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JLA: Earth 2[PDF / Epub] ✅ JLA: Earth 2 By Grant Morrison – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk LA Tierra 2Publicado originalmente en JLA Earth 2 septiembre de 2000 Ultraman Owlman Superwoman Power Ring y Johnny uick forman el Sindicato del Crimen de América defensores con superpoderes de la co LA Tierra Publicado originalmente en JLA Earth septiembre de Ultraman Owlman Superwoman Power Ring y Johnny uick forman el Sindicato del Crimen de América defensores con superpoderes de la corrupción en un JLA: Earth eBook À mundo parecido al nuestro Cuando sus dobles son transportados de otra realidad a su planeta por un extraño visitante se convertirán en una amenaza para el CSA ¿Podrá imponerse el Sindicato del Crimen a la Liga de la Justicia de América ¿Y podrán extender su maléfi co dominio al mundo de Superman Batman y Wonder WomanThe Flash Publicado originalmente en septiembre de Uno de los cómics más signifi cativos de la Edad de Plata de DC Comics El Flash del mundo moderno Barry Allen interferirá con el mundo paralelo de Tierra para conocer a su homólogo de la Edad de Oro Jay Garrick. Excellent reading This is a prestige format graphic novelCreative TeamWriter Grant MorrisonIllustrator Frank uitely WHEN IN EARTH 2 First of all don't get confused for the title of the this story JLA Earth 2 since it was published in the interim way after the end of other parallel Earths during the famous Crisis on Infinite Earths but uite before the new explosion of hypertime and then an official re introduction of parallel earths during the New52Since originally before the Crisis the Earth of the Crime Syndicate was called Earth 3 and even when the multiple Earths concepts was retaken on the New52 got its designation once again of Earth 3BUTsince this story was written during the said interim well it was odd to refer to the only one other known parallel Earth as 3 if there isn't any 2 out therebut I want to explain thie little mess since nowadays there is the uite popular Earth 2 titles published during the New52 and part of the Rebirth era but that it's about the formerly known Earth 2 before the Crisis just with a new angleSoIn this awesome tale the infamous Crime Syndicate is re introduced updating their costumes and even part of their origin stories which it was so well received that when they were re introduced once again during the New52 on the Forever Evil event you can notice that the supervillain team has common with this in between version that its original at the Silver AgeThis Earth 2 which as I already explained should be treated as the former Earth 3 is the basic concept like in Star Trek's classic episode Mirror Mirror where the characters that are good in the original reality there they are evil and viceversaEasyHowever the great creative team of Morrison and uitely give us a great understanding and deep true meaning of how works an antimatter universe really reasoning what it means that what is good here therefore is evil there and the implications between both parallel dimensionsThe Crime Syndicate Ultraman Owlman Superwoman Power Ring Johnny uick evil twisted versions of the Justice League rules in a merciless way over the whole population of their Earth and the last superhero left alive is Alexander Luthor whom decides to crossover to Earth 1 and ask for help to the Justlce League to return to Earth 2 and fighting against the super tyrants thereObviously the Justice League will comply the reuest but they don't suspect that this mission won't be any easy at all for reasons beyond of their comprehensionIt's the Justice League versus the Crime SyndicateWhat else do you need? A rocket crashes in the countryside and out climbs Lex Luthor? Alexander Luthor hails from the anti matter universe and implores the Justice League to help him overthrow their evil selves Can the JLA stop their most powerful foes to date?Remember the mirror universe episode of Star Trek where Spock had the goatee? Earth 2 is the super hero version of that after a fashion It reads a little like Suadron Supreme in that the evil versions of the JLA have set themselves up as the rules of the anti matter EarthSuperman becomes Ultraman a tyrant empowered by KryptoniteBatman becomes Owlman Thomas Wayne Junior who starts a life of crime after seeing his mother and brother gunned downWonder Woman becomes Superwoman a sadistic sexy Flash becomes Johnny uick who gets his super powers from an addictive drugGreen Lantern becomes Power Ring a coward with a ring that controls himAuaman and Martian Manhunter stay behind on Earth so they conveniently don't have counterpartsThe story is pretty standard super hero fare although Morrison turns the dial up a few notches While Green Lantern extraordinaire Kyle Rayner holds the Syndicate hostage the rest of the JLA work to undo the evil the Syndicate has wrought When the Syndicate escapes and makes its way to the JLA's