Encore Worthy (Mountains & Men, #0.5)

Encore Worthy (Mountains & Men, #0.5) Ebook Encore Worthy Mountains Men, 0.5 R.C Martin Vinoschilenos.eu Millicent Valentine Isn T Looking For Love Why Risk The Heartache If One Night Of Unbridled Passion Will Do When She S Introduced To The Lead Singer Of Mountains Men, She Can T Seem To Take Her Eyes Off Of Him He S Beautiful, If Not Arrogant, But She Doesn T Mind He S Only Meant For One Night.Sage McCoy Is Always On The Prowl It S A Proven Fact That He Can Get Almost Any Girl In The Room After A Night On Stage When He S Introduced To Millie, There S No Doubt In His Mind That He Has To Have Her She S Gorgeous, She S Haunted, And She S To Be His Temporary Muse Except, When He Gets Her Alone, She Makes His Heart Sing Now, He S Convinced One Night Will Never Do.His One Night Stand Is Worthy Of An Encore.Intended For Audiences 18 Years Of Age, Due To Explicit Language And Sexual Content. Encore Worthy is an addictive read Rockstar romances aren t my favorite genre because usually they are full of angst This did have some but it wasn t over the top and it felt believable Sage at first he seems like the typical manwhore rockstar but he is turning out to be a lot than that I love that he knows what he wants and goes after it whether it be his music dream or Millie He definitely has some swo
I see the demons in her eyes and I know we ll dance. This was EXACTLY my kind of story It was filled with just enough angst, drama, super hot sex, and multi dimensional characters to keep me in a swoony fugue state for almost the entire time I spent reading it.Rockers aren t generally my favorite bad boys, but I ll make an exception for Sage McAvoy Sigh He s exactly how all alphas should be written cocky, demanding, and sexy as hell, but with a soft side Add in some tattoos and that he whisper sings in Millie s ear occasionally and I m a goner.And Millie made for a great heroine People aren t her favorite thing She s been concentrating on her career and avoids attachments at least until Sage sets his sights on her But she s a smart girl She knows Sage, or any other man for that matter, isn t the kind to stick
4.5 DOLL FACE STARS I DON T BELIEVE IN love at first sight Love is messy It s complicated It s fucking crazy How can you tell, with just one look, that you re staring at someone you love How can you guess, in just one moment, that you ll go through shit and back just to make her smile Can you seriously guarantee, without even knowing her name, that you re ready to take on her demons In an instant, are you brave enough to give her yours Sage a tattoed, arrogantbeautifulgets any woman he wants..Millie beautifulhauntednever goes after loveJust one night of heated passion..and then it was never enough.Sexy Hilarious Awesome This is My first R.C Martin book and I was like Wow I never thought I could love a book just based on a series introduction.It was a fun and sweet read that got me hooked right from the start I never had dull moments And the scenes just got me heated This had me aching for of their storyI was intriguedinterested and a little bit frustrated because I wanted to read the next book as in ASAP Because holy guacamolethis is than just that sizzling hot scenes than just that love at first sight than just being the musearghhh that s what I m dying to know..Really I can t wait for the continuation of their story Like seriously this lines just got me I see the demons in your eyes and I want to dance Can t stop the beat I hear from one haunted glance Take my hand, baby, don t let go I ll set you free
Disclosure I received a copy from the author publisher, in exchange for an honest review This does not influence my review in any shape or form Encore Worthy is the beginning of the spin off series called Mountains Men You meet Sage and Millie in book three of the Made for Love series It was the book I was crossing my fingers that R.C Martin would write I absolutely loved the glimpses of Sage I received in So Much More and was really excited to finally get to see Sage front and center I loved how Encore Worthy was different than the Made for Love series It was definitely sexier, set your fire alarms off sexier It s also edgier I can t really describe it accurately unless you have read her Made For Love series which I highly recommend , you can see the difference and feel it Sage drew me in from the beginning, he had me smiling and blushing I loved how secure of himself he was and how he knew what he wanted despite the fact that he is just 21 and let s face it most 21 year olds are not that mature I loved his dedication to the band and how much he knew he wanted to make it big Millie was always harder for me to get to like because she was always so closed off She still is in Encore Worthy but I do love how she starts opening up and showing herself I think she s going to be my favorite character when we get to read the
I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.You can find of this review, and others, at Carlene Inspired.One night for Millie isn t enough nights in Sage s opinion, especially when the lyrics to a new song just come to life by looking at her Her haunted eyes don t scare him away and he s going to convince her to give him a shot, even though she s known best for pushing everyone away I see the demons in her eyes and I know we ll dance Wow Is it hot in here or what I have read one other R.C Martin book, So Much More, but after finishing it I knew I had a new author to add to my favorites list When the opportunity came along to read Encore Worthy I said yes right away, but I definitely wasn t expecting what I got Encore Worthy is the novella that begins the new Mountains Men series, a spin off of the Made for Love series While I loved the sweetness in So Much More, I than loved the steam in Encore Worthy The chemistry and smut in this book will make you blush and totally want it for yourself The main characters, Millie and Sage, are not the kind of characters you would put together In fact, Mill
