Shadows and Spice (The Morrison Family book 5)

Shadows and Spice (The Morrison Family book 5) BOOKS Shadows And Spice The Morrison Family Book 5 By D.R Grady Greg Gil Fought Hard Against Returning To Hershey, PA He Has Trouble Breathing In A Town With So Many Morrisons Running Around Janine Morris, A Woman As Deeply Entrenched In Secrets And Special Military Skills As Him, Only Adds To His Discomfort Keeping His Family Safe Is His Number One Goal So Why Do Janine S Haunted Amber Eyes Keep Enticing Him To Throw Away All His Cares And Concerns To Join Forces With A Woman Who Could Bring All His Enemies Right Down On The Morrison Family Cute Story, don t know if i liked it as much as some of the others but still really good Wish that it would have explained the island relatives a littleand how they would fit into the family later, but still good. Different from the previous books in the series Though I liked having Janine Greg s story it was way different Seemed like too many coincidences far fetched ideas BUT, I LOVE the Morrison family so it was OK.