The Death of Superman

The Death of Superman❮EPUB❯ ❄ The Death of Superman ✿ Author Dan Jurgens – La Muerte de SupermanPublicado originalmente en 1993 Es uno de los títulos más vendidos de todos los tiempos En Superman núm 75 vemos al mayor héroe de la historia luchar contra un enemigo imparab La Muerte de SupermanPublicado originalmente en Es uno de los títulos más vendidos de todos los tiempos En Superman núm vemos al mayor héroe de la historia luchar contra un enemigo imparable en su uerida Metropolis Este villano es una fuerza de la naturaleza llamado Juicio Final ue ha escapado The Death PDF or de su cautiverio y utilizará a la Liga de la Justicia para llegar al único superhéroe de la Tierra capaz de pararle los piesLa muerte de Superman recibió una gran acogida en los medios de comunicación de todo el mundo y sigue siendo un título de gran relevancia por su impactante desenlaceSuperman núm USAPublicado originalmente en marzo de De la mano de los creadores de Superman Siegel y Shuster esta aventura de la Edad de Oro nos cuenta la historia de la “primera muerte” del Hombre de Acero y la repercusión de la noticia entre sus amigos y enemigos. What a load of horseshit This is the most preposterous shallow unexplained pointless story arc ever told You want to kill Superman? You first need to think about everything that hasn't killed him yet Every villain like Luthor Brainiac Mongul Batman in his crazy mech suit Anti Monitor all the crazy shit of Crisis going through planet cores and stars and dimensions I'm envisioning some thing incalculably huge and powerful something I've never seen before But no Knowing this book will live in comic book history forever the writers came up with a brainless wordless fuckhead that punches Superman to death Punches The only reason this was the best selling graphic novel of all time is because they killed off for little purpose other than because they could comics' greatest hero ever SPOILERSThis starts off just great Doomsday punches a wall and we get no less than three pages and twelve panels showing his break out Of where? I think the Cadmus Project but I'm not sure and it makes no difference Then an inner city black orphan goes into the sewers to rescue his missing mother from monsters Lois Lane finds a note seemingly from this kid but somehow from a homeless man that Lois happens to serve at the soup kitchen that indicates something is happening in the sewers that threatens Metropolis Naturally Lois is captured Superman rescues her and that's the end of that first issue What the hell does that have to do with Doomsday?Then Doomsday starts his warpath in Ohio and the 90s Justice League International is called in including Booster Gold Maxima Bloodwynd Fire Ice Blue Beetle and Guy Gardner I have only heard of Booster Gold Blue Beetle and Guy Gardner but it makes no difference because this is not the A Team Where's the DC Trinity when you need it? Switch gears and Superman is being interviewed on a talk show that's being piped in to high schools in the Midwest Again not sure how this is relevant Meanwhile Doomsday crashes the Beetle airship with a big stick Riveting so farBut wait who is Doomsday? Clearly a capitalist destroying the environment and killing animals with his bare hands We learn from Maxima's telepathy that Doomsday is hate death and blood lust personified Nothing And here Doomsday reuires of the reader a suspension of logic Super strength and invulnerability are his only powers and these heroes like Guy and Blue Beetle who have faced a 1000 foes are suddenly no match for him I'm unconvinced so far For some reason perhaps for literal sake Doomsday's arm is tied behind his back until the entire JLI is energy blasting him simultaneously Then it gets real because he's got both arms free Look out It's when Booster Gold says he'sfaster thanFlash that I rolled my motherfucking eyes Excuse me? The Cadmus scientists confirm that Doomsday moves at half the speed of sound or 382 mph That's fast but I'm pretty sure Flash has him beat by running you know the god damn speed of light through time through fucking dimensions So you might wanna fact check that shit Superman later says we've never uite faced anything like this before Really not in forty years? Doomsday the idiotic monster is barely literate He speaks worse than stupid Hulk does Me angry is too complicated He says MHH TRR PLSS instead of Metropolis a four syllable word And nothing stops this asshole Not the entire JLI Not Supergirl who seriously gets one good shot in not Superman who I might remind you wasn't even killed during the whole god damn Crisis On Infinite Earths Doomsday is a mindfucked professional wrestler He isn't even one dimensional He's a physical being who lacks even the most basic forethought Even I don't know a puddle of hot maple syrup would possess tactical knowledge than Doomsday And based upon all that this monster who is dumber than even Frankenstein's monster who is technically braindead this thing beats Superman Wow Utterly flabbergasting And 112 pages into the fight Superman says got tochange