My Stroke of Luck

My Stroke of Luck[Download] ✤ My Stroke of Luck Author Kirk Douglas – In the six decades since he took to the stage and screen Kirk Douglas has starred in eighty three films nine plays written seven books and made a remarkable commitment to humanitarian causes world wid In the six decades since he took to the stage and screen Kirk Douglas has starred in eighty three films nine plays written seven books and made a remarkable commitment to humanitarian causes world wide Now in My Stroke of Luck My Stroke eBook » his vivid and very personal reflection upon his extraordinary life Kirk Douglas finally completes his story by offering a candid and heartfelt memoir of where it all went rightWritten in his own words Kirk offers tender vignettes of his childhood family and the seminal event that changed his life for the better Kirk offers the lessons that saved him and helped him to heal; he also shares warm memories of some of the most famous figures of our time including Burt Lancaster Michael J Fox and Gary CooperFilled with personal insights and read by Kirk Douglas and his son Michael My Stroke of Luck is an audio sure to inspire all who hear it. This is a great inspirational book Whenever you feel like you are having a bad day pick this upI especially enjoyed Douglas’s “Operators Manual” in the back of the bookThis one is a keeper and I will proudly display it on my shelves This short book was just great It only took maybe a couple of hours to read Kirk talks about his stroke at the age of 80 his struggle with depression and the effort it took to learn to talk again He speaks about his love for God his wife sons and friends and his desire to help other stroke victims He has a wonderful sense of humor This was a uick read that I enjoyed parts of I'm sure some would object to his talk of working through his depression by getting over his self pity but I think it's accurate to his own story which makes it part of the whole spectrum of dealing with mental illness I certainly don't think his story should be ignored just because it doesn't fit someone else's experience That said I did take issue with a lot of his religious comments which while Jewish leaning were closer to generic universalism I wouldn't recommend this for younger readers because of multiple references to sex and breasts though for the most part tasteful references and all lacking in details There are also a lot of references to death and a few to suicide This was an enjoyable uick read Kirk Douglas shares his experience of having a stroke at 83 and how he had to relearn how to speak He acknowledges how blessed he was to have experienced it once he got over his depression about itIt inspired him to return to his Jewish roots appreciate what life still has to offer and keep pushing forward He was greatly inspired by the likes of Christopher Reeves and Michael J Fox who used their situations to teach and inspire othersDefinitely would recommend it An initmate look at the impact a stroke had on his life The humor was a surprise and the spirituality was unexpected Upon meeting God Douglas asks Is this heaven? only to hear God reply HEAVEN You just came from there and goes on to point out the many miracles we take for granted each day As he is practicing his speaking Douglas remarks on the compexity of the English language The buck DOES funny things when the DOES are presentA uick read it was like having a personal conversation with the author This book can easily be read in a sitting It's short with large textTo be honest I was hoping for a deeper story I've had a few people in my life who suffered a stroke and I was hoping it would give me better insight into their depression and struggles Instead it came across as a light read with a lot of name dropping Parts of it were uite interesting but I was definitely left wanting out it That being said you can read it in a couple of hours so it's not really time wasted I just really wanted to connect on an emotional level and that wasn't there at all This book certainly helped me to see beyond myself after it had already been a significant motivating healing factor for my wife Maurine after her minor stroke six weeks ago She was about to wrap it to mail as a gift to our brother in law Philip Brown also a stroke victim when I reminded her that I still wanted to read it To convince her I said I would start to read it right now which I did That was the middle of this afternoon and now it is just after 500 pm The book was a gift to Maurine five weeks ago from our granddaughter in law Ty's wife Katie Christiansen who is a speech therapist I clearly see in Maurine much therapeutic results than only speech What a welcome blessed reminder of honest compassion from someone with the talent wealth and fame of Kirk Douglas This is good but a little scatterbrained at times It's a good reflection on a life well lived and the great people he's been surrounded with I read this immediately following Laughing at My Nightmare by Shane Burcaw a man with SMA and comparing a man who is permanently wheelchair bound and a man recovering from a stroke makes you appreciate some of the little things like being able to speak and eat easily all the A uick read and I'd recommend it to someone who feels trapped by a medical diagnosis such as a stroke Sometimes the road of life rolls a boulder at you and you have to get back up or get pushed down the hill This reads like a letter or journal; I enjoyed feeling that Kirk was writing directly to the reader The most helpful comment was that when he was stuck in bed because of the post stroke medical issues he made a decision that during the day he would think of what to focus on at bedtime a good memory like a dog I hid my favorite bone to be chewed on later That resolved his night time pre sleep anxiety Short sweet positive memoir I enjoyed this very much It had a lot of ideas that I had been thinking about but not put into context Being told you have an incurable cancer that can be managed but not cured for as long as possible isn't exactly like a stroke but it can put a pause on your life Have just gotten to the stage where I realized that I can get on with life just with a whole lot of restrictions This little book reaffirmed that for me Thank you Mr Douglas

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