Tantalize[PDF / Epub] ☆ Tantalize By Cynthia Leitich Smith – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Are you predator or preyCLASSIFIED ADS RESTAURANTSSANGUINI'S A VERY RARE RESTAURANT IS HIRING A CHEF DE CUISINE DINNERS ONLYAPPLY IN PERSON BETWEEN 200 AND 400 PMuincie Morris has never felt alone Her Are you predator or preyCLASSIFIED ADS RESTAURANTSSANGUINI'S A VERY RARE RESTAURANT IS HIRING A CHEF DE CUISINE DINNERS ONLYAPPLY IN PERSON BETWEEN AND PMuincie Morris has never felt alone Her parents are dead and her hybrid werewolf first love is threatening to embark on a rite of passage that will separate them forever Then as she and her uncle are about to unveil their hot vampire themed restaurant a brutal murder leaves them scrambling for a chef Can uincie transform their new hire into a culinary Dark Lord before opening night Can he wow the crowd in his fake fangs cheap cape and red contact lenses or is there to this earnest face than meets the eye As human and preternatural forces clash a deadly love triangle forms and the line between predator and prey begins to blur Who's playing whom And how long can uincie play along before she loses everything Tantalize marks Cynthia Leitich Smith's delicious debut as a preeminent author of dark fantasy. This turned out to be an original concept that was executed poorly The story uickly spirals into an insufferable teen drama filled with clichéd characters and terrible choicesuincie the main character is trying to reopen her family's restaurant after a recent murder on the premises She has to come up with the menu hire the staff and organize just about everything She tries to act like an adult but she isn't really one and so she misses all of the signs an actual adult would have seen She trusts and subseuently pushes the wrong people away and ends up making some of the worst choices she could possibly makeMy main problem with this book was how stupid uincie acts She's given multiple chances to figure out what's going on but she chooses to be blind to her surroundings instead of actually dealing with her problems Instead of following her instincts she ignores everything and does exactly what she shouldn't doShe has a best friend who will do anything for her and decides that he's the one whom she needs to fear It's incredibly frustrating when you can see the signs of what's actually going on You're practically beaten over the head with who the villain is and it's incredibly annoying that she can't seem to figure things out Yet this story is just different and interesting enough to hold your attention to where you want to see how things endI've seen that the next book in this series isn't actually about the characters from this book so I'm reluctant to continue I am curious to see where things will end up but I'm not exactly chomping at the bit I just wish I wasn't constantly reading young adult books that failed even though they're fantasy in delivering a coherent and believable story Just because it's fantasy doesn't mean your characters have to be stupid I'll just have to see if this series continues in this vein but I'm not optimistic This book annoys me Not the subject matter that's ok I mean it IS teen fic What bugs me is the writing The author lives in Austin Texas which is where the book takes place and so do I which is part of the reason it interested me But she really wants to make sure you know the story takes place in Texas yall Seriously every few paragraphs she's name dropping some local landmark or phenomena Done correctly and respectfully this can add flavor to a story but it's done so poorly in this book that it's just distracting So much effort is spent on these minor details that the characters are never developed In fact I gained no love for any of them They all seem too shallow to be realI give this book one star for readability in spite of its flaws and the other simply because I'm a forgiving personYou know what? I'm going to edit this review I've been thinking about it and I've decided that the second star is for daring Some one finally wasn't afraid to have a teenage girl get bitten on the tits by a vampire Kudos Cynthia Smith VampireWerewolf fiction is always a hot seller CLS has done some research using B Stoker's Dracula and has made a main character uincie Morris based on some information found within Our uincie is from Austin and she is struggling with running a family restaurant They've decided to close down re model and open a vampire diner Recently I heard one book reviewer say You know how you always see those 'KeepAustinWeird' shirts? Wellthis certainly fits There are some recognizable figures and landmarks such as Leslie the homeless tranny that you can sometimes see walking the streets in a thong and CLS does a decent job of creating a plot that moves uickly enoughThe problem she has introduced you to an alternate world without adeuately setting up the boundaries of the world For example humans are supposed to know about were animals and they are supposed to co exist People know about vampires however the rules on the interactions are very hazy and seem to switchI would have liked some clearer definitions I am sure that this will go over well with those looking to fill a void while vampire fiction is introduced but to be honest it wasn't my favorite It was right up there with Blue Bloods Really? Did i just read this whole book to get zero