Tegen Punishment (Tegens Book 3)

Tegen Punishment (Tegens Book 3) PDF Epub Tegen Punishment Tegens Book 3 Author Inge Lise Goss Bystricepodhostynem.eu Who Will Be The Spider S Next Victim For Over Two Years A Treacherous Tegen Has Evaded Capture By Enforcers, Executing Anyone Who Crosses His Path.Recruited To Assist A Tegen Enforcer, Sara Jones Is On A Desperate Hunt To Stop The Renegade Who Has No Regard For Human, Or Spider, Life To Penetrate The Religious Compound He Uses As His Hideout, She Must Conceal Her True Identity But Finding The Elusive Tegen Is Difficult Than She May Have Imagined, And The Compound Is Far Dangerous Than Anyone Could Have Known A Dangerous Criminal Ally With His Own Agenda When A Notorious Crime Boss Shows Up In Town, Sara Enlists His Help, But He Has His Own Agenda, One That May Advance His Criminal Enterprise.As Mayhem Erupts, She Must Outwit Unsavory Zealots And Find The Killer Before Her Cover Is Blown The Clock Is Ticking Can She Bring The Fugitive To Justice Before It S Too Late This Action Packed Fantasy Thriller Constantly Leaves You On The Edge Of Your Seat Tegen Punishment Is The Third Book In The Tegen Series After Reading The Tegen Definition At The Beginning Of The Novel, It Can Easily Be Read As A Standalone Story Scroll Up And Grab Your Copy Today Inge Lise Goss has a talent for combining spiders, an occult, and mobsters into an enthralling novel, Tegen Punishment Tegens Book 3 The introduction gives you enough information about what Tegens for this novel to standalone, but may characters within its pages where key plans in previous books Sara Jones broke the rules and her punishment could be serious, but they gave her a choice to bring in a rogue Tegen enforcer as her sentence Though I am not a fan of spiders, I could not put Tegen Punishment down until I read to the last page Inge Lise Goss keeps the plot around Sara while developing the other characters Sara found she
Probably would have given it a 5 stars for the action and the way the story went, but it just was too difficult to get the idea who the good and the bad ones where at the end of the book At least the main character seems to have some kind of conscience.Loved reading again about the Tegen, the book fits very well in with the first two books.If you
This is the third book in the Tegens series I really enjoyed it.Sara Jones is a wonderful character When I first met her in The Tegen Cave I wanted to shake some sense into her I feel that she has grown and adjusted well into her new life as a Tegen as the series has gone on I love watching characters grow and mature.It has been two years since I read the second book Nevertheless, I easily slipped back into the tale This story continues from the previous book and sees Sara facing disciplinary action for helping Wendy However, her punishment is slightly unusual She finds herself going undercover to locate a rogue Tegen hiding in a religious compound She will need to keep her wits about her as the danger mounts.I started this story and was hooked from the first page and didn t put it down until I d finished it So why the 4 stars There were some things about the story that bugged me no pun intended even though I can t put my finger on the exact reasons why I think it may have been my mood at the time of reading or the time difference between reading book 2 and this one that may have influenced me It is told through the eyes of Sara and the reader is taken on a roller coaster ride of action, adventure, mystery and danger I love the way the story unfolds There are some interesting characters introduced, such as
am not big on spiders, yet the author did an amazing set of books that have these special spiders in them.Sara is a put on a big case to help bring in a Tegen who has gone awol so to speak and is hurting people Not only that this person is okay with using the spiders in a way that they should not be used Sara has to go undercover yet what happens when she is discovered Well you have to see about that.This case will not be easy, she will find herself in certain predicaments that she will be lucky
Look look bodies dead people Nevada author Inge Lise Goss was born in Denmark, raised in Utah and graduated from the University of Utah, magna cum laude She and her husband live in the majesty of Red Rock Canyon and after a career as a certified public accountant Now she drinks in the scenery and turns it into her novels.Described by Inge Lise as a paranormal web of romance, mystery and horror we can be sure at the outset of this series that Inge Lise s gift for weaving mystery thrillers that dip into fantasy sci fi will be another winner for her just she displayed in CISCO BANDITS and THE COST OF CRUDE Now in this series TEGENS of which this is Book 3 THE TEGEN CAVE is Book 1, TEGEN JUSTICE is Book2 her manner of developing her plots and her characters is sure, polished, and yet with enough co existing suspense to hold our attention to the last page Her synopsis underlines this direction Who Will Be The Spider s Next Victim For over two years a treacherous Tegen has evaded capture by enforcers, executing anyone who crosses his path Recruited to assist a Tegen enforcer, Sara Jones is on a desperate hunt to stop the renegade who has no regard for human, or spider, life To penetrate the religious compound he uses as his hideout, she must conceal her true identity But finding the elusive Tegen is difficult than she may have imagined, and the compound i
Thrills to the EndAgain, I wish to thank the author for participating in the Kindle Unlimited nlimited program I have truly enjoyed the Tegen series and look forward to reading by this author.After the events in Baton Rouge, Sarah must return home to face her punishment for harboring Wendy.Even though Sara was sure that her punishment would be relatively light given the circumstances of her harboring Wendy, she was amazed at the punishment she did receive.Punishment the council decided upon was for Sara to work with Kendall maybe or even because of the fact that she is terrified of Kendall to find a rogue Tegan As she looks, she comes upon Conner again it seems he is following her everywhere This time however is different Sara wants him there.Sara s task in helping Kendall locate the rogue Tegen is to determine whic
Tegen Punishment , the third volume in the Tegens dark fantasy series by author Inge Lise Goss, is a delightfully creepy read I haven t read volumes 1 2, so I wasn t sure if I would be able to keep up with what is going on or not, but it actually wasn t as hard to get into it as I had initially feared As a first time reader, I did find the prologue explaining exactly what a Tegen is very helpful and am grateful the author included it I do have a real affinity for spider related plots, especially in creepy or horror stories In some ways this plot reminded me of some Syfy channel movies I have seen unlike some people, I have an odd kind of love for Syfy original films, so that is actually a complement coming from me in case you were wondering I enjoyed the writing style throughout, and thought the author did a great job at creating reali
A action packed fantasy adventure Tegen Punishment is a story of betrayal, love, murder, and Sara Jones has been recruited to track down a Tegen and stop the killing before it s too late In this story, we follow Sara as she must go undercover to find this rogue killer before the secret is revealed to the world In this world, spider and human DNA has been successfully mixed to create a super species that is nearly indestructible When one goes on a killing spree, Sara must stop him at any cost The story is well written and the third book in the series I haven t read the first two yet but this one is written so you can jump in on book three and not be lost I found the characters to be well developed and the imagination
Tegen Punishment, book three in the Tegens series by Inge Lise Goss This last book left me with a bitter sweet feeling, on the one hand I am sad because I figure the series is done now and I have grown to love the books On the other hand it really knitted up the story line very nicely.This book is action packed It is a mystery, a paranormal story, a page turner In the end little is left to do but to sit back and get lost in a story that plays off in front of the reader s eye.I must admit, book one left me shaky I am not exactly a spider friendly person And book one was all about spiders By book three, still spi
If you haven t read the first two books in this series have no fear You can actually keep up with this book without them as there is an awesome prologue that will help you get up to speed You ll need this to be able to catch up though because the book is a page turner from the very first page I love the concept of the human spider combination as it is presented in a way that comic books haven t yet tackled and probably couldn t The paranormal element is thrilling as is the plot I couldn t resist staying up all night pouring through the pages and am exci