Ghost Town (A Viola Valentine Mystery Book 2)

Ghost Town (A Viola Valentine Mystery Book 2) Reading Ghost Town A Viola Valentine Mystery Book 2 Author Cherie Claire Every Day At Dusk, In A Small Louisiana Town, The Dead Emerge From Lorelei Lake And Travel Writer Viola Valentine Must Use Her Gift Of Seeing Ghosts To Rid This Town Of Its Apparitions Viola Struggles Not Only With The Task At Hand, But Hopes That This Evolving Ability She Obtained After Hurricane Katrina Will Help Her Reach Her Beloved Lillye Yet, The Viola Struggles To Talk To Her Departed Daughter, The Frustrated She Gets Plus, It S 2008, The Height Of The Great Recession, Travel Jobs Are Hard To Come By, And Her Suffocating Family And Ex Husband Keep Making Demands She Takes Solace In A New Love Interest, One Who Teaches Her How To Harness Her Anger In The End, Viola Realizes That Only Love Can Solve Her Problems, From Ridding Ghosts Of Lakeside Towns To Healing A Broken Heart Ghost Town, Book Two In The Viola Valentine Mystery Series By Award Winning Author Cherie Claire BOOK DETAILS Contemporary Paranormal Mystery Book Two Of The Viola Valentine Mystery Series A Full Length Novel Of Approximately 80,000 Words R Rated Content Light Sexuality Set In Louisiana And The Deep South Other Books By Cherie Claire Viola Valentine Mystery Series A Ghost Of A Chance The Cajun Series Emilie Rose Gabrielle Delphine A Cajun Dream The Letter The Cajun Embassy Ticket To Paradise Damn Yankees Gone Pecan I very much recommend this book the first book in the series A Ghost of a Chance to anyone who wants to read a very different type of mystery The characters are well drawn complex even to Stinky, the cat.I was drawn in Ghost Town from the beginning, and remained absorbed throughout the whole book I have to amit that I didn t always like the choices that were made, but understood why they were made.This different approch in a mystery novel intrigued me it was nothing like I ever read before, serious, but with humor sprinkled here and there The main character, Viola, is fiesty and complex, and the author described New Orleans and the areas around New Orleans so well that it was like reading about another character I will definately keep on reading this series The only thing I did not like was the cover as it did not fit the book, this is not a
I like this series a lot it makes me laugh and cry and get angry Good signs Viola is an angry and stressed out lady, just trying to make it through life I love that she is learning to accept her gifts and that she is working hard to kee
Like the Germans would say Wunderbar.As you can see I like the book a lot Viola is so angry at what happened to her in life that it is clouding her rational thinking and acting inappropriate, but it looks like she is getting her act together.Her husband may not be the smartest, but he is like
Wiw The author does an excellent job of making us care about her characters so clearly that he want them bash Viola, the main character, over the head every time she s mean to TB As for the mystery, I double dog
Scooby Doo meets the ghost whisperI don t think this author likes Yankees , it s thrown around quite a bit about us northern people The last book the sister was pregnant, 2 book the kid is two years old if not older , it bounces around to much. Love, love, love this book This book was great fun and I loved every minute of it This series deserves than five stars and it s a pity it had to end, but I m hoping there will be from Ms Claire and Viola Valentine very soon. The characters are endearing, the locations and images evocative, and the mystery is enthralling I stayed up way too late last night reading this, and I don t regret it I really like this series Wonderful I really enjoyed this book It was as good as the first one in the series, maybe better I admire an author that does that I look forward to the next book. Love this series Claire s books really move Can t wait till the next one