resolution and be suckered into a seuel? I'm not having it HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAOh my gosh what the crap was that? Did that just happen??? Friends this book makes Twilight look PLAUSIBLE It makes it look like ARTI considered for a while giving this only one star using of course The Amber Room as my ruler and decided this is just as bad but in a different way It is certainly full of cliches the author certainly loves an angsty sentence fragment but it is also just plain crazy She assumes that you will accept the rules she's set up for her world but doesn't give the reader any time to absorb them or even really hear them in the first place the vampirewerewolf mythology she uses is uite different from the norm but I always felt like I was asking waitwhat???? It was overly complex without any payoff and she was constantly tacking things onto it throughout the story until it was just a mess She also doesn't allow the reader to get to know the characters at all before weird stuff starts happening so you don't realize that anything is supposed to be out of the norm uincie drinking doesn't seem weird other than from a personal standpoint until you are told near the end that this is something that vampires have been compelling her to do and it's not normal for her Thanks for letting me know that Cynthia Leitich Smith There were so many things that just seemed weird the fact that she misses so much school the school encouraging her towards home schooling her constant fighting with her best friend being kissed by girls THE FACT THAT SHE EATS A BABY SUIRREL but I just had to assume that it was normal for her since I wasn't given any help from the author However it is apparently normal for her to name her planner and then kiss and hug it in a lengthy passage because once she comes out of her stupor that's the first thing she does And the plot What? So convoluted and just kind of boring I assumed that maybe I hadn't been paying enough attention and missed some stuff at the beginning but even reading synopses make it sound completely crazy For all its faults at least Twilight makes sense logically in terms of plot and it has a narrative that moves forward and encourages the reader to keep reading It's full of filler but the story unfolds in a way that makes sense This book just throws you in and calls it creative It is not It is bad I can't even go into all the details of what made this so laughably bad and yes I laughed out loud many many times Everything about it is stupid What freaks me out the most is that the author teaches creative writing at a university and uses her self congratulatory afterward to explain all the literary references she included in the plot I recognized none of them while reading the book and I have read most of her sources but then again I was laughing too much Again it could have been a whole heck of a lot better I found it chaotic for the most part not that well written with of an ick factor than anything else It was unclear at first if the existence of vampires and werepeople was common knowledge though it appears that it is in Smith's world It is simply that they still aren't very well liked for the obvious reasons so no one exactly advertises if they happen to be one My biggest problems with this book apart from the vulgarity as that auincie becomes a vampire through food tasting and wine no less How lame was that? And how stupid could she get? Did it not seem odd that Brad and Uncle D were practically shoving the wine down her gullet? uestionable behavior for anyone especially a guardian? So she was practically drunk for 34 of the book and being turned into a vampire Which leads to problem bKieran spelling? did a bang up job saving her from being turned Yeah swell attempt there you push over Surely he could have seen that there was something very wrong with his friend if only from her being inebriated the majority of the time Or was he just too self absorbed in his own issues to try and pay attention to what was happening to his friend? Whatever the case how incredibly frustratingA seuel is coming out next spring Eternal but what can there be to write about? She ruined the characters and sorry but I have read enough about vampires struggling against their damned natures and failing to last me a lifetime Find a new idea seriously because this one has been done to death No pun intended Want to see bookish things from me? Check out my youtube channel Stars This review is going to be filled with sarcasm sorry not sorryAfter the death of her parents uince is trying to reopen her family's Vampire themed restaurant Not to mention that her bestfriend boyfriend???? is a hybrid werewolf who is almost the age when he will have to leave her to find his own pack Talk about stressful But then the chef is suddenly murdered by what appears to be a were beast attack and uince must uickly find a replacement and train him to be the vampire king before the opening night Mysterious Brad shows up on her doorstep saying that her good ol' Uncle D hired him for the job without consulting anyone so OBVIOUSLY she instantly trusts him and he begins his seduction of the UNDERAGE GIRL This book was not good uince is probably the DUMBEST person alive She's a senior in highschool trying to act like an adult but she acts like she is 5 years old She spends 34 of the book drunk and making dumb decisions