The Need

The Need When Molly, Home Alone With Her Two Young Children, Hears Footsteps In The Living Room, She Tries To Convince Herself It S The Sleep Deprivation She S Been Hearing Things These Days Startling At Loud Noises Imagining The Worst Case Scenario It S What Mothers Do, She Knows But Then The Footsteps Come Again, And She Catches A Glimpse Of Movement Suddenly Molly Finds Herself Face To Face With An Intruder Who Knows Far Too Much About Her And Her Family As She Attempts To Protect Those She Loves Most, Molly Must Also Acknowledge Her Own Frailty Molly Slips Down An Existential Rabbit Hole Where She Must Confront The Dualities Of Motherhood The Ecstasy And The Dread The Languor And The Ferocity The Banality And The Transcendence As The Book Hurtles Toward A Mind Bending Conclusion In The Need, Helen Phillips Has Created A Subversive, Speculative Thriller That Comes To Life Through Blazing, Arresting Prose And Gorgeous, Haunting Imagery Anointed As One Of The Most Exciting Fiction Writers Working Today, The Need Is A Glorious Celebration Of The Bizarre And Beautiful Nature Of Our Everyday Lives. You re scary, Mommy Viv was laughing I mean, you re scared, Mommy Molly, archaeologist, mother of two Viv and Ben and possibly insane, has just stumbled upon a mystery so dangerous that she can feel her mind breaking.It started at work In The Pit a dig site that contained dozens of vibrantly new plant species perfectly preserved in rock.Often people find a few new species, but so many in one location Almost impossible.But then came the impossible things An old cola bottle with the famous logo going a different way, an older bible with a strange twist things that should be easily debunkedbut weren t Yet how could any prankster no matter how skilled achieve such authenticity, such perfection, with such a random array of items from different time periods And while it started with the Pit, it ended up at home Molly has always had a mommy brain mistaking ambulance sirens in the middle of the night for Ben s cries and other simple switches Her husband is out of town, her youngest is bawling to be nursed and her eldest keeps yammering about The Why Book it s missing and apparently NO other book in the WORLD is good enough.And thenshe hears it The footsteps. She gripped her children as though the three of them were poised at the edge of a cliffShe could not move. She s normally frustrated by these mind tricksbut as she crouches in the back bedroom, clutching her children, desperately shushing them as she strains to listen to the maybe footsteps down the hall, it s all she can do to pray that it s another trick Now what Viv saida stage whisper rather than a shriek.But even so the footsteps shifted direction, toward the bedroom. And just like that, the comfortable world Molly has constructed around her cracks ever so slightly For there is something in the house, but nothing in the world could have prepared her its reveal Viv was already stepping away from her was already reaching to retrieve something from the deer s black gloved hands The Why Book. In short I was blown away The imagery, the pacing, the scenes they all chilled me and kept me on the edge of my seat Your hand is shivering, Viv observed.Molly tried harder to still herself This book had such a suspense movie feel to it and I absolutely devoured it.The Pit was so sinister despite minimal page space I could literally feel my heart speeding up whenever the book turned towards it.Molly and later Moll had such an interesting dynamic was it real was it inside her head little of both Also, as a side note, the children in this book were really well done I feel like so many times that children exist to say precocious and snappy one liners but this bookthey were the real deal.There was so much that I wanted to explore and so many loose ends were left untied but ultimately keeping it shrouded in mystery was a really choice some things are better left unsaid.Definitely one to look for if you want the ultimate summer read I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewAll quotes come from an uncorrected proof and are subject to change upon publication NOW AVAILABLE four months before pub date and it s already clear that this is a very polarizing book it s also a book best gone into blind, with no expectations about whether you will exit through the love or hate tunnel i know that s a big risk, right to not know anything about a book except that people have strong, and strongly divided, opinions about it but it s extremely landminey to talk about, because not only does this one have THINGS THAT HAPPEN spoilers but it also has tonal genre spoilers, which leaves precious little for the courteous reviewer to discuss and i am most certainly a courteous reviewer the GR synopsis is detailed, but all i knew about this book was what was printed on the back of my ARC From the Los Angeles Times Book Prize finalist and author of The Beautiful Bureaucrat comes a subversive, speculative thriller about a scientist and mother of two young children who, by confronting a masked intruder in her home, slips into an existential rabbit hole where she grapples with the dualities of motherhood joy and dread, mundanity and transcendence in blazing, arresting prose that s basically nothing in terms of actual plot points, you get some nouns scientist, mother, children, intruder the conflict is covered by the vagueness of confronting, and then it s all abstractions and filler what book about motherhood doesn t concern itself with both the joy and dread, mundanity and transcendence of the role even subversive, speculative thriller is broad and subjective and slippery is it a spy thriller, a psychological thriller, a romantic thriller i mean, even Heart of Darkness is a thriller, on strictly generic grounds if it sounds like i m criticizing the back copy, i m not i think that s exactly the right approach to selling this book, and it s incredibly difficult to write something to entice a reader to pick up a book while also trying to keep its you can see in my struggles here