Hades' Gate

Hades' GateEPUB Hades Gate Author D.J Doyle Jwdfitness.co.uk An Alternate Cover For This ASIN Can Be Found Here A Mild Horror Novelette With A Little Bite When A Group Of Treasure Hunters Dive To The Depths Of An Underwater Cavern Seeking The Find Of A Lifetime What They Find Could Determine Not Only Their Fate But The Fate Of The World What Happens When The Hunters Become The Hunted The aptly named Hades Gate delivers on its promise, a dive into deep, murky waters of greed and death After a brief omen of things to come we meet Evan, James, Becky, Rose, and Jason This unlikely group of adventures come together in the exotic location of Peloponnese, Greece to search for underwater, forbidden treasure The story lingers just long enough at a Greek Villa to introduce the characters, establish their relationships, and ever teasing a little sexual tension before cruising out to the principal site, a dangerous set of underwater caves This is a six chapter short story or novelette, and in less than ten thousand words Doyle deftly manages to establish six unique characters, explore a couple of striking locations, and tell a harrowing tale Doyle is at her best probing relationships and playing character s off one and other But the finish is just as rewarding, tense and upsetting, using the fantastic fina
Jason, the leader of a treasure hunting crew, is sure that riches beyond the groups wildest dreams will soon be theirs as they explore a cave system believed to hold the mythical gate to Hades He knows the legends of Hades, but is sure the stories were only created to dissuade explorers from raiding ancient treasure But sometimes facts are stranger than fiction, and the gates to the underworld should never be opened.I read Hades Gate in a single sitting and was not able to put it down The first chapter really hooks the reader, but the second chapter starts slowly, introducing the group of treasure hunters However, once the group sets off to explore the cave system the action really ramps up, and so does the body count As much as I did enjoy this short tale, there were some areas where the writing could have been cleaner A lot of time is spent telling the reader who the five treasure hunters
Hades Gate written by D.J Doyle.Ever feared the unknown, dark places, or what may be hidden in those dark places Not the fear that makes you jump out of your skin but the kind that makes the hair on your neck stand on end and your pulse quicken Hades Gate did this to me the story moves kind of fast the characters are a tad bit vague, but put together and really exciting I am not sure if it was on purpose but I
My first experience with D.J Doyle was the extreme horror novelette, Red, which was a short blast that packed a hell of a punch This entity here, Hades Gate is another novelette, which though also planted solidly in the horror genre, is a much restrained affair, albeit laden with plenty of action and adventure The book follows Rose, Evan, Becky, James, and Jason, a collective of keen treasure hunters from various parts of the world, combining to search for treasure in Peloponnese, Greece Hiring a boat, they re taken on a night trip to go diving in order to reach Cape Matacan cave, certain the treasure they seek will be located there Soon enough however, there are concerning things to worry about than treasure.As Hades Gate is only short, there isn t too much time wasted in character preamble and build up, but Doyle paints a sufficient picture to get the gist, and then lands the quintet of treasure hunters right in the thick of the action, with deaths and disappearances The prose is lean and snappy, and words aren t squandered, as the pace rolls along pretty swiftly It s a nice meld of horror with ancient history, and isn t short on the adventure either, despite the brief duration of the tale, and evokes some suitably creepy and occasionally claustrophobic atmospheres.Personally, I feel as though the short length of the book is something of a double edged sword Though Doyle exce
Who doesn t love a book about treasure hunters and the quest to find hidden riches This little gem of a story takes you on a quick, action packed, and thrilling ride as you follow the main characters all the way up to the brutal end It takes some serious talent to squeeze so much information in a short story and manage to do it justice while leaving the reader wanting , yet Doyle weaves this tale so expertly that once you finish, you ll think twice of open water excursions ever again.I
I thoroughly enjoyed this grim little horror short This is an excellent short story Doyle has done an excellent job of building the suspense and the reader s awareness of the sinister before making them gasp and recoil as the action heats up The characters are all very believable, and will remind the reader of people or, at least, types of people they know Their banter and conversations draw the reader in, building familiarity with the characters so that by the time the st
I read the description of this story and it kind of reminded me of the book Sphere which I loved, so I picked it up and gave it a try Wow Strong characterization, creepy scenes, action scenes, and an ending that delivered A lot for a little book
A very short suspense thriller Excellent descriptions and realistic characters Filled with suspense, action and horror Quite gruesome in parts which is a must for any horror Shows you shouldn t mess with the unknown and what greed can do Recommend to fans of short stories, horror,thriller, a
I absolutely loved this little novelette From the descriptions of the locations to the relationship dynamics of the team it all fit together to make and an amazingly creepy tale of greed, love, fear, and loss Not to mention awesome music references haha.If, like me, you are a book worm and you are heading off somewhere or if you have a quiet hour to yourself , this is the perfect read for you Just the right amount of horror,
I adore ancient classical history I also really love horror The two are blended perfectly in this short tale It starts quick, with just enough pause to know who is who before the adventure begins The foreboding builds fast, with wonderful imagery and taut action Perfect pacing grabbed me and