Earth the carnage goes off the chartFor the most part it's a lot of mindless superhero fun on a grand scale While I thought the logic went off the rails at times I loved when the main villain was revealed The contrast between the Crime Syndicate and the Justice League was nicely done I'd read an OwlmanSuperwoman bookWhile the logic of the story falls apart at the end it was still entertaining for what it was 35 out of 5 stars The DC Universe is largely responsible for superhero comics’ reputation as a baffling and utterly inscrutable place Case in point JLA Earth 2 In Grant Morrison and Frank uitely’s late ‘90s book Earth 2 is actually our Earth Earth Prime dubbed so by Alexander Luthor from the mirror world However to the “real” Justice League of America and the audience our Earth is Earth Prime and Earth 2 is the home of the Crime Syndicate the “evil” Justice League headed up by Ultraman Owlman and Superwoman BUT to recent comics readers who joined DC when they rolled out their infamous New 52 line and who read the event books Trinity War and Forever Evil the Crime Syndicate is from Earth 3 Also looking at Morrison’s latest DC book The Multiversity the Guidebook confirms Earth 3 as home to the Crime Syndicate So what are we to make of JLA Earth 2? Here’s my advice to new readers of superhero comics and anyone else for that matter ignore all the extraneous crap and focus on the story and characters instead Don’t try to understand the continuity and all the trivial nonsense you’ll never get it; it’s way too convoluted and pointless especially as DC reboot their universes whenever their sales hit lower than usual points and they get desperate “uick slap a CRISIS on that book or we’re all going to the poorhouse” Just enjoy the books themselves without looking too hard at the context That said a large amount of DC books and Marvel for that matter are total shit so it’s a real pleasure when something superb like JLA Earth 2 comes around but then it’s Morrison and uitely so it was never going to suck Earth 2 Alexander Luthor travels to Earth Prime where he discovers the Justice League are good He tells them about the Crime Syndicate and they return to Earth 2 to help make Lex’s world a better place But like what goes up must come down the Multiverse must be balanced or something and as the heroes of our Earth head to Earth 2 their villainous counterparts are sent to our Earth oh noooo This might be my favourite Justice League book which isn’t saying much as I’ve pretty much disliked every one I’ve read I love how Morrison doesn’t feel like he has to use every member of the League every time take note Geoff Johns The opening scene sees Superman Martian Manhunter Wonder Woman Green Lantern and Flash saving a falling plane full of dead people they were pre dead the game is afoot without Auaman or Batman in sight and it’s awesome even if it’s kinda undermined by a better scene years later in Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns where Superman saves a downed plane full of living humans all by himself Something similar happens once the League head to Earth 2 without all its members feeling the need to go and a couple stay behind to protect the Earth if things go awry as they are wont to do That’s great Use the ones who’ll be most effective think tactically not in terms of numbers Besides the action it’s just interesting seeing how strangely Earth 2 looks with corruption and evil everywhere familiar characters turned upside down etc Also because it’s a relatively short book at under 100 pages Morrison gets right into it we’re at Earth 2 in no time the League get stuck in the Crime Syndicate are pushed with their backs to the wall and things barrel along uickly with some twists and turns thrown in Brilliant gripping stuff It helps that Frank uitely in my mind the greatest superhero comics artist working today draws the hell out of this book Some of my favourite scenes Owlman operating in his Gotham City the Crime Syndicate’s Watchtower hovering over the city the opening plane seuence and Green Lantern’s prison for the Crime Syndicate There’s not a page in this book that’s not perfect Frank uitely’s art is just awesomeness personified and makes me very very happy to see it To readers who are familiar with Morrison’s writing style and might be a little gunshy Earth 2 is one of his “sober” comics It’s not weird and zany and it doesn’t go all round the insane asylum it’s straightforward superhero storytelling at its finest Totally accessible JLA Earth 2 is arguably the best adventure the Justice League have ever had and is yet another masterpiece from one of the medium’s greatest creative teams Morrison and uitely It’s enough to forgive DC’s bullshit tinkerings with their universe An epic inter dimensional event sueezed into 144 pages it suffers from brevity and summarization That’s unfortunate because this could have been an easy 12 issues of otherworld fantasy 35 stars WhoaBut It's