my tactics Maybe if Ihit him with something What the fuck else have you been doing? The worst thing about this book is that Jurgens is actually a great writer and Return of Superman for instance is absolutely epic I don't know if this was forced on him uickly plotted and only there for follow up books I'm guessing so but this is fucking terrible The Earth's Greatest Hero has fallen WHICH IS THE MONSTER THAT EVERY COMIC BOOK TITLE FEARS??? There is a monster even terrifying and powerful than Doomsday that inflicts fear into the heart of any comic book title The Low Sales' MonsterThe four Superman titles selling at that time were suffering low sales and the editorial team thought that if nobody was reading them then it was better to kill off the characterThis is something hardly new in the businessThe Batman titles back in the 60's were suffering low sales too and believe it or not the campy TV show of Batman saved of the cancellation to the comic book titles Just have that in mind the next time that you may have the unfair need to critizice that TV show No one can't deny the campiness of the project but without it you wouldn't have all those cool graphic novels films animated series and even characters like BatgirlBarbara GordonWith Wonder Woman the Low Sales' Monster was even unmerciless since the title was cancelled on the 70s One of the only three surviving characters of DC Comics after the WWII and witch hunts from the censorship was just cancelled Yes it got back later but that never ending long run was broken For a few time but broken nevertheless A shame doing that to the greatest female super hero character ever created SUPERMAN WILL BE KILL BY WHO??? Obviously many people argue of why creating this Doomsday to be the one with the honor of killing the Earth's Greatest Hero To be fair I think that if the creative teams would choose Lex Luthor Brainiac or Darkseid the people would argue just the same since always there would be fans of the villains not chosen for this honor in comic books' history I think that Doomsday personified at that moment the unpredictability of life the embodiment of the chaos theory While stories in comic books novels and films usually have the advantage of a script where the coolest villain with tons of history on hisher shoulders is the one with the honor of the final killing in life you can't control who or how you will die and then Doomsday showed how any day can be the last day of any character even Superman WHERE THE HECK WERE THE REST OF HEROES??? It's a fair uestion where the heck were the rest of heroes while Superman was fighting alone against this unstoppable force known as Doomsday True the Justice League of America faced the monster before but at that moment that team was harldy seen as the most powerful super hero team on the planet but at least they didn't hesitate to battle that monster But where was Batman Wonder Woman Captain Marvel Shazam and the others? Well obviously it was an editorial decision but thinking inside of the logic of the wonderful world of comic books well it just wasn't their battle Easily can be said that all of them were busy attending their own crisis but at the end Doomsday was a job for Superman simple as that not matter the deadly conseuences of that Help is always grateful but there are moments in life that a person should face hisher monsters all alone You may have saved citizens in distress prevented nuclear holocaust or stood your ground while fighting a war against forces of evil But does that make you a great superhero? No comrade it does not If you want to be a great superhero you'll have to ask yourself this uestion Seriously You gotta die and get resurrected at least once if you want to be the greatest superhero or supervillain ever I'm pretty sure it was Jesus who did it first successfullyAnyways now It's Superman's turn to fly through the cycle of death and resurrection and it all begins here Never have been a death so spectacular and so uh hollow? DOOMSDAY IS COMING Ladies and gentlemen gather around to witness a monster like no other A mad alien with unlimited power unlimited rage no morality no history and NO PERSONALITY Why is he here? Sorry we have no clue What is going to do? He is going to kill Superman to boost sales going destroy everything that stands in his way He is the sort of final boss in a video game everyone hates because it's simply too frustrating The most conveniently monstrous monster award goes to DOOMSDAYWell now it's time for a good newsbad news situation The good news is that Justice League is here to stop the Doomsday The bad news is that Justice League's current roster is a bunch of losers When all hopes seem to be lost Enter Superman We witness an astonished Superman as he falls and fails to stop the monster in his first attempt But fear not the rest of the story is filled with Superman's attempts to stop Doomsday Over and over and over againHere is the deal the story is okay ish and a good portion of art is iconic To be honest art is the only reason I'm not giving this a lower rating Doomsday while brutal