s POV we don t get inside Huck s head, which didn t prevent him from showing his personality in full literally and figuratively Listen, I said forcefully If you don t start explaining everything that s going on here in the next five seconds, I will hurt the softest parts of you Ah, see there You have missed me, he said, one corner of his mouth twisting up I pointed the journal at his towel Something s going to be missing, all right You know what they say Violence makes the heart grow fonder or When you come back, we ll make a plan, he told me, eyes shining in the firelight It s not the end of the world I was wrong Happens on occasion What s the proverb for that Never point out the mistakes of others with a dirty finger Just for the record, you can put your dirty fingers on me any ol day, banshee And trust me when I say I can quote every dialogue of Theo and Huck s and it will be as funny as these quotes.Overall, surprisingly nice, relaxing read full of adventures and romantic angst that will make you smile and giggle and root for the characters until the end I wish I were in the mood damn reading slump to enjoy it properly. 2 8 19This cover is so pretty this is being compared to the gentleman s guide to vice and virtue aka one of my all time favourite books so obviously i m intrigued

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