The Corpsman and the Nerd (The Morrison Family, Book 2)

The Corpsman and the Nerd (The Morrison Family, Book 2) PDF Epub The Corpsman And The Nerd The Morrison Family, Book 2 D.R Grady Jobs In When KC Gil Wanted Something To Heat Up Her Cold, Lonely Nights, She Should Have Been Specific Sand, Unbearable Heat, And Caring For The Wounded In Kuwait Wasn T What She Had In Mind An Ocean Between Her And Max Morrison, Her Business Partner And Best Friend And The Man Caring For Her Son And Dog Has Caused Her To View Max In A Different Light Now She Has To Struggle With Growing Feelings For The One Man She Can T Do Without Will Telling Him Destroy Their Precious Friendship Sigh If I wasn t a fan of DR Grady there is no way I would have made it this book I have an investment in this series and these characters so I read on but it wasn t good The characters are great Max is funny, tender, smart KC is real and dedicated The Morrison Clan is over the top The premise is good Best Friends to lovers and the heroine gets called to serve in the Middle Eastern Wars as a doctor in field hospital We have the fun email romance or we are promised that The truth is we get little romance which is okay since Max has already known he loved her and KC realizes it just before she leaves it gets solidified through letters and pictures and Max s care taking of her son and dog Here is what is wrong So much telling So much We are told when things are funny They things that should be funny are really you had to be there funny moments so that are not funny Heartwarming but not funny We are told information and then retold the same information in email
The author successfully gives the average civilian reader a glimpse of the hardships and difficulties a relationship faces when one person is deployed I thoroughly enjoyed Book 2, almost as much as Book 1 The characters were completely lovable but even importantly, they were believable Also, I like the
Really cute i like how this one and the first in the series the relationships grow because of the emails and pictures sent back and forth between the main characters really good loving the series