Murder in the Castro: A Lou Spencer Mystery

Murder in the Castro: A Lou Spencer Mystery[Epub] ➝ Murder in the Castro: A Lou Spencer Mystery Author Elaine Beale – Introducing Lou Spencer an ex Brit with a past she wants to forget now making a new life in the Castro district As the manager of an agency which advocates for victims of gay bashing she knows that th Introducing Lou Spencer an the Castro: PDF Í ex Brit with a past she wants to forget now making a new life in the Castro district As the manager of an agency which advocates for victims of gay bashing she knows that threats are to be expected But when she finds one of the project's counselors stabbed to death in his office and her co worker is arrested for the murder her activism becomes personal As the Castro community reacts in outrage Lou is left trying to hold the besieged agency together while looking for evidence to counter the homophobic assumptions Murder in PDF/EPUB ² of the San Francisco Police Department Falling in love with beautiful lesbian cop Alex Ramon adds to the complications. Lou Spencer your normal tomboyish young Englishwoman has fled to San Francisco to escape a bad relationship in her home country Five years have passed and although she has been celibate the entire time she has found a meaningful job as office manager for a LGBT Crisis Management Center But when one of the Client Advocates is murdered in his office after hours her rather insulated existence is disturbed to the max All the indications are that this is a random hate crime but is it?A literary theory professor I know once said that whether or not a reader likes a novel has little to do with its importance I don’t like Madame Bovary for instance but that doesn't mean that Flaubert didn't influence generations of writers Elaine Beale isn't Flaubert yet the professor’s tenet still holds true I didn't care for the novel yet I realize that there are many things uniue and yes important about it Let’s start with theseFirst of all this is what I might call a Movement novel one that chronicles some form of LGBT or women’s politics in the last years of the 20th century Think of Vicki P McConnell’s The Burnton Widows Barbara Wilson’s Murder in the Collective or Mary Wings' She Came Too Late Chronicling the history of this movement is important not only for what it accomplished but because it was so relatively short coming in with the hippies and out with the yuppies Beale gives uite a nice description of an office whose purpose is to help gays and lesbians who have been abused on the street or in the home The second excellent thing about this novel is the mention of same sex domestic abuse; Lou has come to the US to escape from her abusive girlfriend The mystery too is an interesting one I found myself wanting to know who the killer was although an observant reader could have guessed who the culprit was on page 22 It is a fast paced novel moving uickly from one clue to the next To the author’s credit she uses similes instead of plain description Unfortunately a lot of t he comparisons are overstated such as when at a local news conference Lou describes the media as being “like sharks at a feeding frenzy” or “if I ever became mayor I’d not only make car alarms illegal but possession of them punishable by several years hard labor” It as if the phrases could have been and probably were used to better effect somewhere else Like in a stand up comic’s routine The investigating officer is incredibly homophobic Well so was Kate Delafield’s first partner There are clichéd homophobic police investigators in real life; it just isn’t very interesting to read about them Unlike Kate Delafield’s partner who seemed real with a real family and real plans there is nothing distinctive about this man which tells me that the author really didn't know her characters as well as she should have The ending too is obviously staged for effect not coherency Give her a half star for bringing up same sex domestic abuse but take it away again because she only refers to it obliuely—she never really takes us as deeply as she might have into Lou’s abusive relationship with her exAll in all there is nothing terribly wrong with the writing or the characters or the mystery or the romance The writing style and point of view are similar to that of Mary Wings In fact Wings also wrote a book with The Castro in the title in the same year as this one Fans of Wings and Sarah Dreher will probably like this book Unfortunately I’m not a fan of either You know how you sometimes meet someone and the two of you—like me and Flaubert—just don’t click? It is the personality of the writing—and necessarily of the first person narrator—that keep this book from getting than 3 stars But that is still a fairly good rating consideringNote I read the first New Victoria printing of this novel Another Note This review is included in my book The Art of the Lesbian Mystery Novel along with information on over 930 other lesbian mysteries by over 310 authors If this book is read by a mistery novel is great really liked it But if you read it as a romance novel is not so good I feel no chemestry between the 2 characters involved For me some of the things Lou did were not likely of a person who had a past like hersBut as a mistery I totally recommend it

Murder in the Castro: A Lou Spencer Mystery PDF/EPUB
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  • Murder in the Castro: A Lou Spencer Mystery
  • Elaine Beale
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  • 04 January 2016
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