InlandThe New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Tiger S Wife Returns With A Stunning Tale Of Perseverance An Epic Journey Across An Unforgettable Landscape Of Magic And Myth In The Lawless, Drought Ridden Lands Of The Arizona Territory In 1893, Two Extraordinary Lives Collide Nora Is An Unflinching Frontierswoman Awaiting The Return Of The Men In Her Life Her Husband, Who Has Gone In Search Of Water For The Parched Household, And Her Elder Sons, Who Have Vanished After An Explosive Argument Nora Is Biding Her Time With Her Youngest Son, Who Is Convinced That A Mysterious Beast Is Stalking The Land Around Their Home.Lurie Is A Former Outlaw And A Man Haunted By Ghosts He Sees Lost Souls Who Want Something From Him, And He Finds Reprieve From Their Longing In An Unexpected Relationship That Inspires A Momentous Expedition Across The West The Way In Which Nora S And Lurie S Stories Intertwine Is The Surprise And Suspense Of This Brilliant Novel.Mythical, Lyrical, And Sweeping In Scope, Inland Is Grounded In True But Little Known History It Showcases All Of T A Obreht S Talents As A Writer, As She Subverts And Reimagines The Myths Of The American West, Making Them Entirely And Unforgettably Her Own. Homeless and orphaned at age six, Lurie survived by working with the Coachman and sleeping in his stable He helped collect lodgers who d passed in their sleep, or had their throats cut by bunkmates Grave robbing was included Lurie developed a hunger A hunger that could not be satisfiedthe want grew and grew Apprehended by the law, he was sent away with other ruffians to the midwest Securing a job at a mercantile and working with co workers Donovan and Hobb Mattie, small robberies morphed into stagecoach robberies by the Mattie Gang Lurie was now a wanted man, on the run from Marshall John Berger.Nora Lark felt unbounded by husband Emmett s move from town to town to get away from all his mistakes and shortfalls Nora was fiercely protective of their homestead in Amargo, Arizona territory The year was 1893 Emmett, with sons Rob and Dolan, ran a small press, the Sentinel Nora cared for youngest son Toby, blinded in one eye from a riding accident, wheelchair bound Gramma, and seventeen year old Josie, who communicated with the dead, a clairvoyant of sorts.In order to create inner peace, both Lurie and Nora needed and fo
4.5 StarsIt s been around eight years since I read T a Obreht s debut novel, The Tiger s Wife, but the fact that I loved the beautiful writing and the story had been enough incentive for me to request this second novel, Inland. I m so glad that I did.This story has a duel narrative, which kept me on my toes, and wanders over time, over centuries, and around the world in one of the narratives Over the course of a day in another narrative, traveling through time using memories revisited, times and places, loves and losses over a lifetime Through all of this, Obreht weaves this story of the early days of the Arizona Territory, 1893, with an enchanting sprinkling of magical realism, as well as a spiritual connection both of these two narrators have conversations with, and connections to the dead This isn t a carefree, cheerful read, yet it doesn t dwell in the harshness of these lives There is much pondering and wonderment of their surroundings, as bleak as they are, and through these we learn their stories Obreht manages to skillfully weave into this story the historical experimentation of the United States Camel Corps using camels as pack animals in the Southwest during the mid 19th century development of the country The US Army eventually decided to abandon this project, despite the camels stami
T a Obreht burst onto the literary scene in 2011 with her debut novel, The Tiger s Wife, a National Book Award finalist and winner of the Orange Prize I thought it a remarkable first novel and have been eagerly and impatiently waiting for her follow up I never expected that the follow up would be a historical novel of the American West and I imagine other readers of The Tiger s Wife might share that surprise No worry, her reimagined vision of the western and a little known piece of history is stunning, the eight year wait well worth it The writing here is gorgeous, Obreht fulfilling all the promise of her debut Her description of a beautiful, but often unforgiving landscape is astonishing I felt the heat and experienced the thirst of the parched, drought stricken terrain Her imagery is nothing short of brilliant and so necessary in a novel that is as much about the land as it is the people As far as plot goes,
Deeply imagined historical fiction based on an unusual episode in the history of Arizona Territory in the mid to late 1800s Obreht threads together two seemingly disparate stories Lurie, a Turkish immigrant whose alliances have led to his status as a wanted man, and Nora, a mother toiling in a rugged landscape to care for her family in a drought while her husband searches for water These two storylines eventually merge in a satisfying way I don t want to give away too much of the plot, as I found part of the enjoyment in reading this novel is figuring out the connections The characters are well crafted, and the style of prose is suited to the time period The reader is privy to the inner thoughts of the two main characters, how they view what they have done in life, and the stories they tell themselves They each have experienced grief, and it continues to influence them at a cost to their mental well being Their personal stories and a few well kept secrets are gradually revealed, containing a few surprises for the reader The desert is a character unto itself The author expertly evokes the oppressive heat, arid landscape, and the harsh realities faced by a
I just spent two days reading Inland basically without coming up for air It is beautiful on the sentence level and I wish I spent time with each sentence, but the truth is the story was so good that I was compelled to rush along to find out what happened It was one of those where I was resenting everyone and thing in my day
Eight years ago Tea Obreht burst upon the literary scene with her truly original fable like tale, The Tiger s Wife With so much attention paid to her debut novel, it would not be unreasonable to fear that she experiences the sopho curse, having what follows not measure up But in this case, she succeeds, I think primarily because she took her time and didn t rush into a subsequent publication immediately Here we find a totally different part of the world, drought ridden Arizona Territory in the late nineteenth century And a most unlikely band of characters who face the rigors of survival and prevail Lurie, who immigrated from Eastern Europe with his father, is beset with ghosts, and converses with his charge, a somewhat bedraggled but heroic camel named Said And Nora, who gives a whole new dimension to the term Pioneer Woman, who also is
Inland is a western, but a new and exciting kind to me, anyway Think News of the World or The Son, with non stereotypical characters, exquisitely descriptive settings, and almost fantasy like plot lines Obreht writes beautiful sentences that you will marvel at, but her writing never fails to tell a terrific story In the midst of a drought in the Arizona Territories in 1893, we meet Nora, an independent frontierswoman, and Lurie, a former outlaw Nora is waiting for her husband and sons to return to the parched homestead, while her youngest son is convinced that there is a mysterious beast prowling about Lurie is haunted by the ghosts of his past who want him to take an epic journey Nora s story is told in one long, hot day, while Lurie s takes place over decades Their intersection is the perfect combination of magic and realism While the book is densely written, required my attention, and I had to start again from the beginning after I stopped readi
3.5 5, if I m allowed I really enjoyed Obreht s first novel, The Tiger s Wife, and Inland had some of the same qualities, a supernatural element, ghosts of all sorts, a historical arc She s an excellent writer who can pull off lyrically sculpted sentences that also feel strong and taut However, I don t want to spoil anything , I found
I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Therefore, I must honestly admit that I am adding it to my Did Not Finish list at 40% This I was my first Tea Obreht book, and I think my hopes were set rather high I wasn t entirely sure that this book would be my cup of tea from the description, but since I live in Arizona and like historical fiction also there was su
I received this from for a review In the lawless, drought ridden lands of the Arizona Territory in 1893, two extraordinary lives collide Nora is an unflinching frontierswoman awaiting the

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