Chimera (Weregirl #2)

Chimera (Weregirl #2) Chimera Weregirl 2 Free Author C.D Bell The Forest Is Full Of Secrets Nessa Kurland Is Adjusting To Life As A Weregirl She Is Transforming With Ease And Running With A Pack She Cares For Deeply Her Boyfriend Luc Is A Fellow Shifter, And Paravida, The Corporation Responsible For Unethical Genetic Experiments On The Residents Of Tether, Has Pulled Out Of Town, Leaving The Community Safe But That S Just How It Appears On The Surface Nessa Returns Home From A Run With The Pack To Find An FBI Raid And The Shocking News That Her Mother Vivian Is Being Held Without Bail For Violations So Serious She May Be Facing Life In Prison What Did Nessa S Mother, A Small Town Vet Tech, Do To Threaten Homeland Security Vivian S Secret Past Leads Nessa To Discover There Is To Her Own Story Than She Ever Imagined The Wolves That Are Running Through Tether S Woods Are Not The Same Pack Nessa Knew Before These Are Not All Natural Wolves And They Are Breeding Nessa S Transformation Is Only Just Beginning In CHIMERA, The Second Installment In The Weregirl Trilogy, Nessa Confronts The Truth Of Who She Is, Where She Comes From, And What She Has To Do To Survive. Chimera A Weregirl Novel by C.D Bell is a book I requested from NetGalley and the book publishers and the review is voluntary I have not read the first book but I did not have trouble getting into the story I found this a great story for young teens or young adults The suspense and intrigue of the FBI and the corrupt unethical genetic experiments happening in Paravida Corporation and what her dad has to do with it was chilling She finds out so much about her mom s past al
and the baton has been handed off without missing a step C.D Bell really picked up the pace with CHIMERA and things are changing for the small town of Tether The monsters that performed unethical genetic experiments have slithered off and things are looking up, for the most part, but Nessa, now well adjusted as a werewolf, is now dealing with some shocking news The FBI has come to town and her mother is under arrest as a threat to Homeland Security What secrets has she been hiding How is Nessa s long gone father involved What is happening in the woods with the genetically altered wolves Is the town of Tether about to become ground zero for a war between species Nessa will need to gather her wits, her guts and her determination to save her new pack, hold on to her new boyfriend and uncover who her father is It s time for truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but what will it do to Nessa and her family The plot thickens and simmers and boils over as C.D Bell holds nothing back in the shock department and Nessa handles it all with that irrepressible teen attitude The act
Full review at Blame Chocolate.I probably loved this one even than Weregirl Is it even possible The plot was absolutely insane and intricate, the characters as awesome and relatable as ever, the relationships incredibly realistic, the whole atmosphere just so cool and engaging I could not, for the life of me, stop reading I only ever did because life was happening at the same time Ugh, life There were some tiny things that bothered me, from Nessa s occasional confusing reactions to her inability to piece clues together before I did, but overall there were very few negatives to point out about this wonderful book I could see there was a lot of work put into making this as co
ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewReally enjoyed this second installment in the weregirl series although and be ready for a level of serious pedantry here the word weregirl always makes my eyes water and my teeth ache Were is an anglo saxon word for man It has nothing to do with wolves or shapeshifting so weregirl literally means man girl I realise I need to let this go Chimera started off at the same pace as Weregirl A little slow and leaving me feeling that the book was good but not all a
REVIEWAfter reading Weregirl I really wanted to know about Nessa Kurland and her family I also still wanted of the shifter genre too I had questions I wanted answering upon finishing Weregirl and was looking forward to the answers.The main feature of this cover is the back of a girl s head The girl has two plaits either side of her head The hair is a mixture of browns and grey The girls neck has fur that has a kind of mottled brown look to it The byline on this cover says, the forest is full of lies.Prior to reading this book I of course had the obvious thought that this girl with animal markings was Nessa in a part wolf girl form However that is not the case and wow when it is revealed who this is, well it s most certainly a wow moment in this second book of the trilogy.So as the blurb reveals Paravida have left Tether and everyone is safe, or maybe they feel safer.but are they Nessa is adjusting well under the circumstances to her ability to transform into a wolf In fact that s where this book picks up, Nessa is out in her wolf form running through the woods with Luc Luc was born with the ability to transform into a wolf, and one day not that far away his human side will walk into the woods, transform into a wolf and never return to his human form or life again.It s whilst Luc and Nessa are chasing around, kind of playing in their wolf forms that they scent Paravida wolves They follow the trail of the wo
Chimera was so good I thought Chimera was better than the first one and had a better pace to it There were some good plot twists in it I stayed up all night into morning because I wanted to know what happened next until 3 00 a.m Within the first 20 30 pages something happens that has me asking questions With her
I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.Here are my thoughts on it I really liked the writing style of this book, it was fast paced and fluid There were certain instances where my heart beat faster in anticipation of what was going to happen next People live inside the stories they tell themselves Others see about you the things that you believe This is my favorite quote from the book, it s so thoughtful Also, the whole storyline is engaging and there were times where I couldn t take my eyes off it A chimera is a mythical beast that combines several different species It s also a scientific term for any organism that contains genetic material from two individual zygotes or two species Personally, I love to read about genetics and DNA sequencing, this book even explained a few of these processes which garnered my attention and also made me attached to it Wolves did not keep secrets from one anoth
As much as I loved Weregirl, Chimera blows it out of the water I could not put this book down The plot was suspenseful and moving, and the plot twist I won t spoil it was intense, I can t wait to see where it goes from here Equal par
Rating 4.5 5Genre YA FantasyRecommended Age 15 werewolves, FBI, and werewolves Oh MY Also, some slightly mature content I receieved a free copy of this book courtesy of Chooseco Thank you so much All opinions are my own.The forest is full of secrets.And who knows them better than Nessa Kurland, a sixteen year old cross country star with a secret of her own she can transform at will into a werewolf, and her power grows stronger with every moon.Nessa returns home from a run with her pack to find an FBI raid and the shocking news that her mother, Vivian, is being arrested for violations so serious she may be facing life in prison What did Nessa s mother, a small town vet tech, do to threaten Homeland Security Vivian s secret past leads Nessa to discover there is to her story than she ever imagined.The wolves that are running through Tether s woods are not the same pack Nessa knew before These are not all natural wolves And they are breeding.As the lines between science, nature, and magic fade into o
I haven t read the first book in this series, but that didn t hinder my reading experience with Chimera Obviously there was some backstory I wasn t familiar with, but it was fairly easy to fill in the blanks My rating is 3.5, but I ve rounded up to 4 stars to take into account that I probably would ve had greater investment in the characters if I d read Weregirl.PROSI m very picky about the YA books I choose to read because there are a lot of toxic tropes and unfortunate themes prevalent in the genre, but fortunately Chimera ticks all the right boxes to make this an enjoyable read We have a mature level headed female protagonist who has several meaningful platonic relationships instead of revolving around boys, which is a massive plus for me I love that Nessa has a close bond with her brother and sister, being protective of her younger siblings and doing her best to look out for them Nessa s mother is also an important part of the story even if she s not always an active on page presence, Nessa s thoughts frequently return to her since the major elements at play in Chimera involve her mother s health and scientific background And it s great to see a healthy female friendship depicted in this book with Nessa s best friend, Bree, who is featured throughout