The Grace Year

The Grace Year PDF Epub The Grace Year Author Kim Liggett No One Speaks Of The Grace Year It S Forbidden.Girls Are Told They Have The Power To Lure Grown Men From Their Beds, Drive Women Mad With Jealousy They Believe Their Very Skin Emits A Powerful Aphrodisiac, The Potent Essence Of Youth, Of A Girl On The Edge Of Womanhood That S Why They Re Banished For Their Sixteenth Year, To Release Their Magic Into The Wild So They Can Return Purified And Ready For Marriage But Not All Of Them Will Make It Home Alive.Sixteen Year Old Tierney James Dreams Of A Better Life A Society That Doesn T Pit Friend Against Friend Or Woman Against Woman, But As Her Own Grace Year Draws Near, She Quickly Realizes That It S Not Just The Brutal Elements They Must Fear It S Not Even The Poachers In The Woods, Men Who Are Waiting For Their Chance To Grab One Of The Girls In Order To Make Their Fortune On The Black Market Their Greatest Threat May Very Well Be Each Other.With Sharp Prose And Gritty Realism, The Grace Year Examines The Complex And Sometimes Twisted Relationships Between Girls, The Women They Eventually Become, And The Difficult Decisions They Make In Between. I have to remind myself the dresses, the red ribbons, the veils, the ceremonies they re all just distractions to keep our minds off the real issue at hand The grace year My chin begins to quiver when I think of the year ahead, the unknown, but I plaster on a vacant smile, as if I m happy to play my part, so I might return and marry and breed and die But not all of us will make it homenot in one piece Hello, good evening, and let me introduce you to my favorite book of 2019, The Grace Year I know it sounds ridiculous to be picking a favorite book when half of the year hasn t even passed us by, but that s how sure I am that nothing else will even come close to measuring against what this book did to me how it made me feel and for how it will affect my thoughts and behavior long term This book was horrifying and beautiful, weighty yet buoyant, and I will never be the same again after experiencing what was written in these pages I finished the story last night, but I couldn t shake what I d read, even in my dreaming state, and I don t think I ll be able to get a good night s sleep again until I work through this review, so here goes nothing As the gate closes on the guards troubled faces, it s clear they truly believe we re loathsome creatures that ne
How do you review a book that you enjoyed reading immensely yet it has glaringly poor execution The plot is sooo good Welcome to a world where girls are banished to an isolated camp for their sixteenth year of life The Grace Year to vanquish the magic , or power, they hold over men, only to be married off or assigned duties as an indentured worker upon their return White ribbons for the young girls, red for the grace year girls, and black for the wives Innocence Blood Death This camp sounds like a great setup for some serious nightmarish drama, huh Well, we ll never know because very little of the storyline revolves around the day to day inner workings of the camp I found it difficult to get on board from the beginning because there is no background, no history to tell the reader how we got to this point in time Little to no character development The pacing is so off Months pass by with the turn of a page Months that I wanted to hear about The MC had so much potential She is painted to be a strongwillled forward thinking girl in a backwards world Yet at the camp she allows herself to be mercilessly bullied to the point of near death with no attempts at defending herself In the end she does little to advance the plight of the women I don t think I m giving anything away here when I ask why does EVERY YA book feature a romance There s no room for it in this storyline It s another eye rolling insta love that does no
Four somebody hold the door please, because I m volunteer to get this bloody, scary, mind twisting and shouting, terrifying, not nail biter but whole arm biter, making you addict to the anxiety pills but you re going to need to taste your boundaries stars THE INGREDIENTS TO CREATE THIS GRUESOME, SMART, WTH I M READING, TAKE THIS AWAY, BUT ONCE YOU START YOU CANNOT DROP OUT BOOK Two cups of Handmaid s Tale One table spoon of Hunger Games Two pinches of Beach and Annihilation And one cup of Lord of the flies INSTRUCTIONS FOR CREATING THIS HEART THROBBING BOOKMixed them with anger, frustration, witchy spells, pure magic, violence And finally add some survival and combat skills, harshness, vulgarism, mercilessness and as soon as it gets cold, please serve it with feminism, equality, women friendship, liberation For the French version it will be served with fraternite, egalite, liberte It can be better pair with thriller, apocalyptic , dark, violent, nightmarish book fans Don t let pink cover fool you If you expect a soft chic lit about women s journey, please drop it before it gets glued to your hands If