is not a good villain If you replace Doomsday with a giant asteroid or something the story will still be same It's that easy to replace Doomsday because he is just a placeholder for destruction The saving grace Iconic panelsThe writing and dialogues are passable Some of the characters like the random kid who hates Superman is a drag Justice league is far from impressive and Superman does what Superman always doesTo be honest I found the history and public reaction to this story arc in the real world intriguing than this comic book The phenomenal sales the news coverage the return of Superman the pissed off readers the decline of readership and the backlash I'm telling you there is enough content in that story to turn Death of Superman into a documentary The first of many deaths of DC characters to boost sales Doomsday is just this boring unstoppable force that destroys everything in its path He pummels the Justice League before taking on Superman They punch each other at the same time and kill each other The end Now that you’ve read the title you can say you’ve read the book because that’s all this comic is the title Superman dies The end If you do decide to read this you’ll be introduced to the most one dimensional and worst villain of all time Doomsday Forget that post Death of Superman we learn about his “character”; in this book we know nothing about him besides the fact that he’s a monster who’s been imprisoned beneath the Earth for some reason is now free for some reason and causing havoc because that’s what he does Doomsday is just a terrible “character” His name is idiotic I mean why not Evil Villain or Mister Bad Guy? but then Dan Jurgens’ awful creation Booster Gold christened him that so that’s unsurprising We’re introduced to him as this guy with one hand tied behind his back who smashes stuff with his free hand and laughs He destroys a forest of trees by punching laughing He punches a giant truck and laughs etc Who is he? Why was he imprisoned? How is he so powerful? Why is he so angry and full of hate? Why is he headed directly to Metropolis? None of these uestions are even acknowledged in the book He’s as bland as possible a character there for one reason to kill Superman After fighting the JLA and if you thought the JLA of today is bad back in 1992 they had characters like Maxima Bloodwynd Fire and Ice who were so terrible even they don’t have New 52 titles Doomsday fights Superman This is how every encounter between Superman and Doomsday goes they punch each other really hard That’s it Punch punch punch punch punch etc until the final punch when they kill each other I’m not sure Jurgens could’ve written a tedious “storyline” if he’d tried That said Superman and Doomsday smash their way through a lot of buildings and property so if you enjoyed the final third of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel this might be the book for you as it’s nothing but smashy smashy all the way through I’ll give the “creative” team this in the last four issues they structured it so that the fourth issue from last had four panels per page the third issue from last had three panels and so forth until the final issue was just giant single panels per page The idea being that the action and tension were increasing the closer it got to the finale which is a great idea actually and would’ve been inspired if there was any narrative tension but there wasn’t because this “story” was so repetitive and flatAnd that’s the real problem with Death of Superman is the lack of feeling when Superman does die You know it going in you’re expecting it as you read and yet when the moment finally comes there’s no emotion to it it just happens and then Lois is bawling And I guess we’re supposed to as well? I certainly wasn’t and I LOVE Superman I was relieved I didn’t have to read any of Jurgens’ awful writing than anything Lazy non writing that did nothing to make the story stand out doesn’t make for an emotional read; instead this whole enterprise came off as completely contrived and cynical than anything Death of Superman stands out not because it’s a great Superman book or a classic Event comic it’s neither but because it sold a ton of comics and put DC in the news That’s the real legacy of this comic Marvel and DC learned that to make headlines and money they had to kill off their characters They’d bring them back in a year or two but the act itself would be worth it for them financially It’s a legacy we’re feeling to this day where big name characters get the chop this year’s death was Wolverine last year’s was Damian Wayne year before that was Professor X and so on only for MarvelDC to bring them back shortly after It’s hardly a noble legacy to have but that’s Death of Superman for you a cold cash grabAs I said if you already know Doomsday kills Superman in Death of Superman you really don’t need to read the actual book itself as doing so doesn’t add anything further to that knowledge Seeing him die is unimpressive and reading it is a complete bore Superman deserved better than Dan Jurgens and co It's no wonder that this