Dead End

Dead End❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Dead End Author Daniel Pascoe – Amazing PDF Epub, Dead End By Daniel Pascoe This is the best favorite book with over 219 readers online here. Amazing PDF Epub, Dead End By Daniel Pascoe This is the best favorite book with over readers online here. Beautifully written but fundamentally flawedThis novel is extraordinarily well written The author’s descriptive powers are to be admired as he can paint a full picture in just a few wonderfully turned sentences However there is a caveat I like many readers enjoy being drawn into a book and take huge pleasure in getting lost in the story It jars therefore and totally disrupts the flow when a glaring error appears on the pageThe Book Guild Ltd is as far as I am aware a UK publisher based in Leicestershire I might be able to forgive a few Americanisms – “prize off” instead of “prise off”; “fulfill” rather than “fulfil” but I can not for one moment allow the slang use of “the John” at a British public school “site” instead of “sight” “it’s” rather than “its” “sake” instead of “slake” and “discretely” instead of “discreetly” The proof reader should be sent to his room without dinner Ironically two of these jarring errors come shortly before the father berates his daughter for the incorrect use of an objective pronoun The writing is otherwise superb and I suspect that the author will not be best pleased that these mistakes have been allowed to slip through They hugely spoiled my enjoyment and affected the star ratingMatthew Crawford is a widower; his beloved wife Rachel having died before our story begins On the occasion of his daughter’s wedding breakfast he regales family and friends with the usual father of the bride speech with a kicker at the end when he tells everyone that he fathered a daughter at the age of 17 and has never met his first born His uest now is to find her Leaving aside the uestion as to whether a loving father would steal the limelight from his newly married daughter the speech and related events took around 50 pages and despite all pages being beautifully descriptive I started to get bored Further the start of Matthew’s search did not begin until over a third of the way into the story I believe in scene setting but this was excessive However as someone the same age as the main protagonist the passages related to the awkwardness associated with getting to know the opposite sex chimed so well that I reread this section It was very nostalgic and brilliantly evocative of that rites of passage time everyone experiencesMatthew’s long lost daughter Sophie is in big trouble having upset just about everyone she could They are important local people in Marbella – crooked politicians drug smugglers and gangsters I have two main issues with this the second half of the novel Anyone who knows they are in that kind of trouble who has acuired an obscene amount of cash would disappear so it’s not credible that she would stay and try to talk her way out of her dilemma The other issue though is far fundamental To enjoy a book the reader needs to associate with or feel for some of the main protagonists Sophie deserved to be dropped into the harbour with concrete boots and no one would miss her Her father Matthew is a cardboard cut out character without personality or any redeeming featuresThis novel is beautifully written but unfortunately fundamentally flawed Despite this the author has huge talent and I shall look out for other offerings of hismr zorgBreakaway Reviewers received a copy of the book to review BRILLIANT AMUSING INSIGHTFUL AND ULTIMATELY THRILLINGHIGHLY RECOMMENDED