Quiver (Angels and Demons #2)

Quiver (Angels and Demons #2)[PDF / Epub] ☉ Quiver (Angels and Demons #2) By Beth Green – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Award Winning BookThere is something strange about Jonathanhe's not like other people He has a gift that is both dangerous and unusual and the angels around him work hard to guard his secret Even thou Award Winning BookThere is something strange about Jonathanhe's not like other people He has a gift that is both dangerous and unusual and the angels around him work hard to guard his secret Even though his family tries to keep him away from Pastor John’s church Jonathan finds his purpose and he finds love As his gift grows the angels and demons begin to clash and he is forced to make a choice leave or put the love of his life in danger Once on his own he learns powerful lessons about his gift; but eventually the demons find him again The spiritual world is forced to go to battle to fight for control of Jonathan and the entire region Find out what every demon fears the most and what every angel guards so passionately in this fast paced novel that will keep you guessing until the last pageThis book just won the New Apple Annual Book Award for Excellence in Independent Publishing for the ReligionSpirituality category . Jonathan is not like other people He has a gift so dangerous angels around him work to guard his secret I love this the second book in this series I've always been a fan of Frank Peretti and uiver is like Frank's spiritual warfare storiesAfter reading this book the reader will never look at church the same A behind the scenes glimpse into the spiritual realm affords the reader with a complete pictureAlthough fiction this book could be reality It encourages Christian faith while taking the reader on an exciting journey Very Good Review from Reader's Favorite ReaderRevieweruiver Angels and Demons Volume 2 by Beth Green is an action packed novel that has it all It has action it has adventure it has love and it has an epic tale that you will want to read till the end and wish for another page I am simply blown away by the book and the sheer artistry of Beth Green She did a tremendous job of creating characters that you can relate to and actually feel a connection with The novel follows Jonathan a man with a supernatural gift that is beyond the comprehension of any mortal man His powers are a gift but sometimes they are a huge burden as well His power attracts the attention of the Angels but his power attracts Demons too Now his powers are becoming a danger for the woman he loves and he cannot have that So he leaves without telling her where he is going and he becomes familiar with his powers Only now he is a much bigger and easier target for the Demons What will happen now that Jonathan is out there in the open? Can the Angels keep him hidden from the Demons? Or will he become an easy target before he can get complete control of his powers The uiver Angels and Demons Volume 2 by Beth Green is simply fantastic Even though it is Christian fiction anyone can enjoy it As long as you are a fan of paranormal action and adventure you will love this novel You will also love Jonathan for his determination and his desire to make things right in his life and the lives of the people around him Beth Green did an amazing job with this novel and in creating Jonathan; he is a well rounded character that you respect a lot This talented author has the gift of storytelling Seeing the unseenuiver is the second novel by Beth Green in the Angels and Demons series While it would be helpful to have read A Rose for Jonathan prior to this one uiver stands pretty well on its own In this book we have a vivid glimpse into the spiritual realm and we see how powerful prayer is how prayer buoys up both the ones praying and the angels who guard them I admit to being very disappointed in the poor proofreading that took place prior to publishing It could be just that the e version did not get the proper proofing and maybe the print version did I hope so In some cases after spending 40 years as a proofreader when I run across one like this I will toss it However the story is so compelling that I not only finished but would have given 5 stars had the editing been better This is a must read though I highly recommend uiver by Beth Green is the second book in her Angels and Demons series It continues the story of Johnathan who has a special gift and is watched over by Angels the Angels fight to keep the demons away It is a glimpse into l into the spiritual realm You also find out what every demon fears the most Beth Green shows the power and importance of prayer It does well as a stand alone but reading the first book just makes this story even better It is well written Beth green keeps your interest in the story and wanting to find out what happens nextI received a copy thru a Goodreads Giveaway I was lucky enough to be chosen by the author Beth Green to receive a copy of uiver to readI honestly enjoyed reading this book I have always been interested in Angels and Demons and apart from reading non fiction on the topic this is the first time I have read a fictional novel It gripped me from the very first pages and kept me intrigued until the very end I have always believed in the power of prayer and in our abilities to fight off demons This novel is packed with such scenarios and has added to my beliefs Also involves family drama and ofcourse love I think I liked this a little better than part one A Rose for Jonathan A riveting tale of angels and demons and the battle between them This story follows Jonathan who has been given the gift of healing His struggles with this gift and the limits that were placed on this gift and what it costs him in his personal life Couldn't put it down and didn't want it to end which left me wanting a part 3 WowFrom the I picked up this book I couldn't put it down Jonathan's story is a powerful one Very thought provoking This was just the encouragement that I needed right now it is a reminder of how our prayers impact the spiritual world This is a fictional account of the struggles between good and evil; however that strugglewar in the spiritual realm between the angels and demonic forces IS VERY REAL