Movie Dynasty Princesses

Movie Dynasty Princesses Movie Dynasty Princesses Free Download Author Jennifer K Lafferty The Fascinating Lives Of Celebrated Broadway Producer Irene Mayer Selznick A Streetcar Named Desire The Chalk Garden , And Leading Socialite Edith Mayer Goetz, Are Explored In This Revealing Double Bio As The Daughters Of Iconic MGM Mogul Louis B Mayer, They Were Hollywood Royalty Through Their Marriages To High Profile Film Producers Irene To David O Selznick Gone With The Wind And Edith To Future Universal Mogul William Goetz The Sisters Each Carved Out Her Own Distinctive Niche In Hollywood, While Supporting And Influencing Their Husbands Work.Edie Rose To Prominence As Queen Bee Of Movie Industry Society Irene Left Her Husband And Started A New Life In New York, Where She Embarked On An Ambitious Career As A Theatrical Producer, Not Only Succeeding With Major Hit Plays, But Blazing A Trail For Women In The Theater Set Against The Glamorous The Backdrop Hollywood S Golden Age And Post War Broadway, Movie Dynasty Princesses Chronicles The Exciting, Inspiring And Sometimes Heartbreaking Journeys Of These Rivalrous Sisters Who Strived To Make Their Dreams Come True. This book is riddled with inaccuracies and opinions dressed up as facts It is very clear the writer wanted to throw this text out into the marketplace for a quick buck No one from our family was contacted by the author I am one of two Mayer family historians the other being my cousin Daniel Mayer Selznick, the only surviving son of Irene Mayer, and who would be appalled at this book Of the two of us, I am very easy to find and contact through my website, and my Twitter and Facebook accounts RealAliciaMayer A quick internet search using Louis B Mayer, Edie Mayer Goetz, Irene Mayer Selznick, Daniel Mayer Selznick as search terms etc would ve located me instantly This book should be pulled and the author should work with the living family members, which is how legitimate non fiction is usual
Some Hollywood biographies, while in depth, are very hard to read They are dense and can be convoluted, trying to pack too much in too little space That is SO not the case with Movie Dynasty Princesses An easy read They variou
Of course I like it I wrote it I hope everyone enjoys reading MDP as much as I enjoyed writing and researching it during the two years I worked on the project, and that you will find the lives of these two amazi
The life times of some of Hollywood s early 19th Century most prominent wealthy film theater producers, owners, the legionary actors actresses The main focus is on Louis B Mayer Jewish, ex husband father, Metro Goldwyn MayerMGM mogul, authoritarian, Lazar Meir , Dumier, Ukrain , Margaret Mayer ex wife mother, nee Shenberg, submissive, MA sanatorium , Lorena Danker widow, Louis 2nd wife , Suzanne 12, Lorena s daughter step , Edith Edie Mayer Goetz Edi la , Louis eldest daughter sister, socialite, survived influenza , David O Selznick Irene s ex husband, film producer, gambler, former MGM asst story editor, unfaithful Dr Room therapist , Jennifer Jones Robert s ex wife mother, David s GF , Irene Mayer Selznick ex wife, Louis youngest daughter sister, Broadway producer , Lewis Jeffrey Jeff Selznick son brother , Danny Selznick son brother , William Bill Goetz Universal International Pictures Inc mogul.A must read for all 19th Century movie buff s I did not receive any type of compensation for reading reviewing this book While I receive free books from publishers authors, I am under no obligation to write a positive review Only an honest one A very awesome book cover, great font writing style A
VeryGood readings biography it told much about the family and daughters life down to the grandson and granddaughters and the great grand kids I gave the book 4stairs I received a free copy of the Kindle version of this book in return for an honest review.I enjoyed this dual biography of the daughters of Louis B Mayer As the scions of one of the most legendary producers and studio heads in Hollywood s already stacked history, both Irene and Edith Mayer had difficult obstacles to overcome in their lives The fact they did so, creating identities and accomplishments in their own right, is a testament to their drive and willpower.It s clear that Jennifer Lafferty has a passion for the topic and the history of Hollywood the book is packed with information and anecdotes, and her writing is clear and direct It is an easy book to find yourself taking big chunks out of at each sitting But I wanted to love it much than I actually did.This is a good biography of two women with missed potential to be a great story about them and the worlds they lived in The book could use the hand of a strong editor, both to proofread and to provide structure to the story I wanted those early days of the motion picture industry
What could have been a good book just isn t.This is a book with no footnotes, note ends, and no references This author quoted from other books and maybe Google so nothing new or fresh She never contacted or spoke to a member of