The Solomon Effect (Jax Alexander Mystery #2)

The Solomon Effect (Jax Alexander Mystery #2) Reading The Solomon Effect Jax Alexander Mystery 2 C.S Graham A German U Boat Lost In The Final Days Of The Second World War Rested Silent And Dead In The Deep Waters Off The Russian Coast For Than Half A Century Carrying A Cargo Too Terrifying To Contemplate Now It Has Been Found And Its Terrible Treasure Liberated By Those Who Would Set The World On Fire.A Remote Viewer Working In Top Secret For The U.S Government, October Guinness Can See Events Occurring On The Other Side Of The Globe But She And Her Loose Cannon Partner, CIA Agent Jax Alexander Who Questions The Validity Of Tobie S Gift Have Arrived Too Late To Prevent A Bloodbath And Perhaps The Apocalypse As Well Now Every Second Brings The Unthinkable A Step Closer And Places Tobie And Jax In The Gunsights Of Powerful Enemies In Frighteningly High Places As They Race To Connect The Dots Between An Impending Catastrophe And A Nightmare Cultivated Decades Earlier By Nazi Scientists With An Evil Agenda About To Become All Too Real The first book in this series, The Archangel Project, was a wonderfully evocative and addictive thriller set in New Orleans Written by authors who knew the city intimately, it succeeded in using the city s neighborhoods and museums to give life to an exciting mix of spies, terrorists, bureaucrats, the paranormal, and the city s problems after Hurricane Katrina It grabbed you and kept hold of you until the last page.I was therefore eagerly awaiting the second book in the series and was not disappointed Although not set in New Orleans, it continues and expands upon the same mix of secret agents and paranormal powers This time, Nazis, lost German submarines, and the fall of the Soviet Union are thrown into the mix, giving the story an international scope and exciting, exotic feel.In a manner slightly suggestive of Dan Brown, the authors base much of their work on real events Additionally, the authors mine their personal experience in military intelligence and in writing
3.5 stars Fun to read Very plot driven, roller coaster of a book. The Solomon Effect 2009 371 pages by C S Graham.I picked this book up at a Borders that was closing, and got it for 70 or 80% off Without the steep discount I never would have looked at Graham The book turned out to be really riveting I flew through it The science fiction y part of the book is remote viewing and the sword of Solomon CIA man Jax Alexander and remote viewer October Guiness are looking into the disappearance of some cargo of a salvaged WW II era Nazi sub Jax is sent to investigate the sub that Tobie has seen in her viewing All the essential agents are sent on real missions and Jax is stuck with what is likely a wild goose chase Tobie petitions her boss to go into the field The two of them working together strive to thwart the terrorist plot.I really enjoyed it, and thought it was excellent After finishing I thought it reminded me of how a crime drama TV show or movie is written It may be a little formulaic Of course, there are formulas bec
A well written thriller who dun it With a race to save the world as we know it So a fun read What was most interesting was the notes telling us which parts were fiction and which were fact I am not so sure that the facts were chilling than the fiction. 3.5 stars.Another rip roaring, race against a deadline thriller This time Tobie and Jax are running all over Russia and the Middle East trying to find out just what deadly cargo the Nazi sub was carrying when it was sunk at the end of WWII Tobie gets to show off her foreign language skills in this one.Once again the bad guys are dramatically eliminated, in ones and twos, as the story progresses The reader knows who the big baddies are, almost from the beginning The mystery is in id
Formulaic, but a fast and somewhat entertaining read. Published 2009 Standard mystery thriller Not enough Nazis ha. The second of three books so far featuring Remote Viewer Tobie Guiness and CIA agent and black sheep Jax Alexander, the book continues their adventures with a new problem, based around the cargo of a Nazi U boat recovered near Russia.After reading the first book, The Archangel Project, I was eager to read this book, the next in the series but it took me a while to find it because the teaser chapter included in the first book gave an incorrect title The Deadlight Connection.As in the first book, the book is action packed and well informed on intelligence operations The incredible globe trotting of Jax and Tobie sometimes strains credulity than the remote viewing.What I particularly enjoy in this series is that the authors C.S Graham is a pseudonym of a writing duo provide a list of topics, entities and events f
MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS.Fun i.e., tense thriller centering on a young woman Navy officer who has the skill of remote viewing, seeing details of places, objects, people she has never even met or been to Tobie, the woman, has language abilities and her sensing talent She teams up w Jax Alexander, a U.S govt agent who has espionage and combat skills, and no faith in Tobie s gift.There s a sense of romantic potential between the two, as they save the world fr a terrible Nazi era weapon the ability to infect the air in public places w an organism that will kill only Semites Jews Israelis plus Middle Eastern Arabs.Rogue U.S military and industrial parties want to unleash the organism to wipe out practically everyone in the Middle East, defusing the perennial Middle East conflict and allowing U.S companies to i

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  • The Solomon Effect (Jax Alexander Mystery #2)
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