We Are the Weather

We Are the Weather Some People Reject The Fact, Overwhelmingly Supported By Scientists, That Our Planet Is Warming Because Of Human Activity But Do Those Of Us Who Accept The Reality Of Human Caused Climate Change Truly Believe It If We Did, Surely We Would Be Roused To Act On What We Know Will Future Generations Distinguish Between Those Who Didn T Believe In The Science Of Global Warming And Those Who Said They Accepted The Science But Failed To Change Their Lives In Response In We Are The Weather, Jonathan Safran Foer Explores The Central Global Dilemma Of Our Time In A Surprising, Deeply Personal, And Urgent New Way The Task Of Saving The Planet Will Involve A Great Reckoning With Ourselves With Our All Too Human Reluctance To Sacrifice Immediate Comfort For The Sake Of The Future We Have, He Reveals, Turned Our Planet Into A Farm For Growing Animal Products, And The Consequences Are Catastrophic Only Collective Action Will Save Our Home And Way Of Life And It All Starts With What We Eat And Don T Eat For Breakfast This is one of those books the vast majority of the Western world should read, even though in many ways it really isn t a particularly good read The first couple sections are fine we re destroying life on our irreplaceable planet and it will take a massive and collective effort not unprecedented, as he shows us to overcome what we re doing Okay, I m in The best first, necessary step is to move away from an animal products based diet Yes, I m totally on board Aaaaand that s really it Foer makes these points early on, and at least the last third of the book is tedious and repetitive So read We Are the Weather please, please read it but don t be ashamed if you bail at the section where he starts interviewing himself From that point on it really isn t a very good book, and if you haven t gotten what you need from it by then, you aren t going to. Jonathan Safran Foer s new book, We Are the Weather Saving the Planet at Breakfast, sets some highly ambitious goals for its readers There is a great deal of responsibility to enact the social change needed to mitigate the current planetary crisis However, Foer avoids taking on a preachy tone in his writing instead, he weaves a convincing argument through the use of relatable anecdotes, historical facts, and clear analogies Through easily digestible chapters, Foer presents evidence of why change is needed and how it is not created overnight, nor is it effected by one individual Instead, real transformation is created through the collective action of ordinary people, which Foer compares to the participation of a human wave at a baseball game One of the most interesting and experimental parts of the book is the penultimate chapter, in which Foer engages in an interior monologue titled Dispute with the Soul Overall, We Are the Weather is a timely and compelling call to arms, a must read for everyone.Disclaimer I received an advance reading copy of this book through Goodreads Giveaways, and my review is based on an uncorrected proof We Are the Weather will be available in bookstores on September 17, 2019. As a whole this is a fantastic book that outlines facts of climate change related to factory farming, and personal inner conflict associated with the desire to consume meat and dairy products, while playing our role in decreasing personal effect on climate change We believe that someday somewhere, some genius is bound to invent a miracle technology that will change our world so that we don t have to change our lives Because short term pleasure is seductive than long term survival Many of us understand that immediate action must be taken to slow, stop, and reverse climate change, but often use the excuse that individuals cannot make a difference, that change must come from government regulations, well Jonathan Safran Foer is here to call you out His proposal is not to commit to being vegan or vegetarian for the rest of your life, but to break it down and consider your next meal, then the next He urges us not to make your emotions urgent than the planets destruction The book is expertly researched and introduced me to the idea of climate refugees, which struck me immediately as a phrase that will sadly become mainstream, and eventually normalized I also learned why dairy products, particularly cheese have a much greater effect on climate than I had considered We Are the Weather includes beautiful metaphors throughout that touch on sentimental aspects of Foer s life, and demonstrate how all of life s experiences can circle back to climate change. In We Are the Weather Foer suggests that a collective effort is better than no effort at all The book goes into details as to how American s all pitched in to help the war effort during WW2 and in the same way we can all pitch in to help climate change Most of this book explains that agriculture industry is one of the biggest contributors to climate change and that this is one area that we all can change in our lives Foer argues that telling people to stop eating meat and dairy products is disadvantageous to the cause because most people will not completely stop eating meat or dairy Trying to enforce drastic changes in people does not