Winter Signs (Season Named, #2)

Winter Signs (Season Named, #2) Reading Winter Signs Season Named, 2 Author Sarah Gai She May Not Hear, But Her World Is Far From Silent Winter Harris Had Everything She Ever Thought She Needed A Soulmate, A Best Friend, And The One Person In This Entire World Who Made Life Worth Living He Was Her Everything Until He Was Ripped From Her Life.Nolan Reed Never Thought He Would Lose His Heart The First Day At His New School, But He Had No Choice The Moment He Laid Eyes On Winter Harris The Only Problem Was, She Wasn T His To Love.When A Tragedy Occurs, Lives Are Changed In Ways They Can Never Come Back From Will The Years Gone By Be Enough To Fix The Shattered Pieces Of Winter S Heart Can Nolan Ever Be Enough To Help Heal It A Delicately Handled Heartache, That Will Leave You Breathless And Thinking About It Long After You Have Finished Reading 4.5 sWinter Harris was seven years old when she met Connor He was her soulmate, her best friend the one person who understood her implicitly Winter was deaf but she was a strong, independent girl, fierce and courageous Her older brother Charlie had always protected Winter, though she would say she didn t need protecting But when Winter was ten and their father died, things changed As they moved through school into high school to graduation for Charlie, Connor remained by Winter s side Their friendship turned into love the boyfriend girlfriend status was never stronger The day a new boy turned up at their school by the name of Nolan Reed, and Nolan laid eyes on Winter he was lost But although he knew she had a boyfriend, Nolan s friendship with Charlie and Connor and in turn, Winter, remained.Heartache and tragedy interrupted their lives nothing was the same again Winter left her home and everything she d known to start a new life But could she Making new friends, starting a job years passed while a heart was left shattered Winter Signs by Aussie author Sarah Gai is a wonderful story which centres around a character who has spent her life wrapped in silence Deafness and everything that means for living a life is hard to comprehend for someone who has never been in that position The author covered it well I
ARCs can be requested here WINTER SIGNS by Sarah Gai is the second book in the Season Names series We first meet Winter at the age of seven when she meets her brother s best friend Connor, this is when he learns she is deaf, and this is when their perfect love starts Winter may have been deaf but she was certainly not helpless Connor learned sign language so he could communicate with her and they went from being insta friends to being an inseparable couple and planning their future together by the end of High School Winter s father dies just before she goes to High School and this hits her for six, especially as her mother starts to reject Winter All she has left for support is Connor, and her brother Charlie.Then Nolan arrives in town he is instantly attracted to Winter, but when he learns she is Connor s he makes no move towards her Interestingly, although her heart and soul belongs to Connor, Winter is not indifferent to Nolan and she has feelings for him which puzzle her When Winter loses Connor she is inconsolable her sorrow is so overwhelming that she feels that she had nothing to live for and retreats within herself With no support from her mother, Winter decides that
I read the first book in the series by the same author Autumn s Dance so when I found this on Xpressobooktours site as one of the things up for review, I readily signed up I remember liking the first book so I am hoping to be touched and moved by this second installment also.Winter Signs is a story about a girl who is born a deaf mute and had to go through a lot of heart breaking loss in her life Grief so devastating that she thought she had nothing to live for The only way she thinks she will be able to get out of the dark hole she was in was to go away from everyone she knew and start over Only to find out that she has to, whether she likes it or not, get closure and move on because a lot of people are just waiting for her be ready to do that.If the first book was about domestic violence and family, this one is about loss and grief which I think is tragic and devastating The common theme of the two books in the series is family, friendship and love Well, love actually in all its forms Like the first book, this story embodies the saving grace of unconditional love That it heals all wounds, even a bla
I received an Review copy of this book via Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review Title Winter Signs Book 2 Author Sarah GaiSeries Season named seriesPublisher Digital ServicesFormat Review copy Kindle Genre YA, ContemporaryRating DNF Synopsis Taken from goodreads She may not hear, but her world is far from silent Winter Harris had everything she ever thought she needed a soulmate, a best friend, and the one person in this entire world who made life worth living He was her everything until he was ripped from her life.Nolan Reed never thought he would lose his heart the first day at his new school, but he had no choice the moment he laid eyes on Winter Harris The only problem was, she wasn t his to love.When a tragedy occurs, lives are changed in ways they can never come back from Will the years gone by be enough to fix the shattered pieces of Winter s heart Can Nolan ever be enough to help heal it A delicately ha
Winter s Song is the second book in the Seasons Names series, and both of the books can be read as standalones In this we first meet Winter when she a young child and watch her grow up with the neighbor boy, Connor He has been there with her through everything even when her father died Winter is deaf, and he learned early on to use sign language to be able to speak with her They were best friends, that until highs school when something changed Feeling Winter and Conner were the picture perfect couple.Winter and Conner are planning out their lives, going to school, where they would go after they graduated The normal things that high school students do Winter has never even glanced in another guys direction, until Nolan, the new guy came to their school She couldn t put her finger on what it was about him, she loved Conner And that was that I have to say, I really liked Winter, she might have been deaf and not necessarily be able to speak her mind but she sure sign exactly what she wanted she was thinking, let me tell you, she was quite a spunky little thing too I think that Gai did an amazing job handling Winter s deafness, this girl wasn t meek or passive, she was out there living like everyone else Nothing was going to stop her Now, Conner was the noble to the end kinda guy, sweet, smart, and all kinds of handsome too.Everything was going so good when tragedy hits and changes everything for Winter and her course of life she was thinking she was on Her pain was pa
Winter Signs by Sarah Gai is the second book in her Season Named Series I dived into it straight after i finished the first book and even though i had a sleepless night tried to go to bed but the book was laying hard on my mind so i got up in the middle of the night to finish it and it was so worth it Winter Signs is the story of Winter and Nolan and it is one painful journey that they are on I would not wish it on anyone The writer has
Come Autumn s Dance, Winter Signs una storia commovente e ben scritta Coinvolgente nella sua tragicit , ci permette di conoscere Winter, una giovane ragazza che dovr racimolare tutte le sue forze per andare avanti Prossimamente recensione sul blog Such a lovely way to describe what loss involves and how God uses it to enrich our lives if we let Him Inspiring Real life adversity and true hope ignites in this story What a tapestry of how we are drawn with the Lords hand to the right people. Omg this book made me cry I really really love these tragic romances If you love sweet books with a happy ending but they ll make you cry first you ll like this series.