today i went in blind and wary i d read one of the author s previous books, The Beautiful Bureaucrat, and it wasn t a me book it was one of those books that you feel in your headspace but not in your gut, if that makes sense it was distancing and cerebral and i just never fell into it but this one this is all gut and it is indeed very much about motherhood, a theme that rarely resonates with me i don t have kids, haven t ever wanted kids, spend zero time around kids, don t usually have any interest in reading about kids, but somehow, this book made the experience of motherhood so vivid in all of its facets the primal bond and the exhaustion and the doubts and hopes and physical discomfort and the boredom and the fierce emotional tether and the pride and helplessness and fears and fears and fears that i felt i m not presumptuous enough to declare that now i know what motherhood is like, but i did feel a something in the collective unconscious of my wombish region as for the shakier ground where i must tiptoe, the plot shocker comes early and in that moment, i was reminded of another book, but to name it here would be both spoilery and somehow also misleading, so if you wanna go detecting, it s a this color book view spoiler hide spoiler My husband was out of town so I went to bed with a pile of ARCs fully intending to read several pages of each before making a decision about what to read next I picked up The Need and woke up the next morning amid a slew of untouched ARCs with a large golden retriever contentedly snoring next to me Clearly, I couldn t put this book down.With her husband away on a business trip, a working mother cares for her young children alone and hears footsteps in the house This is a dark and unsettling beginning While this narrative scrutinizes identity, empathy, fear, and the joys and miseries of motherhood, it is not without humor and wordplay Original and genre defiant, this is a novel that will be divisive You ll either like it or you won t. Wellwhat a strange story Speculative fiction has been hit or miss for me This one a hit Every mother who has juggled the many responsibilities in her life, I believe, will find this book meaningful The less said better here, it s really better to read without any preconceived notions I do want to say though, that despite the book summary, this is not a thriller Yes it is intense in parts, but not for the reasons one would think If you are in the mood for something different, well written, give this one a try The young daughter in the story is a real hoot which lightened things up a bit.ARC from Netgalley. This book had one of the best beginnings I have read in a very long time and I was so on board flipping those pages furiously to figure out what the hell was going on Molly, a young exhausted mother of two, works as a paleobotanist at a dig site where some strange, otherworldly items have been discovered After returning home from work one evening she hears footsteps in the other room and her fear for her childrens safety is her only concern The intruder does reveal themselves and they appear to know everything about Molly and all her darkest secrets That s all I can really say plot wise Again, I must say that this books beginning was so chilling I had goosebumps Real creepy stuff and I applaud Helen Phillips for making my heart race The kids, Liv and Ben, are drawn so perfectly and to be honest little Liv gave me the creeps a few times with some of the things she says So shivery Buuuuuutttttttt, this book sort of lost me Don t misunderstand that I never once contemplated putting it down and I flew through this in a day but the ending really fell flat for me and I closed this feeling as exhausted as Molly did and in that way I suppose the author succeeded If you enjoy the work of Iain Reid or Samanta Schweblin then this is a book you will likely enjoy 4 stars Thank you to NetGalley and Simon Schuster for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for my honest review. My thanks to Simon Schuster, and Netgalley.I really wanted to love this book I didn t I think the synopsis was rather misleading Still, this book started strong I was intrigued, and a wee bit freaked out Quickly, I realized what was up You will too It s stated fairly soon What I didn t get was all the lactating I do understand how the author tied it all into being a mom, and all that goes with it Yet, I kept thinking, for shits sake, woman Wear a pad or throw some toilet paper in there All of this is just a teeny, tiny representation of my annoyance.First off, is Molly sane or slightly post partum I would not have chose the path she took with Moll Real or imagined, I d have killed her Worse yet The ending FULL STOP I can t say , because I already have said too much I m glad this was a fairly quick read It wasn t bad, but it sure as heck wasn t great either. I was going to skip this one since I ve been avoiding thrillers centered around moms because there are only so many domestic thrillers I can read about drunk unreliable moms who just got out of a coma with a husband cheating on herBut apparently there s a sci fi twist in this one and I m hoping it will be another Behind Her Eyes situation aka everyone hates it but I don t We become our thoughts.Our thoughts, in time, become the battleground.Molly balances on a hair s breadth between her professional life and that of distant wife and bleary eyed mother of two Her heart is wrapped up in the ribbons of mommyhood with four year old precocious Viv and toddling one year old Ben Her husband, David, is out of the country on one of his musician treks Molly s hired Erica, a young woman babysitter, to fill in the gaps.The Pit..Molly, a dedicated paleobotanist, is assigned to a fossil quarry located outside the town near a defunct Phillips 66 gas station She works alongside Roz and Corey taking turns sifting through The Pit for treasures, categorizing and documenting finds, and presenting tours for busloads of the curious Beneath the dirt, the team has found a Coke bottle, a recent penny, and a Bible that designates God as