Door One The Black Room #1

Door One The Black Room #1[EPUB] ✿ Door One The Black Room #1 ❄ Jasinda Wilder – Once you enter anything goes No fantasy however dark and dirty and depraved it may be is forbidden You have no past no inhibitions no moralsand no memoryAll you have to cling to is the memory of a sco Once you enter anything goes No fantasy however The Black PDF ↠ dark and dirty and depraved it may be is forbidden You have no past no inhibitions no moralsand no memoryAll you have to cling to is the memory of a scorching touch a searing kiss the wet slide of skin on skin and the heat of breath across your fleshStep forwardTurn the knobStep through into THE BLACK ROOM. 3 short sexual rawness stars But this Him It is something new Forbidden Dark Dangerous I shouldn’t be here I do not belong to this man I should not do what he demands But I want his roughness I want him to use me I want him to force me to his will   I want him to take me Damn no holding back in this one Honestly there is no story building or sense of who she is and how she got there all that matters is the here and now It was dark intriguing and erotically disturbing The mystery man was raw and powerful and she responded to everything he was Now this is NO fairy tale but an erotic mystery that is set to draw you in and make you want I was totally engrossed in all that it was and took it for what it is No uestioning or trying to reason with it just enjoyed this short dark smutty read First off I love serials I love getting a book bit by bit and I'm ready to enter all eight doors The first thing you need to know is NOTHING That's right go into this book blindly Let the Black Room suck you in and that it will I had so many uestions What's going on? What am I seeing? Who is that sexy man behind the door? The heroine wakes up in a random room with a bunch of doors We don't know who she is or where she came from but we do know the man behind the door is hot as fuck Door 1 is mysterious and completely erotic You will seriously need new panties after you finish reading I'm salivating for and can't wait for door 2 Hot AFMega intrigued about the next doorNot sure if it's still the case but this was free also Doors 35 and 7 are free too And all 8 novellas are already available so there's no wait Dizzy Disorienting Dirty DesireThis was available free to me for my kindle on and you all know the deal The author is beginning her series The Black Room with this introductory novel Well my dear readers what a beginning The setting is mysterious and your reader senses seem to be misfiring when trying to put together the mental picture of where the character is as you begin the read You're not sure if the speaker is awake dreaming fully within their normal faculties of consciousness Where is she going?The you read the you need to know The beautifully descriptive language is telling you everything but not enoughThen there is himHow the author describes him is virtuosic of the English language She gives us every detail we for which we hungerwe need to knowWhat he does to her OMFG He is a dream devil master lover and we are transported by their sexual congress Time is frozen in their heatShe steals a kissshe should not haveWhether you are ready to begin the series or notyou need to read this haunting beautiful beginning in the dark It's a classic It produces cinema in your mind It's almost meditative but notit bothers you in the very best wayI do believe I'm hooked and ready to take the larger journey to solve the mystery of such an intense offbeat and curious beginning One click if you are curious too Not sure I'm sold on this it appears to rate well but I couldn't connect with the characters and this is possibly due to the way it's written While it was erotica at its best there were just too many holes I had nothing to really hang on to Think I'll leave it at Door number 1 4 starsYesterday I was needing to read something short and intense and the Black Room fit the billIn my opinion there is no story It's a short super intense and mysterious erotic read There is also a darkness in this short story since we get to know nothing Just sensations and feelings No answers to how why whojust intense sexual actionsAlthough the story didn't make sense on the logic part it made sense as a fantasy Ms Wilder wrote somewhere that this story is inspired from the erotic fantasies of her friend and this fact helped me to understand better the point of this story And the point of this story and of each fantasy is pleasure Just pleasure Kindle freebie 112016httpswwwBlack Room Doo Different unnamed woman wakes in pitch black womblike room finds candle finds eight doors some resonate as evil Has no memory of self or past hence womblike enters first door My first response had it been me would have been to turn and return from whence I came The guy is scary and sex takes place and is borderline dub con Sexual scenes hot masculine in the extreme totally dominant and she finds herself being taken and in all responses by having no say hence despite her response I thought dub conI'm not sure what I think intrigued wonder where it's going so will read onsome of this series is free at present leaving the parts to purchase cheaper than the entire compilationtotal around 600pagesThree stars for sure reasonably well written After finally getting around and reading Madame X and loving it when I saw The Black Room series written by Jasinda Wilder I knew I had to give it a go Reading it we are confronted with a startling beginning with a female waking up in a room and there are doors and doors most are painted black except one We wonder as the reader how she got there and what she is doing? In a way this book reminded me uite strongly of Madame X and what happens below Floor 13 and I wonder if I had attached it to that since It hadn't been that long since I had read the book Behind one of the doors lays a man working out at first I had the image in my head that he was like a Beast think a sexy version of Beast from Beauty and Beast as he was hidden away The pair has an intense sexual relationship with lights onoff and all sorts of positions and kinky comes out to play with BDSM aspects Then the book finishes after her amazing sexual experience and a door has disappeared After finishing the book as it was a uick read the series comes across as a serial; I was a little confused about what had happened in the story and what the idea behind it was In the end I figured it was just a uick smutty and sexual read a bit like Alexa Riley's sex fuelled stories that turn you on just by reading the words of the page and imagining the scenes I am however looking forward to reading the next ones in the serial series to see how the story develops This book just was not for me It happens sometimes I can honestly say it was well written and had a somewhat interesting premise I did download the 4 free books 135 and 7 with the intention of buying books 246 and 8 I pushed myself to finish Book 1 because I didn't want to sell it short When I finished I was so non plussed that I could not bring myself to purchase Book 2 although I will admit I was minorly interested enough to wonder what might happen going forward I still MIGHT move on and purchase Book 2 However I have so many other exciting books waiting for me on my TBR that I'm dying to jump into I can't justify continuing on with this series at this time To me this was a book that is not going to be for everyone but some may really like it so I would encourage everyone to give it a try since the first book is free