Food: A Love Story

Food: A Love StoryPDF Epub Food A Love Story By Jim Gaffigan Ci Sono Amori Travolgenti, Immortali Quello Per Il Cibo, Ad Esempio Chi Mangia Non Ama Solo Con Il Cuore, Ma Anche Con La Testa, Gli Occhi E Lo Stomaco In Questo Campo, Jim Gaffigan Il Pi Grande Amatore Del Mondo Ingurgita Di Tutto Di Giorno E Di Notte, Quando Triste Perch Triste, Quando Felice Perch Felice Talvolta Anche In Compagnia Di Sua Moglie Jeannie E Dei Suoi Cinque Figli, Che Adora Come Fossero Ciambelle Se Anche Voi Amate La Tavola E Ridere, Qui C Pane Per I Vostri Denti Il Cibo Secondo Jim Il Pi Irriverente, Divertente E Caustico Libro Sul Cibo Mai Scritto. Mind you, I m not criticizing the biscuits and gravy or the chicken and waffles I find them delightful I m just saying if I lived down there I would be dead p.48 I remember when I was ten years old looking around at my small
I think I found my long lost brother Yes Jim..I do.A book on totally embracing all your food sins Sign me up I try and eat healthy..Avoid McDonald s, Not eat Bacon for everymeal Notice how Bacon gets capitilized it should always , eat some veggies..and fruit Who am I kidding In this book you don t read it for the fruit You read it to have fun with food Even when it kills you Jim Gaffigan doesn t care if you eat McDonald s He admits he does Even when he hides behind the counters so that you can t see him there I think he might be a chubby evil genius though He comes up with the idea of restaurants helping you when you go out to eat Instead of wine sommeliers the joints should have fattelier Case in point Fattelier Well, I d get the chili cheese fries with the cheese on the side You get cheese that way.Genius.Now is Gaffigan a foodie Heck no He is an eatie I think I m going to give up being a foodie and just join his idea It sounds like way fun Plus, I m kinda lazy too So win win Now I do know that Gaffigan gained some fame from hi
Find all of my reviews at DATE TODAY 10 21 YUMMY YUMMY As a person who enjoys Jim Gaffigan s stand up routine, I jumped at the chance to read Dad is Fat Unfortunately probably due to the fact that I m raising my own brood of horrible offspring , that one fell just a tad flat for me However, as a fellow chubbo I was all grabby hands when it came to getting a copy of Food A Love Story Wait, you know what this review could use A DONUT Ahhhhh, much better Where was I Oh yes, being a fatty Like Gaffigan, I too have been accused of eating my feelings a time or twelve and my response is the same as Jim s Yeah, but these feelings are DELICIOUS There are no endorphins released from eating tofu but a giant plate of Chili Mac from Steak N Shake can bring a da happy While we re talking about Chili Mac let me take an aside to address the good folks at Pinterest STOP trying to say you have a recipe for this concoction You don t As someone who lived in a town without a Steak N Shake for years I can tell you I ve attempted to recreate this magic again and again It simply can t be done As the title states, this is Jim Gaffigan s ode to food It s about the foods he loves, the foods he hates, and of course Hot Pockets While I m no
Maybe all Americans should just eat starving people from other nations..maybe it s just me, but I was dying laughing silly when Jim Gaffigan spit out the sentence.I had another thought perhaps the hungry people should eat the obese Americans Go ahead Spank me. I ve a sick sense of humor. but I was very entertained during my walks with this book WAY TOO FUNNY Audiobook HILARIOUS Crab, oysters, lobster, anchovies, and octopus, are nothing but sea buggers swimming at the bottom of the ocean which can just stay there as far as Jim Gaffigan is concern.and you know forgive me but I agree with him I m not a fan of ANY SHELLFISHI don t like it and it doesn t like me Shellfish and are not friends so everything Jim was preaching about Shellfish was a feeling like coming home GO..GOJim Jim says he s an eatie not a foodie I can somewhat relate I know I m not a foodie I could care less about the gourmet foods that many of my friends so enjoy.I rather eat something near my own town if not in my own kitchen than spend my time traveling afar just to eat the best whatever ever Where I don t relate is that everything tastes better with cheese and I don t like gravy I m not a fast food eater nor do I care much for fancy cuisine So, I m sorta a plain Jane boring eater who likes basic food the way Mother Nature grows its No matter if you are a veggie boy or girl.., a proud junk food eatiefollow a paleo dieteat food at all
Thank you, Mr Gaffigan, for my first book of 2016 and a good way to start In spring of 2000, I went to The Late Show with David Letterman the guests were Jackie Chan and up and coming and little known comedian Jim Gaffigan I am excited that years later I can say that I was there to see someone before they were big and, have the opportunity to name drop in a Goodreads review.I enjoyed Gaffigan s cynical and humorous approach to foods of every kind While I didn t always agree with his sentiment I love shellfish , I knew exactly what he was getting at and realized I had thought the same thing myself from time to time Also, his poking fun of something, followed by praise, often made me wonder if he loved it or hated it.Another thing I like was that the humor was clean Not that I mind cuss words, but it seems like lately when I try a