She Molly finds a certain strangeness here that can t be put into words..especially the tall, thin woman dressed in black wearing a baseball cap.A Night VisitorRight out of the gate, Helen Phillips has us crouched down next to Molly as she hugs her two children tightly to her chest in the dark She s heard someone in the next room and whispers to her babies not to make a sound Slowly she makes her way closer only to be stunned by the presence of someone sitting statue like on her couch wearing the deer mask that David made out of paper mache for her And, believe me, it s not David.The Need is almost beyond description with its threads tightly wound around the purity of motherhood and the deeply rooted grip of survival Phillips paints detail like a master artist in this one with descriptors that elevate the connection between mother and child to grand heights Your eyes almost well each time the dialogue is spoken in innocent tones Phillips tumbles out memories of the sweet smell of a baby s hair and the squeeze of tiny fingers on skin She has a powerful reign over unexplainable events that keep her readers in a freefall from the first page to the very end.Helen Phillips will incorporate a razor sharp split involving one of her characters We ll see events happening with blurred, uncertain eyes Molly will experience the gut reaction of a fight or flight response throughout And we, as readers, can t let go..I received a copy of The Need through Simon Schuster for an honest review My sincere thanks to them and to the talented Helen Phillips for the opportunity. The Need is a unique, complex, brilliantly written story that is one of the strangest books I have ever read Now, this is a good one to go in blind however if you are like me and want to know what direction a story is going I think it s good to read a little bit about this one before going in It s a hard one to review because I feel saying anything about this story might be a spoiler as it really is very original and a very different reading experience here However, it s very complex and fast paced and at times I felt I was missing things I really needed to pick up on I feel the whole experience here is picking up on your own anxiety, fears, vulnerabilities, needs as a mother and facing your parenting self The Need is a thriller, horror with some sci fi that explores the fears and needs that make a mother vulnerable The story starts off like a fast paced thriller with a little horror there and then things take a little sci fi There is some horror throughout the story but not like you might think The chapters are short and quick but pack a lot in them with all the complex layers to the story Each chapter ended with me wanting to read one chapter to find out what is coming next Helen Phillips does a fantastic job here with the characters of the children and the dynamics with them The daughter Viv is witty, sharp and entertaining A bit annoying at times but I really enjoyed her character She is realistic with all the traits of a toddler that had me laughing and cringing with her behavior This one took some focus to really pick up on all the complexities of the story and I am really glad I gave this odd story a try I think it one not to be missed for anyone who loves to delve into all the complexities of being a Mother I highly recommend for group reads I received a copy from the publisher. Four dimensional, timeless space as infinity, between science fictional and supernatural, fear attracting, shocking stars WOW This book is the dimension of imagination It stands at the area which we call the TWILIGHT ZONE NANANANANA Eerie music theme stops This book is amazing mashup of Twilight Zone, Orphan Black TV series, David Lynch s Lost Highway movie and Blake Crouch s Dark Matter It reminded me of Shatterday episode of Twilight Zone 1985, Bruce Willis was in his good times, before Moonlighting and tumbling down a ventilation shaft, still have hair on his head A guy sat on the bar stool, accidentally called his house and somebody answered the phone Yes, the guy on the other line was also him Was he a body snatcher Yes kinda When one of them bar guy started to vaporize, the other one at the phone took his place Creepy as hell So back to our story Molly was alone at the house with her 2 young children when she heard the footsteps in her living room And she realized that the owner of the footsteps didn t belong to a stranger It belonged to her But other version of her Yes, Molly or shortly Mol came from another dimension Her own children were dead And she wanted to participate in this Molly s life She only wanted to share her family An innocent request, isn t it NOOO IT IS NOT This version of Molly Mol lost several marbles She s threatening, she knows all of Molly s secrets because they re the same person Only difference, Mol has nothing to lose which makes her unpredictable and terrifying So this book is Terrifying YES Intriguing YES Creative YES Fast pacing YES Sooooo soooo soooooo disturbing YES Not nightmarish, pure horrible nightmare YES Grey cell deep fryer YES Nerve twister YES Makes your heart jump into your mouth YES Nail hand arm biter YES ENDING Definitely harsh, raw and again mind losing As soon as I finished this, I called my doctor for new mind transplant WARNINGS PLEASE ONLY READ IT AT YOUR HOUSE If you read it at the coffee shop and accidentally start screaming, other customers may call an ambulance and they may take you away, force you wear the straight jacket KEEP IT HIGH PLACES THAT YOUR CHILDREN CANNOT REACH IT You don t want to deal with nonstop screaming children, do you CONSUME SMALL AMOUNTS If you devour too much pages, it may create anxiety, panic attacks, hyperventilating , lactose intolerance it happened to me, because of the stress, I consumed two big cartoon of BenJerry ice creams , alcoholism still me SUMMARY Great concept, intriguing writing, best ending If you re a fan of mind bending, twisting, disturbing thriller stories, this book is definitely the best cup of tea for you

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