so lucid I just never expected to say something like that about anything Morrison wroteEverIt's even dare I say simplistic? I mean the bad guys are bad because they're from the bad world where evil always triumphs And the good guys areoh you get the pictureAnd that wasn't the only surprising thing It's also a really uick read I assumed with all of the hullabaloo surrounding this one that it was probably lengthy and intense It's really not Almost fluffy by Morrison's standardsThe art? EEEK It's so bad it's almost good I'm not sure how to explain it Was the artist going for the Neolithic look? It looked like this characters would be better suited to clubs and mammoths skins rather than capes and tights Not uite blocky maybe like stumpy? I don't know It's just one of those things you have to see to believeAt any rate I had fun reading this And even if it didn't blow me away today I probably would have been gushing praise if I'd read it when it first came out A mirror world exists it's antimatter to Earth's matter evil prevails over good and life isn't fun for anyone Welcome to Earth 2I've near been a dedicated comic reader so until recently I knew next to nothing about Earth 2 Season 2 of the Flash revolves around breaches to Earth 2 being open so I decided to read about Earth 2 It's basically what I expected but things are a bit convoluted Evil wins over good on this antimatter Earth and people's hearts are on the other side of their bodies The characters aren't simply the opposite of one another for the exception of Lex Luthor and SupermanUltraman Even then Ultraman's origin differs significantly from Superman's Earth 2 is a cool concept but the storytelling was just OK Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths ReviewsMorrison really perplexes me how he can write such great stories then throw something absolutely bizarre at you the next time out Talk about hot and cold This guy should trademark the term as a description for his writing style Thankfully this was Morrison at his best Here Alexander Luthor discovers a way to travel from his anti matter earth to the matter earth of the JLA; his desire to beg the JLA for help in stopping the evil rule of the Crime Syndicate As those familiar with DC already know the Crime Syndicate Ultraman Superwoman Owlman Johnny uick and Power Ring come from Earth 2 at least at the time of this DC continuity are the evil counterparts of the JLA and rule their world with iron fists Luthor is the only good guy on this earthFrom this beginning Morrison crafts an interesting story about the clash of the JLA and the Syndicate mixing in a few twists and turns that really dash our heroes hopes and plans The fights aren't all that much but the characterization is better than I expected from such a short story And while Frank uitely isn't my favorite artists I thought the artwork was well done and helped convey the story in a fast paced mannerAll in all I really liked this one but it would have been better if it would have focused a bit on the Crime Syndicate and less on the familiar JLA characters Not that I don't love Bats Supes and the rest but it would have been good to see how the bad guys rolled and why A great dark gem of a graphic novel based on a modern twist of a classical comic book concept the superheroes' evil doppelgangers from a parallel world and reintroducing in DC comics the multiverse cancelled by the Crisis on Infinite Earths eventMorrison uitely are at their best here Loved the storyline the artworks the twists and the black humourThe Alexander Luthor from the antimatter earth calling the Jla one Earth 2 was a real stroke of genius in DC multiverse Earth 2 was the JSA world and they were the Golden Age first heroes so that is just the correct way of referring to Earth 1An excellent one shot read but it was really too short Christ The man Morrison can write such a simple entertaining book Its fun and well done Why cant this be his norm? A truly dark and wonderful take on the JLA story In an alternate universe the Justice League is evil and Lex Luthor is good Luthor travels to Earth 2 our reality and enlists the help of the JLA to help restore the balance I enjoyed this Morrison tale of good and evil The Crime Syndicate the evil JLA is something to behold From Ultraman to Owlman the evil versions of the JLA are twisted and darkly amusing The artwork is good though the artist has a tendency to draw his characters are overly muscular and that causes the visualizations of Wonder Woman and her alternate Superwoman to be less than attractive I also enjoyed the evil Flash as he kept shooting up with speed Of them all Ultraman and Owlman were my two favorite characters Though I must admit a bit of confusion as to who Owlman was In the evil world Bruce and his mother died and Thomas Wayne became the commissioner I think any Morrison fan will love this story as will anyone who likes a good Justice League tale One of my favorite graphic novels