is the best selling comic book of all time The Death of Superman combines everything I love about WWF pro wrestling with the tight plotting of a Michael Bay film Forget all the psychological nuance of Frank Miller's Dark Knight comics Superman is GOOD and that's all you need to know And who is Doomsday? Where does he come from? Why does he want to kill Superman? Does it really matter? You might as well ask why Hulk Hogan needs to body slam his opponents or why Godzilla is awesome And finally a DC comic that ignores the so called favorite characters like Batman and the Green Lantern in favor of the second stringers we all really love Now Maxima Booster Gold and the Blue Beetle all have their moments to shine And I can't believe it took them over 50 years to draw a comic book without panels Those fragmented pages have been confusing me since day one Now every page is like a giant poster and only the text is there to distract me from the violence Here's a spoiler what do you think kills Superman? Is it betrayal? An arrow with a Kryptonite tip? A nuclear blast? Nope It's getting punched a whole bunch of times really hard by the strongest super villain ever If you read one comic book in your entire life make it this one Purely classicSuperman and Doomsday go head to head in this epic battle which ends in one of them walking away only one of themThis comic book series is jam packed with epic battles cheesy one liners and pure comic book gold This is one for the agesIf you have not read this one yet then you need to remedy that 😉 Superman may have met his match as some indestructible being simply named “Doomsday” filled with hate marches to Metropolis and obviously creates a path of destruction in its wake Other JLA superheroes try to stop it but even as a group they are no match Then Superman joins one JLA group and after they are defeated he's the only one left standingSee Lois Lane with red hair Watch Superman give his all against an impossible foe See other JLA member get “pwned” even if they're third tiered superheroes See the regular people use missiles and other armaments against this impossible foe At the end it looks like Superman bites it and I'm not giving anything away per the title of this pieceThe particular tale came out in 1992 and did incredibly well in sales The follow ups to this graphic novel are “Funeral for a Friend” and “Reign of Superman” ARTWORK PRESENTATION B plus; ACTION SCENES B plus to A minus; CHARACTERSDIALOGUE A minus; STORYPLOTTING B plus; WHEN READ end of June 2012; OVERALL GRADE B plus to A minus view spoilerI'm sure this was probably big back in the early 90s but killing superheroes is never taken seriously these days because they always bring them back How many times have some of our favorite superheroes died and returned? I am trying to grade it on a level of fresh but if it were today my grade would be lower hide spoiler One of the most iconic moments in the DC Universe and the title says it all This story arc introduces us to a threat that the world has never seen before and who is rightfully named Doomsday He is completely unidimensional and is simply a killing machine His powers? Pure brutal and unmatched strength Not even the Justice League although a very very lame ensemble of heroes in this case could stop him Everything relies on SupermanThe writing is nothing special and it has the tell rather than show thing going on It can get annoying for modern readers who aren’t used to it since you don’t want everything to be written for you Let the artwork do its job right?Besides that the artwork is pretty decent to be honest Of course it has the style of its era but it’s still pretty cool especially SupermanYou’d think that the death of Superman might have a clever and complex plot attached to it but it’s honestly just a boxing brawl that goes all the way to the 12th roundYours trulyLashaan | Blogger and Book ReviewerOfficial blog Cult Classic Graphic Novel READBut am I impressed?Not really because I know Superman is not really deadI think I was in 10th grade when Superman died Then I think it was the very next year that they brought him backI've never been INTO Superman until recently when I started watching Smallville I've always liked the idea of Superman but never have been too thrilled with him The Death of Superman was just that It was ok but I wasn't thrilledI was shocked to see that Lex Luthor had been killed off a while ago I have no clue how and his son was now in charge of LexCorp or LuthorCorp they have both in Smallville lolz and had a massive mane of red locks I thought maybe Lex stumbled upon Rogaine at first I had no clue that was Junior till it was mentioned OH And Lex jr was shacking up with Supergirl Waaaaa?The dialogue was pretty simple and Superman let loose one cuss word gasp But maybe that's because the people behind Superman figured the kids were going to read itThe beating up Superman in my opinion was pretty tame It didn't make me cringe like my husband said it would view spoiler He pretty much died of exhaustion not because Doomsday pummeled him hide spoiler