work because it seems hopeless But little things can be done and collectively those little things can make huge differences Foer suggests something that he believes can be a reasonable goal not eating any meat except for at dinner This change alone would make a remarkable difference.The facts in this book are startling and he even admits that it seems there is no hope for our planet as we know it now The only hope is that we all pitch in and change something just a little bit Foer counters arguments such as, what about the farmers , which statistics like these In 1820, 72% of the American workforce was directly involved in agriculture Today, 1.5% is He says that the issue isn t with small family owned farms, but with factory farms He also mentions a few unethical practices of animals in these factory farms, but mostly, this book is strictly about climate change.What was my general feel of the book I m scared what will happen for the Earth if we continue on this path Many still deny climate change despite that 97% of climate scientists around the world believe humans are accountable for causing climate change People like Trump claim that climate change is a hoax due to it being cold in the winter Then there are those who think this is plan for the left to take full control Climate change shouldn t be polarized between conservative and liberal like everything else I should mention too that a lot of conservatives do believe in climate change now We don t need to agree and disagree with issues because our political party tells us to If you don t believe climate change is a real issue, I hope you re right I really do But it s not looking that way. If you ve read EATING ANIMALS, this is that but with a focus on being vegan, as opposed to strictly vegetarian It feels manipulative because it s meant to though none of the things Foer says are outrageous nor out of line. An excellent book based upon scientific information, mostly ignored or not believed by the public Not sure if this book would change many people s mind, but still I suspect that some might A worthy addition to someone s environmental library. Excellent book Before starting my review, I need to acknowledge and thank Goodreads and FSG for this book which I received as a giveaway prize The book is poetic and politically charged He writes of climate change as a form of suicide that we are engaged in if we don t take action immediately He also discusses our reluctance to make the necessary changes that can stop this runaway train The most important change we must make, according to Foer and many experts , is to stop eating animals Too much land, resources and water are spent to raise animal to kill so that we can enjoy a steak He also talks about how difficult it can be to change our traditions, but it can be done I have not eaten meat in many years and do not feel deprived I m not completely vegan but I m working on it Every meal presents me with choices and I usually make the right one Every time we make a right choice, we re moving in the right direction away from suicide The only part of the book that I found annoying was his dialog with his soul too redundant and silly in places Otherwise I certainly think this is a book we all should read. This book s strength was that it avoided the trap of the sing song y, self help Safran Foer makes a case that not eating animal products before dinner is the best thing individuals can do to stop global warming He discusses the pitfalls of the climate crisis narrative and also acknowledges the sacrifice to not eat animal products Fantastic read for anyone who cares about the climate crisis. Part Silent Spring, part Walden, Foer combines science and philosophy for a thorough and appropriately depressing read The point of the book isn t made until a healthy chunk into the text that people need to stop eating meat and dairy to curb climate change Foer is a masterful writer beautifully used metaphor and paradox to show what humans are capable of, for both good and evil He continues to return to the citizens efforts and sacrifices during WWII to show what people can accomplish when they work together and uses the Holocaust and his Jewish ancestry to show what happens when there is a lack of belief to certain death And, yes, Foer does write as if the world will end.He comes to this realization when he accepts that he cannot bring himself to give up meat completely and realizes that most people are even less likely to stop their habitual consumption of animal products.It s difficult to read at times, and Foer s personal dialogue as he struggles to deal with mankind s impending extinction is heartbreaking.I ve already gone vegetarian after watching What the Health and reading Foer s previous book so he was preaching to the converted I hope WaTW is a success and has an impact on factory farms, but like he points out in the book changing behavior only occurs when there s a strong catalyst involved, and wacky weather will never be enough.

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  • We Are the Weather
  • Jonathan Safran Foer
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  • 03 July 2019
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