ShorefallThe Upstart Firm Foundryside Is Struggling To Make It Orso Igancio And His Star Employee, Former Thief Sancia Grado, Are Accomplishing Brilliant Things With Scriving, The Magical Art Of Encoding Sentience Into Everyday Objects, But It S Not Enough The Massive Merchant Houses Of Tevanne Won T Tolerate Competition, And They Re Willing To Do Anything To Crush FoundrysideBut Even The Merchant Houses Of Tevanne Might Have Met Their Match An Immensely Powerful And Deadly Entity Has Been Resurrected In The Shadows Of Tevanne, One That S Not Interested In Wealth Or Trade Routes A Hierophant, One Of The Ancient Practitioners Of Scriving And He Has A Great Fascination For Foundryside, And Its Employees Especially Sancia Now Sancia And The Rest Of Foundryside Must Race To Combat This New Menace, Which Means Understanding The Origins Of Scriving Itself Before The Hierophant Burns Tevanne To The Ground That cover though.I can t get the last one out of my head Some of you haven t read the first book in this series about heists and found families and morally fraudulent characters and I think that s on par with a Shakespearean tragedy Please fix that This is AWESOME No spoilers, no matter how much I want to go on and on about all the great things in this sequel, but I can say a few things.If you loved how so many wonderful magical goodnesses came out of the magic system in Foundryside, how they could all argue reality out of commission, find new loopholes, reprogram it again, and do it all while being one of the biggest magical heists in modern fantasy, you will totally FREAK OUT when you see Shorefall.Foundryside was all kinds of awesome and I just re read it with great joy before picking up this ARC, but I have to admit that Shorefall totally runs with all the implications built up there and gives us DREAD and eventually FIREWORKS that put all that happened in Foundryside to shame.The big boys and girls are back in town No one is safe This book, for all its steampunk feels, is a programmer s dream The rules make everything shine But you know what is brighter than this The characters.What a fantastic book I m giving it all the praise September 21, 2019 Bloody shrimping hell of the stinking fish, it s been pushed back to April 2020 September 2019 A scrumpacilious cover we have Quite scrumpacilious it is March 23, 2019 Argh It s being pushed back to 2020 December 2018 Bloody shrimping hell of the stinking fish We have a release date and stuff.Oh, and by the way Oh, and also Book 1 Foundryside actual rating 6.848697 stars And a half. Prepare to have your mind blown to smithereens Shorefall, the second book in Bennett s Founders series, takes the story and the ideas first posited in Foundryside and doesn t just build on them, but blasts those ideas to the stratosphere This is a thrilling, engaging, exciting sequel that takes the reader on a strange journey through one of the most unique fantasy worlds ever created Tevanne is a city state in this world which is built on the sea and has numerous canals and mountains It feels a bit like a medieval Venice, but it s not Great merchant houses rule the city and off in the distant islands are great slave operated plantations There are sailing ships and merchant ships But, the most remarkable thing is the magical technology Imagine how well carriages would work if the wheels wanted to turn or if arrows wanted to find their targets or gates wanted to stay closed unless someone with permissions opens them Commands, like computer codes, are inscribed in gates, boats, lights, and walls, Buildings are strong because the walls want to stay together This is the source of Tevanne s wealth and the civilization s advances And this technology was first discovered by the ancients, the Hierophants, who lived three thousand years ago and wielded powers beyond description And now something from that past has been awakened from its slumber and it s coming And, well, nothing will ever be the same.Part of what makes this series work do well is that the main characters are not superheroes or leaders Sancia is a tiny little dirty thief who just happens to be scrived, meaning she can hear the scrived doors and walls and gates talk and can argue with their commands Together with a motley crew of Berenice, Orso, Gregory, and Clef yes, he s back , its up to Sancia to save the world On the way, we learn so much about the scrivings and the permissions and what can be described ne to alter reality We also learn about mind control, telepathy, shared minds, trust, fear, love, time, dimensions, horror, and the very fabric of reality.All in all, an absolutely awesome fantasy novel. Received from NetGalley Me, finding out I got approved for the ARC of this on NetGalley YES OH MY GOD FINALLY IT S HERE I LOVED FOUNDRYSIDE GIVE ME MOREMe, shortly thereafter, realizing it s been over a year since I read the first one and I ve forgotten some pieces of how it ended and can t find a recap anywhere online and am now afraid to start this one well, this is just scrumming fantastic well, if nothing else, apparently I remembered this universe s profanity, so there s that. He looked up into his mother s beaming face I have died for this And I will gladly die again I received and ARC of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Ladies and gentleman, he s done it again I had never heard of this author before I read foundryside but now I plan to read of his books I stayed up late for 2 nights reading this book because I couldn t put it down This book starts off with action and is wonderfully paced More amazing magic, of the unique, fantastic world we were introduced to in the first book and the same group of friends we grew to love And CLEF which made me extremely happy The action was well written and didn t lack in any area The banter and smart remarks from Orso were familiar and enjoyable I cried at the end, and I need to see what Gregor has become although this was supposed to be a duology, I m hoping the author decides to add another book or two haha I highly recommend everyone grab a copy of this book when it s released 5 5 s OMG YAY I GOT THE ARC THANK YOU NETGALLEY I got the ARC I m rereading Foundryside book 1 re loving the adventure Then I ll start this precious beast

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