Whiskey Devils

Whiskey Devils Download Whiskey Devils Author Brandon Zenner Wgf2011.eu Managing A Criminal Enterprise Isn T All It S Cracked Up To Be Little Has Changed In Nick Grady S Secretive Marijuana Growing Business Since The Late 60s, Which Is Just The Way The Aging Hippie Would Like It To Remain However, Nick S Complex Past Comes Full Circle, Thrusting His New Manager, Evan Powers, In A Scramble To Decipher The Truth Behind The Chaotic Lives Of The People He Holds DearA Large Marijuana Growing Operation, Russian Mobsters, Undercover Drug Agents, And A Biker Gang, Wraps Up With A Series Of Unexpected And Shocking Plot Reversals That Brings The Book To A Violent, Surprising, And Powerful End BookLife Prize In Fiction, By Publishers WeeklyWinner In The 2016 Global Ebook Awards The outskirts of New Jersey set the stage for this thrilling, non stop action novel The main character was well drawn With precision accuracy, the scenes effortlessly sliced through the engaging storyline This well written narrative made for an excellent read.Evan Powers lived with his roommate and best friend Nick Grady One day, Powers called it quits with his go nowhere job and hooked up with Nick for his new career path growing and distributing marijuana It was a large scale enterprise The author did a bang up job with the way he presented intricate details of the marijuana industry Just reading the novel gave me the munchies.Before they knew it, their operation had been forcefully taken over by a group of Russian mobsters It was like watching the big fish eat the little fish Is there no honor among thieves Oh, that doesn t apply here They re not thieves they re well respected drug dealers, practically, leaders of the community.Powers and Nick were backed up against a brick wall, either work for the Russian syndicate or die a slow painful death, not much of a choice This was one partnership that would not stand the hands of time With no further delay, they needed to come up with a plan otherwise, their business would go up in smoke.Ultimately, they knew it would have t
In a world where we have Nancy Botwin, the suburban housewife in Weeds selling dope to pay her mortgage and the science professor Walter White in Breaking Bad doing likewise, we meet cubicle dweller Evan Powers who one day up and quits office hell and joins his roo
Review WHISKEY DEVILS by Brandon ZennerMarijuana meets the Mafiya of course, there s much Friendship and loyalty, disloyalty, cubicle stiflement, abuse and murder, betrayal and abandonment, corruption and crime Criminals and victims Poor Evan Powers quits his stultifying office position to work for his long term housemate s marijuana growing selling operation More cash, much less boredom, plus he enjoys the horticult
I was given a free copy from the publisher in exchamge for an honest review Wow This book is so believable Powers lives with his friend Nick, who just happens to run a massive Marijuana growing business Powers end
I received a free copy from the author, in exchange for an honest review Thank you, Brandon Zenner To be honest, novels about drug dealers and mobsters usually bore me The fact that Whiskey Devils blew me away makes it, in my opinion, an exceptional book The characters are so defined that I have clear pictures of them in my head, as well as of the places where the action takes place the descriptions are so vivid that you can practically smell the dirt Evan Powers is a loser who takes a job in the marijuana operation that belongs to his friend Nick When the Russian mob comes calling, the twists keep
Evan Powers is a young man who is swept into a world of drugs once he leaves his boring desk job Along the road to being management many new developments occur and him and his partners find themselves in danger.This is not normally the type book that I read, but I m glad I was able to review it From the very first page it is action packed It was a hard book to p
Powers finally quits his cubical, time clock job to go to work for his best friend and roommate Nick But is the grass really greener on the other side of the grow lamp When Nick s secrets come out things get complex and Powers is stuck in the middle.This book is full of action, twists and turns that will keep you in suspense and hanging on to your seat with both hands at times Audio narrator Jack de Golia will make you feel as if you are there and a part of Nick s group T
I received this book through the goodreads giveaways program Overall it was okay, but it kept losing my interest I guess it tied together in the end, but it was kind of confusing along the way Powers quits his job to go work with his buddy roommate, Nick,
The author Brandon Zenner keeps surprising me and he have done it again with this short story I ve learned that to get a short story done write is not so simple, you must grab the reader instantly or you ll lose him and this author have perfectly have done exactly that I was hooked from pa
My first read from author Brandon Zenner An audiobook gifted to me by the author and since I also own the Kindle edition I was able to follow along while being read to It ended up being a good read, but it took a wh