The Ghost Shrink, the Accidental Gigolo & the Poltergeist Accountant

The Ghost Shrink, the Accidental Gigolo & the Poltergeist AccountantDownload The Ghost Shrink, The Accidental Gigolo The Poltergeist Accountant By Vivi Andrews Lucy Sees Dead People Naked Dead People As A Medium, Lucy Helps The Recently Departed Transition To The Other Side, But Lately She S Noticed A Disturbing Trend Among Her Ghostly Visitors Every Night She S Plagued By Horny Spirits Intent On Acting Out Their Unrequited Sexual Fantasies And It Looks Like She S Stuck With Them Until She Can Work Through Some Unrequited Fantasies Of Her Own When Six Feet Of Sexiness Jake Cox Arrives On Her Doorstep, Lucy Hopes Her Dry Spell Might Finally Be At An End But Jake Isn T There To Apply For The Job Of Her Personal Gigolo The Mouthwatering PI Has Been Assigned To Watch Over Lucy And Keep His Hands To Himself Until A Particular Horny Phantom Pays Her A Visit The Freshly Murdered Mafia Accountant Is Exactly The Kind Of Ghost That Gravitates Toward Lucy Nerdy, Horny, And Desperate But When He Appears, His Supernatural Juju May Be Than Even She Can Handle To Bring Down A Mob Boss, Lucy And Jake Will Have To Ignore Their Attraction And Keep The Poltergeist Accountant From Ripping A Hole In The Fabric Of The Universe Previously Released As THE GHOST SHRINK, THE ACCIDENTAL GIGOLO THE POLTERGEIST ACCOUNTANT I found this book browsing around Mary Hughes website I was VERY interested in the topic, because I was working with a similar idea and was curious to see how Vivi Andrews handled the topic herself I think I may have stumbled upon a new favorite author.The Ghost Shrink takes us into a world where mediums help ghosts pass over or transend Lucy is an employee of the business that processes these cases Lucy gets a special group of ghosts who are basically horney professionals Due to her own sexually frustrated lifestyle she attracts repressed rejected individuals Lucy s sexual frustration hits critical levels when Jake Cox I know right comes knocking on her door Unfortunately Jake is not there just for her pleasurehe s a P.I who needs to get info from a
Super cute, ridiculous in the best way, fun read I really wasn t expecting much but was pleasantly surprised The whole premise of sexually frustrated ghosts haunting a shrink in a dry spell is hilarious Add in the introduction of the gigolo and the ridiculousness of the plot, It s
With this title, what s not to like Lucy Carmichael is a medium She helps the dead resolve their issues so that they can pass on Lately all of her clients seem to have been sexually deprived while living because they sure want her now that they re not Her boss thinks she needs to get laid so this type of ghost will back off Lucy agrees with the thought, however admitting this to her boss isn t gonna happen.So, when someone bangs on her door, she gets the idea that Karma, the boss, has sent her a boy toy WRONG Jake Cox is a private investigator who feels Lucy is about to visited by the ghost of a recent victim that he needs to interrogate He is also her boss brother He is also horny and gorgeous He feels the same about her but was cautioned by big sister that he is not to lay hands or anything else on Lucy or the ghost won t
This novella could have used a stronger editor It had some seriously cute moments Our heroine is a medium who helps ghosts resolve their issues so they can get to the other side But lately all her ghosts are sexually frustrated and think she can help them with that particular issue Her boss tells her it s because she s sexually frustrated And she is until a sexy PI shows up needing to talk to the next ghost scheduled to show up at her door It turns out he was murdered and the PI needs information on the mob boss who order
Cute short story, an off beat romance romp with some nutty ghosts Great storyThis was a great read Laughs and a sexy guy Who could ask for It is definitely worth reading anytime. 3.5 starsReally enjoyed this story It was cute, funny and I had a smile on my face nearly the whole time I look forward to reading the next in the series. 3.5 Stars.I picked up The Ghost Shrink, The Accidental Gigolo The Poltergeist Accountant after reading the second story in the Karmic Consultants series, The Ghost Exterminator I enjoyed that full length novel so much that I had to start from the beginning with the novella that started it all, and while I admit I enjoyed The Ghost Exterminator quite a bit , The Ghost Shrink, The Accidental Gigolo The Poltergeist Accountant was cute and fun.Lucy Cartwright is a medium, but she s been sexually frustrated for so long that her energy is connecting the most prurient ghosts to her for help transcending, and frankly, she s getting a little fed up with short, balding, overweight accountant type ghosts stripping down in her bedroom and bumping and grinding their way towards her bed A call to her boss for help with the embarrassing situation ends with a suggestion that Lucy rid herself of her frustration to rid herself of the horny ghosts To put it bluntlyand a bit crasslyshe needs to get laid.Considering that the helpful, if difficult to take care of at the drop of a hat, suggestion came from her boss, it wasn t Lucy s fault that she assumed the tall, dark, and delicious looking male who banged hererbanged on her door the next morning was anemployee bonus from the boss He introduced himself as Cox, after all Imagine her mortification, then, when she realizes that
Jake comes pounding on Lucy s door because his sister said that Eliot s ghost would come see her Jake is attracted to Lucy but is warned not to have sex with her Lucy is unlucky to get the sexually frustrated
The title of this one is almost as long as the story, but this little book is packed with laughs Lucy is the Ghost Shrink, or so she considers herself She helped the deceased work through their issues and move on to the next plane The white light Whatever Her boss just happens to be Karma, pure sex Walking, talking sensuality Lucy classifies herself as the girl next door and she s having a bit of dry spell in the sex department To top off that bitter piece of cake, her sexual drought seems to attract the ghosts of horny businessmen The first one we meet, the Larrinator was a riot in his ghostly and ghastly attempts to seduce Lucy.Karma advises her to change the energy she puts out into the world, if she wants to change the type of ghosts that pop in She can t believe her luck when Jake Cox walked through her door that afternoon like a walking, talking gift from Cupid When he tells her that Karma sent him, she s a bit mortified, and than a bit Thank.You.God She s convinced her boss has sent the Accidental Gigolo to help her change her energy.Jake s a PI and he needs to talk to the Poltergeist Accountant who should be arriving at Lucy s very soon There have been a series of murders and he s investigating them Who better to help him that the girl that talks to dead people I could go on and on, but really, at this point I ve already told you too m