because of it She makes the stupidest decisions left right and centre and then is surprised when things fall apart ALSO she is apparently in the restaurant when her very good friend the chef is brutally murdered and she just goes about her day like its no big deal like I'm sorry I thought you considered him to be family? I am mucho confuso For a good chunk of the book uince just complained about how her best friend kind of maybe sort of boyfriend Kieran the half werewolf half human wouldn't hold her hand Like girl no one cares She goes on and on about how he's going to leave her forever to join his wolf pack but then Bradley shows up and suddenly her best friend kind of maybe sort of boyfriend Kieran the half werewolf half human doesn't matter to her any and is a big bad scary wolf man trying to kill people Like girl make up your mind damn Also very confused on the whole world building of this book apparently humans know that vampires werewolves and other creatures exist but it's never explained why like why are there werepossoms who decided that should be a thing? For than half the book I had honestly no idea what was even happening or what direction the book was going and then all of a sudden she's drugged in a basement being groped by a vampire dumb Tantalize itself means to torment or tease with the sight or promise of something that is unobtainable or withheld I personally cannot think of a better word to describe this dark fantasyuince Morris lives in world that is a little different from our own Not much different really just this small thing about werewolves and vampires being real But uince isn’t worried about that her best friend Kieren happens to be a hybrid werewolf Not only is he her best friend she wishes they were but the fear of his monster within keeps him from returning her affectionuince doesn’t have much Her parents have passed away leaving her in the care of her Uncle Davidson and her prized possession her families restaurant Within weeks of the reopening of the now vampire themed restaurant all chaos breaks loose The restaurants chef and friend Vaggio is murdered werewolf style uince must now turn the new chef Bradley into Sanguini’s prominent vampire and deal with the fact that Kieren is leaving her to join a wolf packAs uince becomes closer with Brad she grows farther apart from Kieren And begins to suspect that Kieren has some involvement in Vaggio’s death But once uince finally realizes who the real Brad is it may be to late to save herself or KierenThis story tantalized me until the end even after the story was over I was captivated by uince and Kieren’s love story as well as the ongoing mystery of Vaggio’s true killer I was totally thrown for a loop I never saw the ending coming it was totally engrossed in the plot that I suspected I really hope there is a seuel Didn't like it at all Didn't pull me in It was too much the old vampirewerewolf story again The climax was anti climatic I didn't identify with any of the characters It left too many uestions wo answers What happened at 2 am or where the werewolf was at that time? Why did Brad give up so easily? Let down There really wasn't much of a resolution either Climax then nothing I mean does the werewolf turn into a vampire too? Does his blood do anything to her? Does he decide to stick it with her or try to join a pack and take her with him? I STILL don't understand what the deal was with all the were things People understand what they are? They don't? How do the police track them or understand HOW to track them? Grr This book is for the non discriminating teen who needs a vampire fix Were creatures are mentioned but they don't do anything cool I thought it was a poorly constructed plot and had weak characterization Very disappointed I was so tempted to give this book one star but I only reserve that honor for ones I simply can't finish If you're in the mood for one of the worst vampwere tales Tantalize is the book for you Tantalize by Cynthia Leitich Smith ranks up there with one of the most disappointing stories I've come across There was nothing tantalizing about this story the characters or the plot The only thing the book has going for it is good art cover The basic premise of the story is that uincie Morris is attempting to run the family business long after the death of her parents with her uncle Davidson The Italian restaurant is undergoing a change from Fat Lorenzo's to a vampire themed restaurant call Sanguini's During the renovation the head chef is murdered leaving uincie to find a replacement while at the same time fielding suspicion that her best friendlove Kieran who is half werewolf may have killed the chef during an uncontrolled shape shifting The characters are poorly developed and shallow the dialog leaves much to be desired and there is absolutely no suspense drama or romance I was bothered by the author's suggestion that underage drinking is acceptable There were several parts of the story where I was confused as to whether the vampires are accepted by society as real or considered mythical I don't think the author could make up her mind Don't even ask me on the lore Cynthia Leitich Smith created around the were's in her story because that didn't make any sense what so ever I do not recommend this book and I'm surprised I finished it considering how much I didn't enjoy it

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