Do not be fooled by the excessively pink cover, this is not a sweet story and the characters do not care to be likeable and cherished by the reader It s a wild, wild world and so are the girls in it I have not read a YA dystopian in over a year, but this one reminded me why I used to actively seek out these types of stories Because they are messy and ugly and dramatic and despite all that, or maybe because of it, I am fascinated In Tierney s dystopian society, teenage girls are believed to have powers that are a danger to the men Every year, girls are either claimed by men to become wives or unclaimed and left to find work But before their status officially changes, they are sent as a group into the forest for a year to squash their unnatural powers Some of them return, others don t This is what happens to Tierney.This is a story of survival You d think it would be about women surviving men or the wild mainly, but actually, in this particular case, women need to survive one another Indeed, in a society where women are not allowed to be mad at men, the only people they can turn their anger against are other women It s a sad and disturbing thought But to make it disturbing, women are such possessions that there are poachers who kill power wielding girls in order to sell their parts to consumers who believe consuming these young girls will improve their heal
Reviews on Goodreads are outrageously enthusiastic At least the ones I saw So when I received a Read Now , notice from Netgalley I thought what the heck Personally I m less enthusiastic about this book than the reviews I ve read yet I can understand the book s appeal This is a quick read A Young Adult dystopian novel It s been compared to Handmaid s Tale , and Lord of The Flies , and The Hunger Games Fair assessment Sixteen year old girls spend a year in the forest in order to rid themselves of magic before marriage or entering the work force Some interesting camp scenes Obstacles include keeping inner thoughts at bay.Hard work rebuilding rain barrels, clearing the trails, weaving rope are less an obstacle than one s own thoughts All the Women in Garner County have to wear their hair the same way, pulled back from the face, plaited down the back In doing so, the men believe, the women won t be able to hide anything from them a snide expression, a wandering eye, or a flash of magic White ribbons for the young girls, read for the grace year girls, and black for the wives Innocence Blood Death Tierney is the main cha
3.5 stars.Kim Liggett s upcoming novel The Grace Year feels like a mashup of The Handmaid s Tale and Lord of the Flies , with a little bit of The Hunger Games mixed in for good measure Yet at the same time, it s an immensely unique and disturbing story all its own They call us the weaker sex It s pounded into us every Sunday in church, how everything s Eve s fault for not expelling her magic when she had the chance, but I still can t understand why the girls don t get a say Sure, there are secret arrangements, whispers in the dark, but why must the boys get to decide everything As far as I can tell, we all have hearts We all have brains Girls are told that they are dangerous, that they possess the power to lead men into destructive temptation, much as Eve did to Adam They are led to believe that they have magic that their bodies give off a certain essence when they re on the cusp of their 16th birthday So all of the 16 year old girls are sent away for one year, their so called grace year, and they re expected to release their magic into the wilderness so they can return purified and ready for marriage if they ve been selected, or ready for life as a laborer if not.Tierney James has always lived her life caring little for convention, not listening to the commands of her mother or the insults of the other women and girls in the community She s not interested in getting married, in being the property of a man she looks forward to living a
OH, MY GOD This book is HARROWING and absolutely riveting, an insidious journey from reason to madness that manages to absolutely refresh the concept of the patriarchal dystopia, with a beautifully realized ending that goes to a very different, and even believable, subtle, an
Unpopular opinion incoming I don t even know what to say about this It s an unfathomable novel and I m not sure I ll ever be able to give it the review it deserves.My face is hot, my throat tight and in desperate need of water and I need and I need less of this book. With a setting that feels outside of time, The Grace Year depicts a world in which the system manipulates and controls women under the guise of care, only to pit girls against one another from their earliest years Liggett immerses readers in the secretive mythology of transformative grace year, then exposes its timely and brutal truths with a swift, sure hand 16 year old Tierney s crusade to

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