Stags Run Iron Breakers #1

Stags Run Iron Breakers #1❰Download❯ ➶ Stags Run Iron Breakers #1 Author Zaya Feli – Edited and updated version released June 2017Book one of the Iron Breakers TrilogyRen Frayne is the bastard son of the ueen of Frayne a title he’s than comfortable with when it brings him limited re Edited and updated version released Iron Breakers PDF ↠ June Book one of the Iron Breakers TrilogyRen Frayne is the bastard son of the ueen of Frayne a title he’s than comfortable with when it brings him limited responsibilities and all the luxuries of life he could ever want But when the king and Ren’s half brother Crown Prince Hellic are brutally murdered Ren is accused Now he is forced to flee the city together with the mysterious prisoner Anik who may know how to survive in the wild but who seems to have an agenda of his Stags Run MOBI :¿ own one that may spell danger for RenRen’s accuser now sits on his family’s throne and things are about to get much much worse It may be time to seek help in unexpected places. hate to break it to you but there is nothing subversive about masterslave fiction even if it is gay lol it’s disgusting and i don’t know how shit like this gets published Here it is my first book of 2017I liked the story a lot even though it was nothing I hadn't seen before This is the story of Ren accused of treason against his own family and Anik accused of having killed the King and Crown Prince under Ren's orders You may think this is the typical boy meets boy trope they both escape save each others a few time while they're on the run and fall in love and blablabla Well yeah except for the last part at least for this book and that's what I liked so muchRen and Anik are both strong minded they're full of sass and basically dislike each other so it would have been so damn weird if they had fallen in love within the space of only one week and I'm so glad they didn't Because yeah of course you know something's gonna happen between the two of them but it just wasn't the point of this first book Like do you really fall in love after you've seen your little brother dead on the floor ? No Let's be realistic for one second This book focused mainly on explaining to us why all this shit was happening and on building a kind of friendship between Ren and Anik We needed a book without romance so they could both discover each other without oh gosh he's so hot what if I'm in love with him ? and all this bullshit No we don't have time for this in this first book And I liked it I can't wait to read the second book to see what happens to all of them and see some character development Around the Year in 52 books 201747 A past suggestion that didn't winA book about royalty Another new to me author another DNF This was her debut novel though and I still have hopes for Teeth which was published after this series and is waiting in my TBR pileThe event that sets up this story reuires believing that people would thinkreactbehave in a way I cannot believe they would thinkreactbehave And I'm not just talking one or two characters but a whole host of them It's the plot device that gets the book and presumably series underway and it is simply not credibleI might have been willing to grit my teeth and soldier on but by that point in the book I'd already been unimpressed by the rushed and perfunctory worldbuilding For example the book starts with the lamest boar hunting scene I've ever read Granted I've never hunted boar myself but I'm under the impression that it's a dangerous undertaking dangerous on horseback dangerous on foot just flipping dangerous because boar are strong and smart and brave and do not go gentle into that good night This boar hunt however was infused with all the urgency and sense of peril of a nap in a hammockOh well Better luck next time I'm hoping 🤞🏼 DNF at 30% If I had to use one word to describe the writing style and the story it would be ‘superficial’ There’s nothing awful about this book but everything lacks complexity and depth Big serious even tragic things happen and the writing makes them sound like it’s everyday business Same thing for the worldbuilding I don’t need an essay on slavery if an author wants to include it in their worldbuilding but maybe don’t throw it in like you would say oh look there are goats in this fantasy world and the characters’ reactions which were unrealistic at times with the characters going along with things just because it suited the direction the author wanted the story to takeIn short I liked the idea behind the story and the execution wasn’t terrible but I’m not in the mood to stick with it when I already know the highest rating it could earn from me is 3 stars and even that is in doubt I’m still interested in giving this author another chance though given that this is a debut I came across of a beautiful artwork on tumblr couple of weeks ago and immediately wanted to know who the artist was and who were the characters As it turned out the characters and the art belong to talented Zaya Feli I was even excited to find out that she's writing the the trilogy with these characters The first book is Iron Breakers Stag's Run and it's been available to read since the end of NovemberWhy did I jump into the story as soon as I was able to get my hands on it? Kingdom politics set in medieval ish society with bisexual bastard prince as the protagonistThe book tells us about the bastard prince who was framed for killing his father king and his brother and as a result the enemy forces are in the capital and all the prince can do now is run He escapes the capital with Anik former slave from the other nationOur protagonist is Ren and he's a well drafted little muffin oops I intended to write the serious review but I can't help Ren is adorable he's clueless about life outside of his royal privileges It's great to see him grow and open his eyes on the problems in the country he grew up in but knew nothing about I bet my ereader he will abolish slaverySo a spoiled prince with good heart and total ignorance about life outside his castle He has great arc ahead of him I can't wait to see him grow into the man he can be If he survives the trilogy of