If aliens studied Earth, they would come to the conclusion that the United States is somehow consuming food on behalf of other countries.And so begins Comedian Jim Gaiffigan s Food A Love Story. Actually, that s not how it begins I just thought the quote sounded almost philosophical, plus I wanted to use the grandiose And so begins I could have just as well started with I m convinced that anyone who doesn t like Mexican food is a psychopath.because that, my friend, is fact Gaffigan loves food If you ve ever watched one of his comedy specials this will soon become apparent Food usually makes its way into his routine sooner or later, and his skewering of Hot Pockets has become legendary No doubt the big success of his previous book pushed him into doing a second book, and so why not do one solely about food Gaffigan s a casual eater, not a connoisseur He s not even obese, he s merely overweight So why should we care what he has to say about food Because he s funny, that s why Disagree with me Then you can just get out Go on, this review ain t big enough for the two of us Food A Love Story is not
The Hook I love food but food, or actually the calories, don t necessarily love me The Line Triscuits are just shredded wheat in cracker form.The Sinker My GR friend Elyse recommended this book Ha, she s the one who complained today that I m adding books to her TBR pile Doesn t she know that books to lovers of reading are worse than potato chips Some readers have watched Jim Gaffigan perform stand up comedy and were disappointed that some of the material in Food A Love Story is covered in his shows Others who are familiar with his routine were easily able to enjoy the old and the new I didn t know Jim from Adam so all the monologues were new to me What I wondered was whether I would be able to listen to six discs of Jim talking about food No problem Even with a few repetitive segments, I found myself just enjoying my daily walk with Jim You know immediately that Gaffigan knows of what he speaks He s a big guy, he s the first to call himself, well to be polite, not thin He embraces all that food I ve given up You know, bacon, Cinnabon, pizza with lots of cheese and meat, full fat ice cream the list goes on There s much
Warning Do not read this book when you are hungry The discussions of pizza, cheeseburgers, bacon, doughnuts, steak, and all kinds of yummy foods could break your diet.Comedian Jim Gaffigan loves food and talks a lot about it in his standup routines, including his popular bit on Hot Pockets This fun book talks about the different foods he likes and dislikes, and his favorite restaurants around the United States I was tickled to note that I had eaten at a few of the places he mentioned, and filed away other recommendations for future trips He has a good sense of humor about being overweight, and says he never takes food or restaurant advice from a skinny person because they aren t passionate enough about food to overdo it He also takes issue with the dieters claim that Nothing tastes as good as thin feels I for one can think of a thousand things that taste better than thin feels Many of them are two word phrases that end with cheese Even unsalted French fries taste better than thin feels I think my favorite section in the book is when he shows a map of the U.S and has divided it into different food sections, such as Coffeeland in the Northwest, Seabugland in the Northeast, Steakland in the Plains, Wineland in Northern California, Mexican Food land in the Southwest, Super Bowl Food land in the Midwest, etc He reserves the distinctive name Food Anxiety Land for New Orleans, because the food there is so good and he whenever
5Oh Jim Gaffigan, how you make me laugh I ve never read a book by Gaffigan before, but I loved Food A Love Story ALMOST as much as I love his stand up.What it s about Jim Gaffigan literally writes talks about food for hours I listened to this book because I heard that Gaffigan was the narrator which lets face it, when Gaffigan is narrating I will listen This was my very first audiobook and I no longer think listening to a book is cheating , it takes a lot to completely concentrate when you are listening to a book No matter how much you may love the narrator Gaffigan somehow manages to talk about food in what I would imagine is every single sentence of the book It kind of blew my mind at how that was possible, but I guess the book IS an ode to food so it only makes sense I feel like there are quite a few people that won t like this so if you don t want to hear read about food that much, I would skip this one I am a huge fan of Gaffigan s stand up, and while I wouldn t say he is quite as emphatic with his reading of the book as he is doing st
Jim Gaffigan is an American stand up comedian, actor, and writer His comedy routines are generally about fatherhood, indolence, being out of shape, and food Gaffigan s books are based on his stand up material, so if you ve seen his shows or TV specials you know what to expect.I read the author s first book, Dad is Fat , and enjoyed the collection of fun anecdotes about Gaffigan and his wife Jeannie raising their five kids in a two bedroom New York City apartment In this second book, Gaffigan addresses another one of his favorite subjects food.Gaffigan likes to joke about his big belly and insatiable appetite, and notes, I try to stick to three meals a day, and three at night The comic travels all over the country to perform, and being too lazy to research restaurants relies on local residents and Twitter followers to direct him to tasty eateries Thus, the comic is well acquainted with restaurants in every state, and riffs on all manner of burger places, pizzerias, sandwich shops, food courts, fine dining establishments, family eateries, buffets, diners, and so on If he hasn t been to your favorite bistro, caf , or deli, it s because no one pointed him in that direction Gaffigan asserts, I m not a foodie, I m an eatie, and admits that some of his favorite foods are steak, cheeseburgers, bacon, French fries, Chicago deep dish pizza, Katz s pastrami sandwiches, New York bagels, Mexican fo