5 sizzling hot rocker starsEncore Worthy is the opening novella of the Mountains and Men series by Author R C Martin It is a rock star and budding friends to lovers romance story that I absolutely loved I don t believe in love at first sight Love is messy It s complicated We were initially introduced to Millie and Sage in So Much More They are both two forces to be reckoned with, and those forces together make for the perfect storm Sage has dreams of one day becoming a household name Millie is content to be an unknown and just blend into the background The sizzle and burn throughout each page brings us a couple that we yearn for of I wanted to get lost in the notes of her melody Told in dual points of view, Encore Worthy was a quick and passion filled novella It was the perfect opening book to this series It had heat, great main and secondary characters, and HOT
5 ENCORE WORTHY STARS I swear With each book I read from this amazingly talented author, I fall madder and deeply in LOVE Oh my goodness I fell hard for these two I just couldn t get enough They re so fun Sexy Hot Hot Hot And I absolutely LOVE RC Martin s writing Her story telling always pull you in and you cannot break free I was entranced Sage My Oh My He s a dirty boy, with a heart of gold And he knows what he wants, and that s Millie I met Millie and Sage in So Much More I did NOT like Millie AT ALL Well I cannot believe I m going to say this butI LOVED HER IN THIS BOOK She s a feisty girl and together these two make the most fun and hot couple OMFG These two So steamy together I needed a cold shower Many times Ahhh Omg the sparks between these two I felt SINGED from their sexplosion Bam There was one moment m
BOOK REVIEWTITLE Encore WorthyBOOK SERIES Mountains Men 0.5AUTHOR R.C MartinGENRE Contemporary RomancePUBLICATION DATE January 28, 2016CLIFF HANGER No4 Stars This story is for mature audiences only Contains explicit scenes and language intended for adults 18 SYNOPSIS He was arrogant He was beautiful He was to be her one night fix.She was gorgeous She was haunted She was to be his temporary muse Millicent Valentine isn t looking for much when she walks into The Brew Cycle for a night out with friends She isn t after love Why risk the heartache when one night of unbridled passion will do the trick Any handsome, willing male will do just fine When she is introduced to the lead singer of Mountains Men, she can t seem to take her eyes off of him He s an arrogant little shit but it s only one night, right Sage McCoy is always on the prowl, knowing he can get just about any girl in the room after a night on stage When he s introduced to Millie, there is no doubt in his mind that he has to have her But when he gets her alone, she makes his heart sing Now, he s convinced one night will never do.When morning dawns, the knowledge that comes with the sun has Millicent kicking
Once you sit down to read this book, fair warning pour yourself something strong, cold, and turn up the AC Sage is sex on a stick He is arrogant, confident, and he isn t afraid to go after what he wants when he sets his mind to it Did I mention that Sage is a sexy beast Beyond the arrogant exterior, Sage is a romantic in his own right I promise that he will have you swooning and will quickly become your next book boyfriend Millie is the woman that the beautiful and mysterious woman that is tough to break She is guarded, likes to keep things simple, and doesn t let many people in She has her life in order and keeps love out of it As she feels that love is messy She prefers to be in control and call the shots when it comes to the men in her life What happens when a sexy rocker and a beautiful woman with a wounded heart cross paths Plenty of heat, passion, and power struggles from within as the journey of Millie and Sage begin in this prequel of The Mountains
Love at First Song I ve never sung to a woman in bed before What a quote to hear from the man you re spending the night with one night I m a fucking man who knows exactly what I want What a quote to hear from the man who has decided to stay in your life wait Like in forever R C Martin brings us the 0.5 novella in the Mountains and Men Series to introduce us to Millie and Sage s rhythmical love story Millie usually stays in on Saturdays, until one day she decides to accept Sarah s invitation That night, she meets the singer of Mountains and Men the same night Sage will listen to the lines of a new song when he meets Millicent However, the complete song will come to life after they share Millie s bed for what was supposed to be a one night stand Millie is not so sure to let Sage in her life despite his persistance to date her she has some demons in her eyes and a past that keeps on hunting her To make matters worse, there is an age gap between them that can bring their weak relationship to an end Moreover, Millie wonders how much their difference in education would get on their way towards happiness Told in dual points of view, Encore Worthy opens the courtains and places us right on the stage wit