courseThe other main character is Anik Ren and his relationship is the classic enemy to friends well not friends exactly but we are getting there hopefully I'm looking forward to discovering different sides of Anik and learning about his life before the events of the trilogyThe narration is fast paced and the story is easy to follow You can read the whole book in one seat unfortunately I had work keeping me away from the book and it took me several days to finish itThis book is relatively short and I can name major plot events and twists in couple of sentences To give the book credit it's just the beginning of the series I believe the main purpose of the 1st book is to set up the conflict introduce main characters and give a reader the feel of the world the story takes places The author accomplished all of this I'm dying to read book 2Iron Breakers Stag's Run is a debut novel of self published author Zaya Feli and the book is an entertaining enjoyable read with great promise for future development of the story The book is worthy of you time and as it's currently free to download on I don't see reason for you guys not to give the book a shot I don't know why it's not showing the review I wrote the first time I read it so I guess click here if you want to read it My thoughts haven't really changed But I'd like to add that having a fantasy world in which being part of the lgbtiap community isn't looked down on is really nice425 ☒ the writing is so weak i honestly started skipping whole paragraphs somewhere in the middle it's not bad bc it's simple but rather it just doesn't make sense especially in descriptions of characters' actions u just get Things™ ppl always do raising eyebrows sighing holding breath rolling eyes etc there's literally nothing behind that it's like the author thought oh it will sound good for this person to shake their head now but forgot to give them a reason to do that?☒ the characters themselves aren't properly fleshed out and frankly i don't care one way or another what happens to any of them they're just there names in the dark doing things and saying things and wanting things for reasons that don't make sense ☒ the Hate to Love trope i was promised basically just ended in some random banter btwn the guys that wasn't even entertaining and definitely didn't leave me wishing for them to become friends we're told they're supposed to hate each other but it's not really shown to us at all? like nothing else is the slave actually helps the prince from the very start so like what gives☒ and omg don't get me started on the dialogues they're so unnatural ridiculous but my biggest pet peeve is that they use a very modern language including swear words and what feels like a lowkey internet slang in a historical fantasy setting i get the author isn't an english native speaker but come on☒ the plot doesn't rly hold up either but i would be okay with that if at least the characters were great the writing was impressive as it is☒ anyway i will still read the next one bc apparently i like to read mediocre shit fingers crossed for it to get better DNF 45%I don’t want to make a habit of rating books I DNF especially when less than 50% was read but I couldn’t continue this Nothing was changing and although it moved along uickly and was easy to read I was still bored and annoyedHere’s the thing•Lost me at the nonchalant inclusion of “slaves” It’s just thrown in there like some offhanded fact about this world And everyone including the main character is okay with this— that there are slaves everywhere who are also used for sex apparently So rape from the get go•The cavalier attitude towards problematic material is off putting Again right from the start our MC Ren talks about bidding slavesservants to his bed and how he had sex with his half brother’s personal slave when he was “of age” of course Still gross Still reeks of Stockholm Syndrome when we meet the slave again and it’s all goo goo eyes and warm embracesSooooNon con sex from the MCwho is portrayed as the hero the good guy the charming princewho only 15 pages in we’re supposed to root for and follow for 240 pages??Yeah no•Whiny smug condescending highly prejudiced MC Maybe further along in the series his arc makes him less of a spoiled brat but I’m not waiting around to find out Also gives the B in LGBT a bad rep Nearly every new character mentioned or brought up is someone Ren has “bedded” Ha Ha because all bisexuals have a lot of sex AMIRIGHT??•Cliche generic story and dialogue•Extremely pooralmost nonexistent world buildingPeople may bring up the fact that while I have issue with the content in this book I still gave five stars to Marlon James’s Black Leopard Red Wolf where there was sexual assault of all sorts nearly every pageLet me just say that with BLRW the characters were all portrayed as amoral Some were antiheroes yes but none were good people Right from the start we know this So yes despicable activity from already pretty despicable characters is understandable And now with this goddamn book when the characters are written as goodnicecharmingwhatever and engage in problematic behavior with no conseuences or commentary by the author on how that is not okay that shit is getting called the fuck outI’m just glad this book was free 35 starsThe resemblance to Captive Prince is uite obvious and I don't think it can be denied However this was a uick and enjoyable read that left me wanting to continue on with the series Ren and Anik are interesting characters and I'm looking forward to reading of their interactions and what the two of them are going to do after the ending of this first installmentIf you enjoyed Captive Prince then definitely give this a try The idea behind this one wasn't bad but I couldn't connect with the characters The story reads as a sketch without depth and the situations and reactions from the characters sometimes were unbelievable I know I know this is fiction but still I need to believe in the world we're into and that was even difficult because the worldbuilding was non existent So it wasn't bad really I've read worse and paid for the privilege I got this one as a freebie but not enough for me